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Holiday in Penang

Sunday 5 June 2011 @ 12:40 pm

It’s school holiday now. We were back from a vacation last weekend. It was a short trip, a night stayed in Golden Sands resort. Marcus likes beaches much and so we decided to bring him to enjoy sun bath.  

In the lobby waiting to check in…..

After changed and without rest, we went for swimming. Enjoyed our lunch cum high tea at the pool side. I saw there’s a group of people having their seminar, wonder it’s about as the board stated ‘For VIP Insurance Group’.

In the evening, we went to beach, just let Marcus played with sand while we enjoyed seeing sunset. Marcus did not want to dip into the sea as he scares of jelly fish. Blamed me that I told him that be careful of the jelly fish in the sea…..At night, we walked out from the hotel to enjoy hawker food. Then, back to hotel for movies and rest.

The next morning, we skipped our free breakfast buffet in the hotel as we woke up late. Again, Marcus wanted to go swimming, so we had our late breakfast at pool side. It’s about check out time but we still have fun in the swiiming pool.

After checked out, hubby drove us for delicious hawker food again. It’s dinner time when we reached Ipoh.

Kung Fu

Tuesday 24 May 2011 @ 12:18 pm

Picked up my kid from school yesterday. Saw him crying while teacher holding his hand towards my car. I thought teacher scolded him, but it was not. Teacher complaint to me that he played and kicked his friend. He cried when teacher scold him. I was quite angry that time, scolding him in the car.

He likes Ben 10 and always like to become as Ben 10. He can play crazily with people and not aware to kick people. After scolding him, I keep quite and he knew that I am very angry. He knew that he’s wrong. I advised him again and again not to play with friends in the school while waiting for mummy to pick him up.

I don’t want to end up with the need of help from Texas Work Injury Attorney. Are all boys same like my kid, like kung fu???

Weekend in Genting Highlands

Thursday 11 November 2010 @ 10:21 am

Mummy was busy lately, no extra time to update blogs. Mummy is busy with work, at the same time busy for our new house renovation. Mummy needs to create a new blog related with my work, dilly dally for days. Mummy just managed to check on some of the web hosting reviews. I should ask my webmaster to help me instead.

Ok, back to the actual point for this post. Daddy brought us up hills last weekend. Marcus was so happy and excited. I really can’t remember how many times we had been here for holiday.

After lunch, we straight away to buy indoor ticket for Marcus. He likes the kids rides much. Daddy and mummy just standing there watching him while the little boy enjoyed the kids rides again and again.

Back to hotel for a rest, we had dinner at Ah Yat abolone restaurant. See the cheeky boy with ‘ghost face’, doing it to scare his mummy. After some kids rides again, we’re so exhausted and back to our hotel room for rest. Then, hubby went to visit casino, and won one thousand ringgit. :)

After check out, hubby drove us to Ikea to have some shopping.  Bought many stuffs for our new house till we almost no place to sit. :P

Our Langkawi trip

Friday 25 June 2010 @ 11:04 pm

Hubby actually planned to bring us go Singapore during the last school holidays, but ended we went to Langkawi as Marcus likes beaches more than shopping. :P Gosh, no shopping for mummy.

Our best friends with their kids joined us too. I hope to stay at Four Seasons or Tanjung Rhu resort, but there’re too expensive and our friends do not like to spend on those expensive resort just for sleep. :P So, I just chose to stay at Berjaya resort where everyone of us yet to experience to stay in the chalets.  

This is the forest chalets where we stayed for two nights

Kids are so happy and playing around after the dinner if they are not fighting for the mini playstation 3.  After dinner, we just walked around the resort and back to hotel for rest as we needed to wake up early to join for Mangrove tour half day trip.

It’s getting dark when we reached Tanjung Rhu jetty, but we still got down to the speed boat.  Kids really enjoyed with the hour long speed boat ride.

Kids started to make noise to go swimming on the way back to resort. They’re not tired and exhausted at all. Jumped into the pool once we changed.  

On the second nights, we dined at Pahn Thai restaurant. I like the environment.

Took some photos at the beach before we checked out.  We had our lunch at Japanese restaurant in Oriental Village.

Then, we headed to visit to crocodile farm.

Next, Underwater World before we took the last ferry back to Kuala Perlis. Arrived home safely at midnight. Frankly, I thought to have a rest and relax trip at the resort, but hubby’s friend prefer outdoor activities, so ended everyone felt exhausted in the end on the way back to Ipoh. :)

A short vacation in Cameron Highlands

Saturday 5 June 2010 @ 6:56 pm

We went up to hills again on last Wednesday evening. This time not a day trip but a night stayed. This trip was to meet hubby’s aunty and her family who rent a bungalow for two nights stay. Marcus skipped class for one day, but it’s worth as he can meet his kor kor from KL finally.

Once we reached there, we’re treated a simple western dinner. Hubby’s aunty hired a cooking chef  to cook for all of us. Not just dinner, but also breakfast and lunch too. The food are delicious. Frankly, we had nothing to do there, mostly eat, chat, rest and sleep. Gosh, I need to buy fat burner supplement for hubby if continuously for a week like that. :P

This is where we stayed, Bintang Falim. Don’t confuse, there’s the back yard of the bungalow……so nice and spacious huh?

Living room and ping pong area.

Playing ping pong day and night with his kor kor (hubby’s little cousin)

We did not go out but just stayed at the bungalow once we reached there. We took our 3 meals on time and slept early. What a healthy and relaxing life! Don’t you agree with me too?

The next morning after breakfast at 9.30am, we all had a walk round the bungalow. Dilly dally until lunch. We went home early as hubby needed to attend a meeting. Hoping to have such vacation soon……

More photos at my Facebook…..

“Honeymoon” to Macau

Tuesday 20 April 2010 @ 8:42 pm

It is a backdated post. I am so lazy to upload photos and write a post about my “honeymoon” trip to Macau with hubby two weeks ago. I had uploaded photos in FB actually. Anyway, here is a simple post about the trip for my kid when he knows how to read this blog. :P

It was Easter day and Ching Beng festival when we were in Macau. Since hubby was a bit free that time, so he bought the air tickets and booked hotels after confirmed with me. It was a last minute, so the rate for our flight quite expensive, with about 1k per person. Of course I can go anytime with him. We just left our kid to stay with my parents and off we went to Macau.

Here are the places that we visited :

St Paul Ruins and Senado Square

The Grand Lisboa hotel

Macau Fisherman’s Wharf

This photo taken by hubby, considered the best. He said it is called “creative” :P We did not want to disturb other people to help us for photo taking.

Stayed a night at The Venetian hotel

Inside The Venetian hotel, ground floor is a huge casino.

There are many shoppes, but mostly for window shopping, superb expensive. I did not buy anything for myself even a pair of Cole Haan shoes or clothes. See, I am a good wife. LOL!!! Actually hubby kept asking me to buy some, but I am not so generous to spend on it. I wonder why I am so good. Now a bit regret lor!

Protected: Genting Highlands Again

Wednesday 10 June 2009 @ 5:48 pm

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Weekend in Penang

Tuesday 21 April 2009 @ 5:01 pm

It was Perak state holiday yesterday. We spent our weekend in Penang. We started our journey after breakfast on Sunday.

Hubby chose to stay at Bayview Beach Resort in Batu Feringgi. Upon arriving the resort, Marcus can’t wait to jump in a pool. We don’t care about him of course but go check in our room first.  

He took some chocolate biscuits from our room’s fridge and enjoy it on bed while watching cartoon movie….

As soon as he finished his snack, we went to have buffet lunch. Since we can view the swimming pool from our dining area, Marcus can’t wait anymore and wanted to jump in. :-D He didn’t eat much and keep his eyes to other kids who are swimming.

Wait, wait, daddy, let me warm up first! Hehehe…. :-P

It’s been few months that we didn’t bring Marcus goes to pool, so he’s a bit scare and need time to warm up. LOL!!!

Mummy, see, I can swim…I am not scare already

Finally, he jumped in the baby pool on his own. Mummy didn’t join them as she’s busy snapping photos and lying on a lazy chair to take a nap.  

Mummy, the aunty borrowed me this deer float. I’m 100% safe in the pool now.

After swimming, we headed to the beach. Since it’s very sunny, we found a place to have a drink and rest. Marcus totally exhausted but he still want go to the beach. Daddy enjoyed a stress relieving foot massage while I brought Marcus to walk around.  

Hubby asked me to take the massage too, but I’m so kiasi, scare of pain. :-P

When daddy and mummy bring me to the beach, I want to play sand….

We finally reach the beach. This is Marcus’s first trip to beach. He is so excited but scare to step on the sand. I don’t know why, he told me it’s so dirty. Aaaaargh!  

Crying when daddy carries him go in the sea, but naughty daddy still laugh.

Daddy makes these turtles and shells using sand molds, so nice hor ?

Don’t know why daddy snapped this photo but still ok right?


Para sailing, I dare not to go for it, I am so kiasi, same with hubby too. LOL!!!

Managed to snap a family photo before go back to hotel

After shower, we thought to have dinner in the resort, but it seemed no people, so hubby decided drove down. Since Marcus is calling hunger very much, we just stopped by a food court, just few minutes from the resort.

We didn’t have much to do after dinner, we went back to our room and enjoyed watching tv as Marcus was totally exhausted after the long day in the pool and beach.

The next morning, we went to the pool again. This time daddy brought Marcus to the adult pool with jacuzzi after some swim in the baby pool of course.  

Yeah, daddy, go go go!

Bye bye swimming pool

After checking out, we went to have our lunch near Gurney. Hubby was so happy as we didn’t go shopping this time. He really scare that his pocket will on fire. LOL!!! It’s a nice trip and we enjoyed a lot at the beach. Hubby said that we will come again. There are many nice beach vacation rentals in Penang, but I hope to stay at Shangri-la resort for our next vacation.

Weekend is here

Saturday 18 April 2009 @ 12:33 pm

It’s going to be a long weekend as Monday is a holiday for Perak State. I will off again for a vacation in Penang. Hubby and I planned to take Marcus there and stay at a resort with nice beach and pool. It’s a short and relax trip. We will dine at the resort most probably, and I’m going to miss Penang food. Hopefully the resort served delicious food. :-P

Besides enjoy ourself at the beach and pool, I think we will only eat. LOL! Hubby is the one who easily gain weight, this is what I always worry about. He is not a health fellow in term of his eating habit. I should search for more health information for him on how to loose weight. 

My stuff, his new toy

Thursday 12 March 2009 @ 6:39 pm

Daddy and mummy bought a new luggage bag last week. Guess what, it is a new toy for my little boy. He likes to pull, stroll here and there, busy with it and tell me that it is same like his friends. Yes, some of his friends are bringing school bag strollers to school and he treats it as his school bag like his friends too. *slap head*

At first I thought he does not know what is the use of the luggage bag. But he took it and told me that he wanted to go Hong Kong, and asked me to put all his clothes inside the bag. LOL!!! Oh, we will go Hong Kong for vacation soon.


Mummy, I want to go Hong Kong…..

Marcus knows that if we need to go Hong Kong, we have to go by aeroplane. That is why he tells me that he wants to go Hong Kong every now and then, so that he can fly in the aeroplane again.

Matta Fair will start tomorrow, I’m sure they are many cheap flight tickets and tour packages on sale. If you are busy to go to PWTC, you can call up toll free.  

Mummy goes shopping

Sunday 22 February 2009 @ 5:58 pm

I’m too lazy and my mind is completely blank to think of what to write about conversion rate optimization. I’m thinking about my family trip to Hong Kong next month. For more information and updates, you can check through my travel blog.

It’s just about two weeks after Chinese New Year, but I did shopping for Marcus again. My mother in law even told the sales girl that I can open a kid boutique. LOL!!! Actually I thought to buy some long sleeves clothes as March is the beginning of Spring in Hong Kong.  

I better save up more money and hopefully I can get some new stuffs for Marcus when we’re shopping in Hong Kong. I wonder if they’re still having sales that time? 

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