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Parents-teachers day

Wednesday 24 November 2010 @ 11:46 pm

It was a parents teachers day on the last school day. Marcus will be in a new school when school starts next year. I hope he can adapt well in the new environment with new teachers and friends. His teacher complain to me that he is very talkative in class, sometimes blur or dreaming when teacher is teaching. :P

I am surprise that he got high marks in Mandarin too as I did not teach him but just coach him in homework. He brought home all his text books and arts work. His principal gave him a mini christmas garland as gift in advance as he did not join the school holiday programme this year.

We’re invited by his principal to join a party on Christmas Eve. I will sure bring Marcus go on that day if I am free.

School sports & family day

Saturday 22 May 2010 @ 6:30 pm

It was my little boy’s school sports day last Sunday. He was so excited, so did hubby and I too. My parents also came to give support to their grandson. It’s the second time that he took part in the sports. We reached there on time, and got the first row seats which reserved by hubby’s brother as his daughter, same school with Marcus.  

There are food and drinks for students. A mini kids’ toys stall setup too. I bought some puzzles and a bubble stick as gift for Marcus.

Waiting some other students and get ready to start…..

The event is started with a welcome speech by school principle. Then followed with National Anthem and school song by all students and teachers. Next, all the students started with march parade. The youngest group is 2 years old kids and they still wearing diapers, also joined in.

Chicken dance and exercise drill

Galloping, zig-zag and throw ball race for 4 years old students.

Marcus and his cousin

With daddy after the game

prize giving and photo session with parents

Looking at his gifts from mummy….

Coming excited event

Wednesday 12 May 2010 @ 6:30 pm

This Sunday will be Marcus’s school sports day. He is so happy and excited waiting for the day comes. Today when I picked him from school, he told me that teachers brought them to a field nearby his school for rehersal. This is the second time that he participates in the sports.

From the day of  H1N1 started, his school will check on every students’ temperature before they stepped into their own classes every day. I wonder if the principal will invest a spirometer for checking her students too? :P Of course it is unnecessary for kids at this moment.

My parents are coming to give support for their grandson. They even more excited. Marcus’s cousin also participate in the sports too as she studies in the same school with him.

Warm greeting

Friday 12 February 2010 @ 6:51 pm

Before I picked up Marcus today, I knew that I’ll receive something from him. Yes, I am right. There’re two cards for Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year in his school bag.

This time I’m so sure that he did most of them like colouring, tracing words, and paste. When compared to last year, his teacher did almost everything. LOL!!!

A lovely teddy bear with loves…….

He told me he coloured all, even tracing the words, “Mummy Daddy”


A red lantern….

I am so glad when I heard him singing some CNY songs like ”Chai Seh Tau” in front of me. You will forget all the sadness, pressure when your kid doing something that you can’t imagine it, and you will definitely laugh from bottom of your heart.   

I haven’t show hubby about the cards. He is real busy and attend his customers, friends’ annual dinners almost every night. Frankily, we haven’t do any CNY shopping, so I don’t hope that he will help me to buy a copper tile for the kitchen. I still not understand how the part time maid can break the kitchen wall tile. *shake head*


Back to school soon

Tuesday 29 December 2009 @ 6:17 pm

The long school holidays almost come to the end. Most parents are get ready and well prepared in terms of buying new uniforms, shoes, school bag, books and etc. As for me, I am yet to get any new stuffs for Marcus. I am so dilly dally, or blame to my laziness. :P

We did go to shopping centre, but hubby and I just looked for other things, and we ‘kepoh’ with the sales person who introduced their new POS systems, accounting and stock systems and etc. Gosh, they might think we’re business couple. LOL!!!

I should go to get those new stuffs for my kid before New Year. Hubby does not like to go shopping during weekends or public holidays. Yes, my kid is going to kindergarten on next Monday, no more nursery.

Lunch meal for a week

Monday 14 December 2009 @ 5:44 pm

This week I decided to place Marcus at school for an extra hour with lunch as I’m busy with a nutrition health training. Today is the first day and he is doing well. Didn’t hear any complains from him or teachers. He seems so happy and excited as he can have lunch together with his friends. Teacher told me that he finished his lunch by himself.  

Actually I want to let him have a try first if I really place him for full day in school when the school reopens.  I still considering. So far, I can’t see any security cameras at the school compound. May be I should suggest to the principal. :P

Marcus likes his school. He is in this school since August 08′, but I have registered him to another new school, it’s better and cheaper.

Back to school

Friday 4 December 2009 @ 7:00 pm

Marcus is back to school since yesterday.  He didn’t make fuss even though he’s off at home for a week. At first, I thought to cancel his holiday programme and spent more time with my mother in law, but hubby decided to let him continue as he has nothing to do and just watched his favourite cartoon movies when he didn’t go to school. Phew, mummy has some personal time back in the morning now.

I was the last parents who got back my son’s final year progress report card, art works and books back the other days. I didn’t attend the report review day with his teacher and principal as I was attending a seminar in Genting Highlands. Marucs showed off all his books to his father and grandmother. Well, I can see his improvement in academic and language development throughout this half year.  He is not so interested in painting and drawing only, other than that, all noted GOOD.

I was told that Marcus is well discipline, self independence, good manner in school. I am very glad. But he is not so self independence at home like I still have to feed him during meal times most of the times, wear shoes for him, ask him to drink water until sore throat. Gosh, he will pretend to call a police and catch us when we scold him.  May be he is spoilt by us. :P

Well, like my father, we’re not encourage to beat children, but to give advise first. So far, we haven’t use our weapon like stick or cloth hanger to beat Marcus, but to scare him only. I don’t hope to use it one day. I usually using my hands if he really makes me angry. Marcus scares when hubby and I open our eyes wide to stare at him. He knows that he’s wrong and standing quietly. Of course he will forget everything after that. :P  I am sure if he really very naughty, I think hubby is the first who will beat him ‘kuat-kuat’.

Protected: First annual concert in school

Saturday 31 October 2009 @ 2:14 pm

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Mini concert rehearsal

Monday 3 August 2009 @ 7:15 pm

I went for breakfast with hubby after my yoga lesson this morning. Normally I go for it with my best buddy, but she’s fall sick for few days. I went with my mother, but hubby called me and he also wanted to join us too. I was shocked as he had his breakfast, which I prepared for him to bring to work every day. LOL!!!  And he still can have a bowl of noodle soup.  Argh, which weight loss pill that works for my hubby?

Anyway, I picked up my kid on time for the first time today. Most of the time I late for at least 15 minutes, because mummy is so dilly dally with other things. I think I’m the first parents who picked up my kid. I didn’t know actually they’re having their mini concert rehearsal after school. Well, teachers didn’t inform me either. I was so excited that my kid will be going to perform with his classmates in the coming mini concert for his ever first time.

So, I waited him outside. When Marcus get into car, he asked me why I pick him up so early and he still haven’t play toys. O.o…he likes school or toys? Anyway, I’m thinking what costume he will wear during the concert, too excited and can’t wait for the day comes. Hopefully he won’t scare or cry when perform on stage.

School sports day

Monday 18 May 2009 @ 12:52 pm

It was Marcus’s school sports day yesterday. I am glad that my boy didn’t cry throughout the event and performed well that I expected.  The event started at 9.40am with welcome speech by the school principal, Mrs Ong. Then, all children and teachers sang National Anthem and TTMC’s school song.

Prizes and trophies for children

Parents seats

Can you spot where is Marcus?

March Parade

My boy is not the shortest among all the 3 years children, but he was arranged to stand in front. I got to know finally that he is the red team leader. It’s good as I can easily find and snap photos for him among the crowd. LOL!!!  

The 3 years old started off the event with “Lollipop Race“. I did record a short video on how my boy ran fast and put the “Lollipop” himself without teacher’s help. They are so cute, but finally the blue team won the race. :(

Marcus gives support to other teams by blowing the whistle

My parents and in law also came to give support to their grandson.

Other events include hophop fishing race, tricycle & stacking race, hop scotch & picture matching race by 4 to 6 years old. All these activities cultivate the children’s motto skills and body development.

Prize and trophy given to my boy by the principal.


Photo sessions with other mummies and kids

After the prize giving ceremony and some photo sessions, we all headed to have our late breakfast. The mini sports just took about 90mins.

For mummy and daddy as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts. :)

My kid couldn’t wait to take out the present and play with the toys. Guess what, there are  gifts for all mummies and daddies too. I think this successful sports event is the perfect gift to all parents. :)

Complaint to school principal

Tuesday 14 April 2009 @ 5:54 pm

My mother in law and I always asking Marcus whether teachers in school beat him. He told me his teacher did beat him. I know sometimes he might makes his teacher angry. I accept teachers beat students’ hand or buttock when they’re naughty, but not on face or head. Yesterday when I asked him the same question, I got the same answer from him again.

Me : Are you a good boy in school today?
Marcus : Yes…. (don’t know if it’s true)

Me :  Did teachers beat you today?
Marcus : Yes

Me : Teacher beat you where?
Marcus : (using his hand and beat his head hard)

Me : Ohhh, teacher really beat you like that?
Marcus : Hmmmm….

Me : Which teacher beat you?
Marcus : Teacher Jaya (he always tell me this teacher beat him)

Me : Did Teacher Jaya beat your friends too?
Marcus : Yes

It’s not just the first time I got this answer. Last week, Marcus cried and he wanted to stay at home instead of going to school, but he is fine in the end. I know sometimes my boy will show his moody look and do his work slow, but the teacher cannot beat him like that. He is just 3 years old. I am sure other students also become victims like Marcus.

When we’re on the way go to school this morning, I asked him whether he likes all the teachers and principal. He said yes except the teacher who always like to beat students’ head. LOL!!!

Actually I don’t believe that the teacher beat her students like that, as I always see her treat students nicely and friendly. May be just in front of parents? I talked to the principal about it this morning. The principal told me that she never seen the teacher beat students head. Does that mean my boy tells lie? I believe that kids won’t tell lie. May be that time the principal won’t around, so she can’t see it ?

Anyway, I got to know that the teacher has her knees problem and went through operation before. She will go for another operation soon. She hardly bend and walk. Since she needs to teach 3 years old class, she has to walk around to check students homework. Is it because she has difficulty to bend and beat students hands or buttock, so she beats on students head?

The principal told me that she planned to transfer the teacher to 5 years old class when a new teacher comes. I got to know Marcus improved a lot in colouring, singing, and etc. I can see it too as he likes to “perform” at home. I am not worry that Marcus will not perform well in school. I want him to have fun, make friends, explore around himself, these are the purpose I send him to preschool at such early age. :-P

No school holidays ?

Wednesday 18 March 2009 @ 5:50 pm

It’s school holidays now. I thought I can wake up late, but I am not. Marcus is going to school during school holidays. No, not that I force him to take the one week school holiday programme, but he is the one who wants go to school. Since he goes to school, I have some time to accompany my friend to look for discount sofas. She will move to a new house soon.

Hubby and I thought to let him enjoy the holiday, but our boy keeps telling me that he wants go to school. :-P May be he still don’t understand what is mean by holiday. He is the one who can’t sit quietly to do homework (coloring and tracing), so I know he wants to play and have fun with his friends. Well, I’m okie with his performance in school even though his teacher said that he is the slowest in the class. LOL!!! He is still young to do homework. Just let him enjoy his childhood life, no point to force him.

I run my tuition centre before, there are parents who send their children, only 3 years old, some of them are below that age to my centre. Of course we accepted them as the course is suitable for that age. I felt very pity with the children too as they went for school the whole day, and night time came to my centre for tuition. Sigh!

Some of my previous students more worst, they are in primary school, but attended many courses, like computer class, art class, mental arithmetic class, piano class, swimming class, school tuition and centre tuition. They are not interested in some courses, but their mother wanted them to join, hoping that they can have something extra skills besides getting good result. There are few students who very closed to me told me about their busy life. Luckily my centre is not teaching them in the old fashioned way, but learning while playing technique. They’re happy when came to my centre.

Anyway, we will have our holidays next week. :-)

Complaints from teachers

Thursday 19 February 2009 @ 5:35 pm

Gosh, It’s just few months that Marcus attended school, but I received complaints from his teachers today. Actually his class teacher told me that he is very slow in term of coloring and tracing line, well the slowest in the class days ago. LOL!!! I did explain to him and hopefully he will improve later. Though he is still young, why so rush if not I will make myself in stress

Today, when I fetch him to school, I have a talk with the school principal and his class teacher. What I got from them are :

- He has lot of works yet finish in the class. He wants to get attention from teachers, that is why he always tell teacher that he does not know how to do.

- He is not concentrate while doing work like coloring and tracing line. He wants teacher to hold his hands or else his soul will fly to other places.

- He has lot of demands, like to ask for sweets and snacks from teachers even his friends too.

Well, I still can accept these complaints from school. Even the principal told me other students (same class but came in Jan) also faster than him and know how to trace line. I’m glad that the principal told me that his communication and singing improved a lot. He likes activities instead of sitting in the class doing homework.

At home, he likes coloring these days. May be he heard too much complaints from his teacher to me. LOL!!! He even asks my MIL to sit beside him and coloring together. Guess what he talks to my MIL before start coloring?  

Marcus : Come, come, I ask you to sit down here and coloring, ok? You color this and I help you to color that. You don’t play and faster color your work. You don’t finish, I scold you later.  

OMG, he follows what his teacher says in the class. LOL!!! Should I worry, angry, laugh or excited with him ??? He doesn not want my MIL goes anywhere even toilet while he is “teaching” her coloring. Frankily, with an active and talkative kid at home, we really don’t need any weight loss products.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Friday 13 February 2009 @ 5:21 pm

When I picked up Marcus today, he gave me a card. It’s a Valentine card for daddy and mummy. Marcus did the coloring and other done by his teacher. LOL!!! Ok lah, he is just 3 years old, I can’t expect too much.

Tomorrow will be Valentine’s day. Hubby and I won’t have a big celebration on this day normally. We might go out for a dinner with Marcus as well. So, I can image it’s not a romantic dinner, but an “aeroplane” dinner. Well, I told hubby not to buy anything for me, so do I. But I will give them a surprise. It’s simple, but meaningful, warm and priceless.

 A Valentine’s card for daddy and mummy !!!

Can you see the lipstick on below right ??? It’s Marcus’s lip….so cute! :-P

This card is not for sale. It’s priceless….

Here, we wish all of you “Happy Valentine’s Day” !!!

Lion dance performance in school

Friday 6 February 2009 @ 12:44 pm

Marcus and I woke up early today as we need to reach school before 9am. There is a lion dance performance for all children and parents. When we reach school, I thought to go in with him, but he refused. I hid myself just like other parents. Before the performance start, they had a group singing and dancing. I noticed that he is not concentrate but looking at other children who are crying at the back. *slap forehead*

Until he hear the sound of drum, his soul is back. LOL!!! He is so excited and showing action just like he is performing the lion dance. All parents are invited to go in and I stood behind the children. Finally Marcus saw me, he didn’t cry or smile when see me but continue enjoy the lion dance.

Everyone is getting ready to see the lion dance, can you see where is Marcus ???

He is sitting in the first row with his schoolmates. He can see and touch the “lions” too. I surprised that he was not scared with them, I thought he will cry. I guess I think too much non sense. :-P After the performance, the principal arranged group photos with the “lions”.

I saw newspapers that lots of people invite lion dance to be performed at their home, office or factory even though economy is bad nowadays. Since Marcus likes lion dance so much, I wonder if there is lion dance franchise, so that hubby can invest as a investor. LOL!!!

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