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Toy cars collection

Wednesday 15 April 2009 @ 6:09 pm

After dropping by at Ryan mummy’s blog about toy cars collection, I decided to post about it as Marcus is very fancy with CARS too. He can play with them alone for hours by arranging his toy cars here and there. Lately, he wants us to make a tunnel, using a cartoon box for him so that the cars can move in and out from the tunnel. He is enjoying playing with it when all of us feel nothing special. LOL!!! Kids are kids, they are so cute and creative too.  

Here are the toy cars that he plays every day. Actually there are some other cars at my parents house. There are somemore toy cars which I didn’t snap and group it as they are missing some parts like wheels and doors which were destroyed by my little king. Anyway, I am sure there are more new toy cars coming in from his grandparents. LOL!!!

See, mummy, cars line up to pay money at the toll.

He will put back all the cars in the drawer or table after played, but depend on his mood. As you can see in the picture, there are not just cars, but tow track, motorcycle, tractor and trains too. :-)

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