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Mummy is away again

Sunday 10 April 2011 @ 11:05 pm

I was back from Genting Highlands with my workmates last night. Well, I did not go there for vacation but attended a great seminar related with my business – Zero To Hero. Besides the seminar, we enjoyed party at night. The title of our dress code is DOT. My friend and I have been searching for such special occasion dresses the day before.

I arranged well for Marcus before I leave. Hubby arranged not to go travel when I’m away. He responsible to be a driver for his son. After school, Marcus went to his grandmother’s house. At night, hubby took him back home after work.

I knew that hubby and Marcus enjoyed a lot when I was not around. That’s good, so I can go business trip happily next time without worry about them. :)

Weekend is here

Friday 16 April 2010 @ 5:34 pm

Marcus likes weekends as daddy and mummy will bring him out for shopping and eating. Time flies and weekend is here, somemore Monday is holiday for Perak state only. Guess many people will travel outstation. Hubby asked me if I want to go anywhere. I just thinking may be a day trip to Cameron Highlands or Penang will do.

Nothing much to buy except groceries as we won’t be move into our new house so soon, even if I hope so. There will be lots of stuffs to buy. It’s going to be very busy for me too, but I agree and willing to do it. LOL!!! One of my ex-classmate offers me a very good discount rate of house lights, garden lights, all lighting in the house. Alright, I will sure visit you one day as she also helps me to design the house lighting too.

Geee….look like I always talking about my new house here. I really can’t wait to move in. When can I get the house keys???

A great weekend

Sunday 27 December 2009 @ 6:11 pm

*This is a backdated post*

My mother’s cousie brought her two daughters all the way back to Ipoh from Kuantan last weekend. Marcus was so excited as he can play with two jie jies again. As usual, he pretended to be cool at first, but then no one can stop him to play after he warmed up.

We gathered at my parents’ house after dinner. Kids played crazily together and there’re no age gap.

My niece….she is a sweetie pie 

The next day, we went for a late breakfast. Marcus’s cousie wanted to join us too. Argh, another playmate and I had to take care two kids, of course my hubby was with me. Then, we met up with my mother, her cousie and daughters, sister and niece at Ipoh Parade. We had a short shopping. My auntie actually wanted to find a weather pack for her house, ended up nothing. You know, with five kids together, how to shop peacefully even there’re five adults there? :P  

Then, we had KFC for lunch. I purposely chose the KFC outlet with slides, so kids can have fun there.  We’re so lucky that there was no people when we’re arrived. I thought Marcus must be very tired, but he was not. Gosh, he only took his nap in the late evening.

Protected: Weekend to Taiping

Wednesday 21 October 2009 @ 5:52 pm

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Protected: First karaoke outing

Wednesday 7 October 2009 @ 2:48 pm

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A trip to Penang

Wednesday 16 September 2009 @ 5:00 pm

The weekend took us to Penang again, a day trip for shopping and hunting good food.  It’s our first outing family trip after ‘quaratine’ at home for many weeks just because kiasi of H1N1. LOL!!!  Too bad that I totally forgot to take the most important thing, camera. Argh! May be I’m too excited for the trip. :P

Marcus always asks me to buy him music things. He got to know about the name of some musical instructments just because of the book below. I hardly get them here even at toy wholesaler shop.   

We went to Lorong Selamat to have our lunch. We had not been there for quite some time. Miss the hawker food very much all the time. Yes, we left there with full tummy. All food are absolutely delicious.  And then, of course, we went to Gurney Plaza for a bit of shopping. Finally, I found a set of musical instructment at Toys’R'us for Marcus.

Lovely toys, drum, maracas, trumpet, cymbals, tambourine

We left Gurney Plaza near 5pm and we proceed to Queensbay Mall for another great shopping. On the way there, Marcus felt asleep in the car. When we reached the mall, my parents asked better to let him sleep for a while. Hubby and I didn’t bother and carried him out from the car. He woke up and we’re glad that he didn’t play tantrums at all as I promised him to bring him for kiddie rides.  

It’s time for dinner. I planned to go Bukit Tambun but my parents wanted to dine in the mall, so we went to Dragon-I. They wanted their grandson to have a good sleep in the car after dinner. They didn’t want us to wake him up again. LOL!!! Hubby promised to bring me to Bukit Tambun coming days. I wonder if he needs some fat burners to standby.

Wordless Sunday

Tuesday 8 September 2009 @ 5:18 pm

Marcus is so excited when come to the weekends as he can go to his po po’s house and play with his cousin. I am also very happy too as I can be a queen there and my mother sure will take care of them. LOL!!!

Last Sunday, we had lot of fun even we were just stayed in the house for whole day.  I should not talk more in this post. Let the photos do the ‘talking’. :P

Playing water and wasting water too…..

Time to get up, Marcus says if he can play for another 10 minutes.

Then, the little one, Zhi Qi didn’t want to get up.

After dinner, my brother decided to wash his car. Marcus was very excited and wanted to help out.

He’s so serious doing his job and asked his kao fu pays for him…..

Then, Zhi Qi came to help too with old cloth in hand…. LOL!!!

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