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Will you do this in front of your kid?

Wednesday 28 October 2009 @ 5:09 pm

I am sure all parents and older people will teach their children and grandchildren not to throw rubbish everywhere but in dustbin or waster paper basket. I know many people like to throw rubbish out from their cars. My hubby was one of them before, but after I scolded him ‘kuat-kuat’, he didn’t do it again. :P

I went to a insurance company to get an auto insurance quote the other days. There were two ladies and a kid who’s eating ice cream walked in front of me. Before they walked into the office, the kid gave the ice cream stick to her po po. I was really shocked when her po po just simply throw the ice cream stick in the drain while the kid’s mummy is standing at the entrance waiting for them. They felt nothing at all. LOL!!!

The kid is in her age of 5 to 6. I wonder why her mummy not advise or talk it out. You know the kid saw how’s her po po threw the rubbish in the drain. Kids learn very fast. How come they don’t show a good example in front of a kid? I am sure there are many dustbins or waste paper baskets in the office.

Child abuse?

Monday 26 October 2009 @ 6:42 pm

Marcus is getting very close to his grandparents especially his kao fu even though they just meet up during weekend. My kid likes them much, you know why? Because they always buy him toys and sweets. Frankily, I really not like it. They’re really spoilt him. Every time when we go to my parents’ house, my kid sure go and open the fridge, look and find if he can get anything. Well, I think most kids are like him too. :P

I definitely not like my kid eat too many sweets, even one also cannot if possible, not too hard. Too straight? He has tooth decay now and I brought him to visit dentist weeks ago. The dentist told me can’t do anything, just brush his teeth day and night every day, wait the teeth change when he grows older.

Most of the time I show my NOT HAPPY face when my parents or others offer my kid those unhealthy snacks and tit bits. My father always say that I must let him try and eat everything. Yes, I do agree and let him eat whatever he likes except unhealthy food like fried food. Not that I won’t allow him to eat, but hopefully not to eat. LOL!!! Just see there are so many cases of diseases increasing day by day. How about for the next ten, twenty years? What will happen to our next generations?

My father always complain that I won’t let his grandson eat this and that, while his other friends’ grandchildren eat a lot of food, those unhealthy food likes fried nuggests, fried sausages, spicy curry, sweets and etc. He thinks I abuse his grandson and not let him eat. LOL!!!

I know they love him, but in other way spoiling him. I wonder if my kid will ask his grandfather to buy him those expensive real luxury car and car accessories when he grows up. :P

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