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Waiting for school holidays

Thursday 20 October 2011 @ 7:25 pm

School holiday is coming soon. My kid and I are waiting for it as we planned to go for vacation finally. Actually the trip is just three of us, but my friend and her family are interested to join in. More people more fun.

Hubby should be free after his steel buildings project by end of this month. Kid’s exam is over and his school concert is coming soon.Argh, he is so excited waiting for his concert day to come, asking all people he knows to come and see him.

I will update and load photos after his concert, hopefully I have time to do it. :P

Weekend at Home

Monday 13 June 2011 @ 5:24 pm

I did not go anywhere last weekend, but spend time with hubby and kid. Hubby bought a set of HK movie series and we watched the whole day and night. Marcus did not even want to watch cartoon as his cousin came to play with him. Else the TV is just for him.

The movie series starts with few advertisement like health food, lipozene reviews. Hubby is addict to the series, and can’t wait to fast forward these advertisement, but cannot. Even until dinner time, he asked my permission to let him eat in the living room. Of course I am not allowed, it’s not a good habit, somemore Marcus may follow him too.

I think hubby may finish the series by tonight if he’s not out. I can’t just sit like him watching while online doing his work. I have to do house chores and cooking.

School holiday starts

Saturday 28 May 2011 @ 11:51 pm

I guess school children are very happy and excited with school holiday. Mummy also very happy too as she does not have to wake up so early. Somemore it’s time to go for vacation too.

Since it’s holiday, I will let my kid plays his game boy, watch cartoon movies, internet game daily. Of course not in one short. My kid is so well till I don’t know how he can surf to ecigarette website. Gosh, hope he does not fully understand what is cigarette.

I plan to bring my kid go for a movie, Kung Fu Panda 2. I am sure he likes this cartoon movie. I shall invite my friend and her kids too.

Away again….

Wednesday 4 May 2011 @ 10:45 am

I will fly to Bangkok in few hours later with my work mates. Besides attend a grand seminar with around 20k people, we will go shopping and round city tour. My friend and I won’t follow the group during leisure time as our friend who is imigrated to Bangkok will take us for shopping and have great dinner.

I am sure all of us will gain weight after back from our trip. No worry, we have nutrition drink daily. Some may also take hgh too. LOL!!! The weather there is hot, msot of us may wear skirt, short, tshirt. Hopefully no raining.

Marcus is fine even I am away from home few days. I promised him to buy him gift when I back. He is so crazy with BEN10, and he requested me to buy him BEN10 shirt. Well, guess it’s easy to find, no problem, boy…

Please come early

Wednesday 27 April 2011 @ 12:08 am

Marcus’s school dismiss at 12.15pm, but I always late to pick him up. He wants me to be in the school before the bell ring. Well, if I have nothing to do then I think it should be no problem for me to arrive school wait him. I can’t leave my shop early, as sometimes there is still customers in, or having meeting and etc.

Today, I supposed can pick him up on time, but delay few minutes as there was a broken aircast boot being thrown by someone near our shop. Gosh, why can’t the people threw in the dustbin but on the road? My friend and I scared of dirty, so we decided to ask a good guy, who is our team member to help us.

Well, I promised my kid that I will come and wait for him early tomorrow.

I want chocolate

Monday 28 February 2011 @ 12:25 am

While reading about an article about weight loss pills that work the other day, Marcus asked me if he can eat a chocolate which is given by his classmate. It’s one of the items from a birthday pack. I wonder why most parents like to buy candies, chocolates and junk food as gift, but not other? I know children like to have all these food, but why some parents still like their children to have such unhealthy food?

I can say that I don’t like my kid to have the chocolate. I let him to have it after he finished his homework. You know, he can do it very fast and neat. I am sure a candy or chocolate is one of the encouragement for my kid. I am not sure about other children if they can get it easily.

I am so straight not to give my kid to have such junk food because of his tooth decay actually.

Active kid

Sunday 27 February 2011 @ 11:30 pm

Marcus takes his nap every day before we move in to our new house. Well, I can have my own time to do house chores or cook when he is taking nap. But then he does not like to take nap anymore since early this year. I wonder if children may not like to take nap when they reach toddler stage?

He is so energetic even when he’s back from school. Sometimes he needs me to play with him too. He is such an active kid. People may think why I am so slim even after give birth. They may think that I am taking – Best over the counter diet pills. LOL!!

Anyway, I think hubby needs them as his belly looks like 3 months pregnant woman…..

Meeting with cousin

Friday 3 December 2010 @ 10:40 am

Hubby will attend a wedding dinner with his friends in KL tomorrow. He decided to bring me and kid along. Since my kid and I do not attend the dinner, we will visit to my cousin who is staying in Klang. It has been quite some time that we did not meet up. I am glad that she’ll be at home waiting for us. :)

I will bring along my mini laptop with 3 year laptop warranty to show something for my cousin. She is very interested on what I am doing now. It’s the first time that I go to my cousin’s house. Wonder where her hubby will bring us for dinner then.

We have to rush back to Ipoh the next day as I need to attend a short training in the afternoon. I think this trip we can’t visit to Ikea. I have some stuffs that need to buy over there. Argh, wait for another trip to KL.

Time to sleep

Saturday 20 November 2010 @ 1:08 am

It’s my last assignment to write about life fitness treadmills for this week. I can enjoy my weekend. Actually I am sleepy by now, but I feel like to continue my HK movie series. I can watch it after my kid goes to bed. Marcus slept early just now as he did not take his nap this afternoon.

Tomorrow I need to go school with Marcus to meet his teacher about his progress and take back all the books. Then, we need to go new school for orientation too. Yes, he will be study in new environment next year. He quite likes his old school, in the other hand, he likes his new school too. Because he has friends at both schools. :)

Midnight entertainment

Saturday 20 November 2010 @ 12:12 am

My mind is blank now. I am thinking what should I write about hgh spray while listening to radio. I am listening to a chinese programme, where people call to the station talking about their problems and advised by a well known DJ. The programme is on air every Friday night.

There are many cases about family members, mostly husband and wife. I am so surprise that the’re’re many people want to divorce nowadays. The DJ is great. He even asks some women divorce with their husbands once he knows that they are  no change to rebuild their relationship anymore.

Do catch up the show on air every Friday. It’s great to know more. It’s one of the great midnight entertainment too.

Heart broken

Tuesday 16 November 2010 @ 11:59 pm

I always read through newspapers that many disability people with disease need us help, in term of donation these days.  I am so sad to know about it.  With no thinking at all, I donate to them. Even though it’s not a big amount, but I feel great that I can help them.

I just wonder if these disability people can get some social security benefits. It will totally help them and their family a lot. I remembered there was one case about a baby girl, few months old having heart problem and need to do operation. My tears dropped. Argh, I am an emotional woman. :P

There are many unfortunately people in the world. We should be glad that we are healthy.

Fever season

Thursday 28 October 2010 @ 9:59 am

My niece is having fever yesterday again. She just recovered from cough and fever last month. She is quite weak since goes to school. I think she needs to take multivitamin to boost up her immune system. I wonder if now is fever season for kids, as I know many children fall sick recently? Anyway, drink more water and take more vege and fruits.

My sister was sad as she can’t join us for dinner last night in conjuction to celebrate my father’s birthday which was two weeks ago. Yes, all of us forgot about his birthday. *shamed* Anyway, I know my father is not angry with us. :P I think we’ll have another dinner soon once my niece is recovered from sick.

Back from Jakarta

Wednesday 6 October 2010 @ 9:25 am

Hubby was away to his business trip to Jakarta last week. It was a lonely weekend for Marcus and me. Without hubby and my parents around, I brought Marcus to visit friends and shop around. Time flies fast, hubby was back home safely on Monday.

Hubby wanted me to settle some issues about auto insurance claim when he’s in oversea. I willing to do it as there’s a gift for me when he’s back. LOL!!! Anyway, he got himself more than us, mainly singlets as the weather there’s super hot. I joked with him if he’s happy for sunbath there few days continuously. :P

Hubby has to stay at home after work at night these days as his son does not allow him to go out since he’s back from Jakarta. His son keeps on asking him when to bring us go Genting Highlands again. I wonder why Marcus likes to go Genting Highlands. At first I thought he likes to go indoor and outdoor theme park, but I was wrong. He wants to go there and buy Ben10 watch. *slap head*

Birthday gift for daddy

Monday 16 August 2010 @ 9:58 am

Hubby’s birthday is just less than a month, and I am thinking what should I buy for him. Frankly, I am the one who is not buy birthday gifts for him every year. Bad wife? :P This year, I think I must give him a surprise. I am not afford to get him those branded watch, shirts, belt, and etc. All these he will earn and buy them himself if he wants.

While surfing net last week, I discovered something new to me, there’re rfid blocking wallets. It’s protect us from payment fraud and identity theft. It’s not expensive and worth to buy. Hubby always forget where he put his wallet, sometimes left in his office or car. It’s quite dangerous if steal by someone. With the RFID blocking wallet, when you open it, each card is protected, so thieves cannot consolidate your information.

I guess hubby will like this new stuff. Besides that, I decide to create a birthday card, together with the help from Marcus. Hope he’s cooperate with me when doing the card. :)

Thank You…..

Friday 9 April 2010 @ 9:45 pm

Thanks to all my friends about my kid’s condition. He is recovering well and can go to school by next week.  Hubby and I just back from our holiday in Macau. We’re glad that our kid did not make any problems for my parents during the days he stayed with them. Thank you to my parents too who willing to take care of him.

We called back to Malaysia few times a day to check out the condition of Marcus. Nah, the phone bill can be shown soon. We thought to cancel or postpone the trip, but seemed Marcus is fine and look very energetic, so we proceeded our trip to Macau.

I did not buy much things during this trip, mostly we enjoyed the food there. LOL!!! I passed by many branded shops but dare not to go in or else I am sure I can’t stop myself to bring some go home. I have no time to check on the wrinkle fillers which told by my friend, she said it’s a very famous product.

I will update about my Macau trip with photos in my next post. In the meantime, you can enjoy it at my FB first. :)

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