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Shopping weekend

Tuesday 2 February 2010 @ 5:47 pm

Hubby supposed to meet his friend, an insurance agent to upgrade his life insurance policy. Hubby cancelled the appointment as he wanted to bring us go KL earlier so that I have enough time to shop. LOL!!!  After dilly dally, we reached KL at noon.

Checked into hotel, which is so near to Pavilion shopping centre.

Swimming pool and Pavilion view from the hotel room

Just about three minutes walking distance to Pavilion shopping mall.

The CNY decoration. I didn’t snap much photos of it as I busy to shop after we had lunch at Pavilion.

Marcus and daddy.

I can’t shop much that day as my kid wanted to go back hotel and swimming. After changed, Marcus can’t wait to jump into the pool, but too bad, no baby pool for him. Hubby has to carry him and pretend to swim. :P

At night, we had Korean food for dinner. I love it so much. My friend recommended me to this restuarant. It was raining cat and dog when we wanted to go back hotel. We were exhausted and knocked off early.

The next morning, we had late breakfast at Pavilion’s food court. I tell you, I want to order all the food I saw, too many choices. Hubby laughed at me as I ordered Korean food again. LOL!!! Next, shopping time for us. We met up with my brother and sister in law, they also came here for shopping. We’re so crazy to shop as we got some great discounts vouchers like Guess, Jaspal, Dome, and etc from Pavilion.

We thought to back home earlier to have dinner with my parents, but we had dinner at Pavilion before we started our journey back to Ipoh. I had a great shopping weekend in KL even I just shopped at the same shopping mall only.

Arabian night party

Monday 25 January 2010 @ 11:10 am

I had a great weekend with my friends in KL. This was the first time I attended such a grand seminar and party at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. Even though it was a tiring trip but I enjoyed myself a lot. I left Marcus to hubby to take care of him. I am glad that he didn’t cry for me for the last two days.  

At night, we needed to dress up in Arabian costumes, but my friend and I didn’t wear it. It was last minute planning, so we hardly find any nice costumes, somemore we don’t want to waste money just to rent or buy it.

Deng, deng, deng, deng, my friend and I wore simple clothes but we still look pretty, right? Hehehe……

I saw many women and men dressed up nicely in Arabian costumes at the party. They really keep their body fit. Thanks to Herbalife. Some of my new friends told me they do always visit to for more knowledge too.

p/s : more pics in Facebook soon……do check it out.

Mummy goes shopping

Wednesday 8 July 2009 @ 6:49 pm

Mummy must say that she is one of the shopaholic too. I went to Jusco with friend, after fetch my kid to school early this morning. Sound crazy? No, many people also like me, some even on leave just to go Jusco today and tomorrow. It’s Jusco member day! LOL!!!

Yeah, of course I did shop for my hubby and myself too, but most of the stuffs are belong to Marcus. My friend and I got the long bills before stepped out from Jusco. Argh, my hubby will get shock when I show him the bills tonight. I won’t need to buy apidexin for him as he will definitely loose weighs this coming weeks. LOL!!!

Both of us shopped till we drop and almost forgot to take our kids from school. We’re about one hour late. :P We might go again tomorrow. Poor hubby that he has a wife just like me. May be I should back to work so that I can spend what I earn to buy my stuffs next time? Frankily, I won’t, if I were back to work. :P

First trip to Sungai Petani

Tuesday 2 June 2009 @ 6:12 pm

It was our first trip to Sungai Petani last Sunday. We went there in a car with my childhood friend and her family. Never ever thought that this place is so small that I will bore to die if I were to stay here. It was about 2 hours drive from Ipoh. We stopped at my friend’s grandmother house for a rest before visit to my another childhood friend.

This swing caught the kids’ attention. Even though it’s so hot outside, they don’t bother but keep swinging for fun. The main purpose we went there was to visit our friend’s newly open shop.  


Marcus keeps running around with SL, my friend’s kid once we reached the shop. Gosh, they even “help” to rearrange those small plastic containers there. We’re extremely hot in the shop, so you can imagine how’s the kids look like that time with their red cheeks. LOL!!!

Next, we headed to Queensbay Mall for our late lunch.  

This is Marcus most favourite ride…..

Hardly snap a nice photo with the kids, I think this is the best…. :P

Why daddy looks so unhappy? He is very hungry…. 

After enjoyed our good food at Dragon-I, we shopped around. Marcus can’t wait anymore as he wants to go for kiddie rides. This time we’re not go in Toy’R'us. I know my kid sure will grab his favourite toy cars. He really has a lot at home. If he is not with me, I definitely will get him a kitchen toy set and some mini toy copper kitchen sinks. He likes to play masak-masak.  He likes to “make” fruit juices for me just like what I did for me almost every day.

I was so surprised that he’s not tired at all throughout the day. But he slept at last in the car after we took our dinner at Bukit Tambun. :)

Our weekend in KL

Monday 4 May 2009 @ 3:13 pm

The weekend took us to KL again. At first, I thought to cancel the trip as Marcus is still having slight fever, cough and flu, but he wanted to go badly. WHY? No, not interested in shopping, but dinosaurs.  Actually my father in law not allowed us to bring Marcus goes travel. But hubby insisted to go after seeing his son waited for him so long at home. Anyway, it’s not a big problem. We, of course brought along his medicine too.    

Waiting his daddy comes back from work and bring him to KL….

After checked in the hotel and rest a while, we headed to the Backyard Monsters & Dinosaurs exhibition at Mid Valley.

Can’t wait to go in…..

Once Marcus saw those giant dinosaurs, he refused to get down and wanted to carry. LOL!!! May be his own dinosaurs in his mind are full of colours. He has a set of colourful dinosaurs puzzle. Anyway, he is not feeling well that time. There are not much dinosaurs and bugs in the hall, and we can finish our visit in less than 30 minutes.  


Carpenter ant

Bug’s eye view – what you see through may be different from what a bug sees.

It’s quite boring actually but hubby and I did learnt something there. As for Marcus, he was interested on the bug’s eye view ONLY! He said that he can see many mummies out there. LOL!!!

The next day, we took Marcus to One Utama shopping mall after checked out. He had a great time on the rides.

Next, Toys’R'Us is a must go place. Again, Marcus chose his favourite toy – TRAIN this time. We also met this cartoon man.

Argh, these machine toy balls are introduced by my friend’s son. Hubby decided get Marcus a mini thomas train for him.  

We met another giant cartoon on the way to car park. We supposed go Ikea with our friends but Marcus started to throw tantrum, very sleepy and having bad running nose, we decided to go back Ipoh. You can noticed that daddy carried Marcus most of the time during the trip. It’s better than taking weight loss pills. LOL!!!

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday 25 April 2009 @ 6:19 pm

Hubby was on his business trip to KL two days ago. He called me that he was at 1U shopping mall with his colleague to avoid traffic jam before headed to Kepong to have dinner with customers. I thought they will find a nice place and enjoy a cup of coffee. Even though there’re many sales person introduced them about new insurance policy, of course not from Florida auto insurance companies, but they just ignored them and go shopping. LOL!!! 

Hubby got Marcus new clothes and pant from Pumpkin Patch. There are many nice shoes available at Pumpkin Patch too, but hubby worried if he buys the wrong size. My hands so itchy and can’t wait to get a pair for Marcus. He said that he can’t find nice clothes at Guess and Gap shop. Don’t know, may be he saw the price then run away? I asked him to bring me go, so that I can see whether the clothes nice or not. LOL!!!  

Mummy goes shopping

Sunday 22 February 2009 @ 5:58 pm

I’m too lazy and my mind is completely blank to think of what to write about conversion rate optimization. I’m thinking about my family trip to Hong Kong next month. For more information and updates, you can check through my travel blog.

It’s just about two weeks after Chinese New Year, but I did shopping for Marcus again. My mother in law even told the sales girl that I can open a kid boutique. LOL!!! Actually I thought to buy some long sleeves clothes as March is the beginning of Spring in Hong Kong.  

I better save up more money and hopefully I can get some new stuffs for Marcus when we’re shopping in Hong Kong. I wonder if they’re still having sales that time? 

New toy

Monday 19 January 2009 @ 5:29 pm

I have been looking for a wooden block set for my kid long time ago. I can’t find the right one at shopping malls, even in Toys”R”us. Hubby and I have stopped buying him toys nowadays, he has lots of lots it until we can open a toy shop. LOL!!!

Until last weekend, when we went to buy new clothes at one of the men’s boutique, I found it. It’s a educational toy shop which next to the boutique. The sales girl who I also know took out the wooden block set and taught him how to play while hubby and I busy looking for new clothes. :-P

Marcus so curious and excited with this toy and sat there played with the sales girl. He refused to go, so we decided to buy one for him. Anyway, I also wanted to buy it too.

Colorful wooden block set (100 pieces)

I guess I bought the right toy for him. He likes it so much, may be it’s still new for him, but it’s good for child’s imagination and cretivity to build up their own stuffs. He still doesn’t know well how to build up a castle, but this :

After two days progress, he knows how to build a small castle after seeing his daddy made it. He gets frustrated too if not meet his taste.

Anyway, we did our CNY shopping last night. I saw many discount furniture shops on the way back home. Some people may change their home furniture before CNY, but I don’t think we need it. I rather save the money for our next family trip.

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