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Secure Remote Management

Wednesday 17 October 2007 @ 2:12 pm

Hubby told me that his travel company’s computer network went down again last Friday. This is not the first time having this problem and it takes long hours to fix the problem. The network administrator needs to go to KL as the server is based in KL.

I just came across about secure remote management from Uplogix. It is a Network Security Toolmanufactures remote management solutions for computer networks that span multiple physical locations. With the Uplogix Envoy appliance, network administrators can monitor connectivity, fix problems, automate maintenance tasks, and log changes for the entire network from one location.

When network goes down suddenly, administrators can solve the problem withoug having to travel to a server as Envoy is always connected. I think hubby needs this product very much in his company.

Ebooks For Book Lovers

Tuesday 16 October 2007 @ 11:25 pm

For those who like to read, you can always visit to It is an online Ebooks store that offer the broadest selection in fiction, romance, sports, history, business, spiritual and many more with great prices. 

This website currently carries over 190,000 ebooks from the major publishers and small publishing houses. They currently offers books in Adobe pdf, Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader and Palm/ereader format. Do hop over and bookmark the site now !!!

Monday 15 October 2007 @ 3:10 pm

Hubby told me that his brother hardly get his credit card approval. Well, it is because before he made up his mind to pay his credit card debts fast, he always failed to make his minimum payments on time. He thought it is no big deal, so he didn’t bother at all even though banks called up him many times. Besides that, he always got late payment charges too. I think he has very bad credit scores.

This is the reason why he can’t get approval for his new credit cards. For those with credit cards bad credit like my brother in law, you can start replacing your bad debt credit card history with good history today with one of the cards from now.

Health Insurance Cover Your Life

Thursday 11 October 2007 @ 5:08 pm

Do you have any health insurance? I’m sure most of the people nowadays have own at least an insurance for themselves. If any unforeseen such as a serious illness or a long hospital stay, could result in financial disaster for anyone uninsured. Well, if you have insurance to cover it, you need not to worry more about the medical fees.

Well, it is very important to choose for the right coverage and can be confusing when comparing companies and the various policies they offer. People Health Insurance is a licensed insurance agency and their agents are fully trained and certified. They provide different quotes like Illinois health insurance quote from numerous health insurance carriers, thus you can can choose an affordable and flexible plan that fits your budget and lifestyle to protect for you and your family.

Do you have bank accounts ?

Monday 8 October 2007 @ 8:42 pm

Do you have bank accounts ? I’m sure most of us do have saving accounts or current accounts. Well, I have saving accounts but I didn’t put much money on it as the interest is too low to get a good return. The purpose for my saving account is for expenses which I can withdraw the money in case of emergency. Some of the people may compare saving accounts from different banks. But I think most of the banks offer almost the same interest nowadays.

My hubby and I decided to put money into Fixed Deposit and invest in trust fund for higher interest and good return. We do online banking through our saving account for paying insurance and bills. It is so convenient as we dont have to look for parking and queue up just to pay for the bills. Of course there’s some bank charges when we go interbank fund trasfer sometimes, but I think it is worth as we can save lots of time.

A Plastic Card

Saturday 6 October 2007 @ 6:14 pm

Having credit cards are very common to us nowadays. But not every card holder knows how to use the card wisely, in fact the plastic card was the lead that might spoil your credit reputation. Thus, getting a right credit card that suits your need is very important.

At, you can get all information about credit cards. Many banks offer 0% credit cards now and hope consumers will apply with them. Well, if you have a burden of debts with your credit cards, it is a great idea for you to apply for 0% balance transfers. You will save lots of dividen as to transfer all your cards to one card. Get more details first before you decide to do so.

Really For Action

Wednesday 3 October 2007 @ 6:00 pm

Are you looking for TV commercial and video production company? Yes, Aurora Coast Productions is your solution. They specializes in digital cinematography, videography and 35mm film projects. They produce high definition video, television and the internet.

From TV commercial production services to NY corporate video production services, their goal is to provide high production values, prompt, reliable service and a an end product that will blow your viewers away with their full featured HD video production and 35mm work flow which is suitable for commercial, industrial, dramatic, documentary, event, promotional and corporate multimedia productions.

Do check out their site and know more about their company or Call them now for more information at (732) 905 - 5200.

Koala Bear

Sunday 30 September 2007 @ 10:41 am

Marcus never seen the koala bear before even from a photo. Since hubby and I really hope to go for a vacation in Australia, we thought to bring our boy along when we go next time. How nice if he can see and take a photo with koala bear. I’m sure he will excited with it. However, it was listed in my next year plan.

I think I will book cheap air flights online at Holiday Hypermarket. They offer millions of package holiday bargains, last minute deals, and all inclusive holidays at affordable price, and the most important thing is below our budget. May be I should start to plan out the iteneries and arrange a vacation for next year.

Replica Guns For Display

Saturday 29 September 2007 @ 12:03 am

Hubby likes and wants to buy a replica gun for display. I doesn’t like it as it is not match our home design. He told me that he will put it in his TV room. Finally I agreed with it and he is still looking for nice replica guns. As a wife, of coz I want my hubby happy, thus I’m trying to look from the net if there is any web store selling it.

I’m sure hubby will very happy as I finally found it at They have wide range of replica guns like pellet guns, air rifles, air pistols, airsoft guns, bb guns. Wow, all the guns look real. Let me tell hubby later when he comes back and I’m sure he wil very happy and want to buy immediately.

Getting A Home Loan

Friday 28 September 2007 @ 12:17 pm

Everyone may dream to own a house. However they are still many people who can’t afford to buy it due to their financial problem. With inflation high, cost of living high, especially in urban city, the salary can just survive for the month.  Of course the price of a house is usually higher than the country side.

There is always a hope if you really want to buy a house. You can look for a home Mortgages plan from the bank. Of coz everyone would prefer to be debt free. But still there’s people will apply for Personal loans for business puroses, home improvement, education or others. We should thanks to the availability of Secured loans, many people now can easily own their dream house.