Home Sweet Home http://www.mylovelymummy.com All about the childhood stories of my lovely son throughout his growth !!! Mon, 03 Mar 2014 04:47:24 +0000 http://wordpress.org/?v=2.9.2 en hourly 1 Mini toy as birthday gift http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2014/03/mini-toy-as-birthday-gift/ http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2014/03/mini-toy-as-birthday-gift/#comments Mon, 03 Mar 2014 04:47:24 +0000 Lovely Mummy http://www.mylovelymummy.com/?p=2540 My son turns 8 years old last month. Hubby and I threw him a mini birthday party at one of the steamboat restaurant with family. He was so happy as received many gifts from his grandparents, uncles and aunties. Well, shame to say that I am yet to buy him any gifts.

He always ask me to let him learn guitar in school. Frankly, I don’t want him to learn too much things at this moment as his time is almost full.  May be I should get him a mini starcaster to let him play around, see whether he really likes it.

I have stopped him piano lesson as he seems no interest and always force him to practise only. Hubby insisted want him to join again the lesson as learning piano is help him to be more patient, independent. Argh, I need to be driver again.

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House warming gift http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2014/03/house-warming-gift/ http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2014/03/house-warming-gift/#comments Mon, 03 Mar 2014 04:34:37 +0000 Lovely Mummy http://www.mylovelymummy.com/?p=2538 Time flies, I have been moved in to my own dream house about 3 years. I didn’t like to have house warming party because I am lazy to entertain guests, somemore do all the cleaning after the mess. But I have no choice and I love my son, he wanted to celebrate his 6th birthday at home. I restricted only invite close relatives and friends.

My sister is going to move in to her new house too. She always admire all my home design, each time she comes to my house will snap photos and hope to do the same design in her new house. Her husband only crazy with our amplifiers which connected to televisyen.  I recommended him to buy randall amplifiers at Guitar Center when he really needs it.

Of course I am not afford to give my sister such gift, but I will think of other useful stuff which she can always use and see it every day. LOL!!!

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Earning extra income http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2014/01/earning-extra-income/ http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2014/01/earning-extra-income/#comments Thu, 30 Jan 2014 16:26:08 +0000 Lovely Mummy http://www.mylovelymummy.com/?p=1721 I am a housewife since my kid was 4 years old. Time flies, he is 8 years old few days ago. It’s great to take care and have bonding time with him every day even though sometimes he may make me drive up to wall. I just think how good if he still in his toddler stage.

I don’t like taking money from hubby every month. I am earning some extra income for myself. Well, it’s not a big sum but feel great when you see the money in your bank account. Selling some second hands items may be one of the good idea for my side income too. Wonder if save on gator keyboard case at musicians friend can help me to increase my pocket money???

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Reunion Dinner http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2014/01/reunion-dinner/ http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2014/01/reunion-dinner/#comments Thu, 30 Jan 2014 16:18:38 +0000 Lovely Mummy http://www.mylovelymummy.com/?p=1719 Happy Chinese New Year to all my family and friends. Just had my reunion dinner with family. Felt great that my parents also joined in this year. We had abalone, roaster duck, roaster pig, crabs, vegetables, soup. Some bought from restaurants and some cooked by my mother in law.

As usual, after dinner, kids playing around while adults chit chatting and enjoy watching new year shows. Hubby bought some fire crackers called dbx, it’s the brand’s name. Kids were excited playing fire crackers even though they’re tired and sleepy.

Yes, tomorrow is the first day of Chinese New Year, may just go to my in law’s house for breakfast. Normally I will feel so bored on the first day. Waiting for the coming days to come.

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Decorate for Chinese New Year http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2014/01/decorate-for-chinese-new-year/ http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2014/01/decorate-for-chinese-new-year/#comments Mon, 13 Jan 2014 03:31:27 +0000 Lovely Mummy http://www.mylovelymummy.com/?p=1716 Chinese New Year is just around the corner, are you getting ready for it? Well, I have bought many new clothes for my kid and of course myself too. Women really like to shop and I feel not enough for my wardrobe.

I started to decorate my house for Chinese New Year. But then I am headache with my car porch water leakage problem. It has been working on it for year and yet still keep an eyes on it. Hopefully no more water leakage. Chinese believed it means money go away if your house with water leakage problem.

I wonder how the contructor and his workers do their job. He says the company given some bad material and lack of hardwares  sometimes. How come the company so stingy??!!! Reid Supply can help them definitely…

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Cousin’s wedding gift http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2014/01/cousins-wedding-gift/ http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2014/01/cousins-wedding-gift/#comments Fri, 10 Jan 2014 08:45:48 +0000 Lovely Mummy http://www.mylovelymummy.com/?p=1710 It’s raining from morning till now. Hopefully it will be a sunny day for tomorrow as it’s the day of my cousin’s wedding. Even we do not meet each other every day but we do keep in touch always.

My parents can’t attend her wedding because my grandpa just passed away recently. My cousin’s family are so believe that it won’t be good and luck to them if someone’s paternal had passed away and attend the wedding. Well, my parents do understand it.

I bought a nice pandora for my lovely cousin as her wedding gift. There are many designs and I just can’t get myself one of them too. I really love these Pandora charms.

Hope that I can get this lovely and elegant pandora on coming Valentine’s day. LOL!!!

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Piano lesson http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2013/12/piano-lesson/ http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2013/12/piano-lesson/#comments Thu, 19 Dec 2013 05:24:11 +0000 Lovely Mummy http://www.mylovelymummy.com/?p=1708 My boy is learning piano in Yamaha now. It’s been almost 4 years that he joins in piano lesson. Sometimes I feel tired and bored to coach and attend class with him. He can’t practice himself and every time want to ask him. I just think it’s waste time and money too sometimes. I am thinking to stop him piano lesson though he is more interested in karate, computer and science class.

Even I know there is good to learn guitar too but I don’t think he likes it. So, those who talk about excellent lexicon signal processors at guitar center to me, I temporary no interest to hear it. Since my kid is going to standard two and may have many homework, wonder he can cope or not. He got talent to learn piano but every time just can’t be independent. Thats the problem!!!

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Birthday parties http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2013/03/birthday-parties/ http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2013/03/birthday-parties/#comments Sun, 31 Mar 2013 14:54:04 +0000 Lovely Mummy http://www.mylovelymummy.com/?p=1705 My kid got few birthday invitation from his friends and cousins this month. He is very excited  and can’t wait to join the parties. Mummy is busy to think what to buy for their birthday gifts. Since most are kids, I decided to get them preciseportions lifestyle starter sets, better than toys, don’t you agree with me?

My kid’s birthday was two months ago. He had a normal birthday dinner with relatives and some close friends. He wishes to have real kid’s birthday party in a fun playground. Well, his birthday still long way to go, no need to plan it out first.

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Rush hour http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2013/03/rush-hour/ http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2013/03/rush-hour/#comments Wed, 13 Mar 2013 02:40:08 +0000 Lovely Mummy http://www.mylovelymummy.com/?p=1703 It’s very boring to have outside lunch. Since my kid starts school in Standard one, I cook lunch for him during weekdays. It’s more healthy and I can see him gaining weighs recently. Today, I have to do the same too.

It’s quite rush for me today as I need to finish up my assignment about toggle bolt, do some house chores, cook before rush for hair cut. I really want to cut it short till shoulder length before it’s time to fetch my kid from school.

I am still thinking which salon is the best in town. Most of them are expensive but I can’t satisfy with their result. Please recommend if you have any.

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Sports Day http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2013/03/sports-day/ http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2013/03/sports-day/#comments Thu, 07 Mar 2013 09:12:43 +0000 Lovely Mummy http://www.mylovelymummy.com/?p=1699 This Saturday my kid’s school will having their sports day. I got to know from my friend that many paarents voluteer to work and sponsor on that day. Gosh, no email or letter to inform me else I may do something too. LOL!!! I hear that oen of the parents may borrow out some special chairs for those VIP members like those unibody construction chairs for churches.

On that day, there will be a mini concert presence by junior students too. Hubby asks if we don’t want to attend as we need to go down south. I strongly disagree and insist to go school before start our trip. Somemore, many of my friends and their kids will be there too. How can I miss this chance to chit chat with them….

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Stay at home mummy http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2013/03/stay-at-home-mummy/ http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2013/03/stay-at-home-mummy/#comments Fri, 01 Mar 2013 02:26:40 +0000 Lovely Mummy http://www.mylovelymummy.com/?p=1696 I am a stay at home mummy. Well, for those mummies who are working, don’t think that full time mummies are very free. They also have to do many things too, and not just sitting at home. I didn’t do any part time job, but I still can earn a bit from selling nutrition products.

Besides that, online working is one of the way to earn extra income too. I am planning to have catalog prints for the products I am selling now. A well designed catalog can be one of the powerful marketing tool. But it may be costly, I need to budget it out first. Hopefully I can earn more and spend on the catalog prints, thus get more sales. :-)

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Holiday Learning Class http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2012/11/holiday-learning-class/ http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2012/11/holiday-learning-class/#comments Wed, 21 Nov 2012 14:55:37 +0000 Lovely Mummy http://www.mylovelymummy.com/?p=1694 It’s school long holiday. All kids sure very happy enjoying their holidays now. Mummy doesn’t like her kid just sitting at home watching cartoons every day. I’d like him to learn something during this few weeks. I enrolled him to attend some short courses like iPad class, hope that he doesn’t just think about games when holding iPad.

Besides that, I’ll let him join some fun learning with a group of children. There, he will learn cooking, bake cookies, craft and etc….Wonder the principal need any information about usimprints.com for customized aprons. I don’t hope my kid come back with a dirty shirt which can’t wash away the stain.

And, he will follow my mother in law to go church for some activities like bibble reading, story telling, singing and dancing.  Who knows may be my kid is the one who teach old aunties and uncles to dance “Oppa Gangnam Style”? LOL!!!

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Exercise fever http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2012/10/exercise-fever/ http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2012/10/exercise-fever/#comments Sat, 13 Oct 2012 08:48:37 +0000 Lovely Mummy http://www.mylovelymummy.com/?p=1690 Hubby and I like to exercise recently. Hubby got back his mount bicycle from the service shop. He cycles with his kid nearby our housing area during weekend. Of cause the little one is cycle with his small bicycle which gave by my parents on his birthday.

Besides that, they like to play badminton too. So, I bought a kid racket for him. Last Sunday, my friend and I booked a court for kids to play, kids were excited with this game and wanted to go again. It’s a good exercise too for them to sweat.

By the way, who knows there’s knee scooter for sale? My kid starts to play with it, coached by hubby of course. It’s for adult game actually and quite dangerous too. It’s not suitable for kids actually.

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Happy coming October http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2012/09/happy-coming-october/ http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2012/09/happy-coming-october/#comments Thu, 13 Sep 2012 07:56:22 +0000 Lovely Mummy http://www.mylovelymummy.com/?p=1688 Yeah, I am going for a vacation with my family and friends next month. Hubby and I went to this golden beach few years ago, this time we bring our kid to have fun together. Kid will skip few days class. Guess it won’t make a big problem as he’ll finish his exam before we off the destination.

Christmas is coming soon in another 3 months time. Planning to go to this Lion City again since I know that christmas decoration along Orchard Road is nice. This year, I want to have a small christmas tree at home. I want to find personalized ornaments online to get more discounts. :P

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Water Leakage http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2012/09/water-leakage/ http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2012/09/water-leakage/#comments Thu, 13 Sep 2012 07:42:37 +0000 Lovely Mummy http://www.mylovelymummy.com/?p=1685  Most of the house in my housing area are having water leakage problem in car porch when heavy rain. The contractor repair and fix for many times, about two years but still can’t settle this problem. 

Today, they come to rebuild and bring many small products like cam follower, knob, bearing, handles and etc. Well, I am not too sure what for need all these products. But my house all full with dust even I close all windows and doors!!! My car even worst, think I need to wash long hours before I can drive it out.

They promised this is the last time and sure that no more water leakage happen. I really hope so!!! Can’t stop mop and clean the house now…..

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