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Sunday 11 July 2010 @ 1:12 am

My boy likes to watch Barney, Thomas, Bob The Builder, and even Dora. Well, he still likes all these cartoon movies, but not a crazy fan anymore. He changed his taste and like Pokemon cartoon movie now. He likes the small little cartoon called Pikachu. Besides that, he prefers to watch with story life cartoon movie like The Jungle Book, Princess and The Frog, Tarzan and etc.  

Every time when we are at shopping mall, he sure bring hubby and I go to bookstore. Argh, he is not just want to buy story books, but Pokemon discs. I am glad that he is still not interested to read Pokemon books or games. :P

I can imagine there will be many discs and books in my house. I may donate to charity house or social security disability center one day when my kid grown up.

Next, what is the cartoon that he will be crazy with?

The spy next door

Friday 5 February 2010 @ 9:50 pm

“The Spy Next Door”, it’s an English movie showing in cinema now. I wanted to watch this movie for so long. Well, it almost end and yet I still can’t go for it. Don’t ask me to buy Dvd as I prefer watch great movie in cinema. :P  Blame to hubby with his busy work.

My friend just watched it with her hubby yesterday. She told me that I must go and watch it. While we chatting about the movie, hubby called me from KL and I told him we better go for it this weekend. He is more “kan cheong” than me, took out his new ipods and checked the available time fot the movie.

Ok, I just think if I should bring along Marcus. Argh, I don’t think he will like it unless it’s a cartoon movie that he likes. I hope my parents not go anywhere and help to take care of him, so hubby and I can go out “pah tor” for awhile.

Saturday night outing

Monday 11 May 2009 @ 6:43 pm

We didn’t have anything special on Mother’s Day. My mother in law is just recovered well and she didn’t has much appetite. As for my mother, she prefers cook for us at home instead of eating out. LOL!!! Anyway, we will go out for a dinner this weekend as to celebrate my mother’s birthday. I’m still thinking what to buy as birthday pressie.

Since I’m also a mother, we went out for a dinner with my friend and her family as to celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s a simple dinner but Marcus is the happiest among us as he can enjoy yummy ice-cream after having one week medication. I didn’t get anything from my kid. Actually I should have get something like Mother’s Day card, but he was absent from school a week. Anyway, his recovery from sick is the best gift for me this year.  


After the dinner, we went for a movie. My friend bought the tickets for us. Thanks! But the movie is totally not suitable for kids. It’s quite violate, X-Men Origins : Wolverine.

I have the sense that Marcus will scare and don’t want to see before the movie starts. It’s true. Once the movie started, he told daddy that he is scared and wanted to go home. He didn’t want to be seated. Thus, daddy carried him and standing at the back of the cinema. Sigh!
So, what do you think next? Hubby called his parents and took him home. We continued to watch the movie till the end.

The movie is not related with any drugs or alcohol, but killing and fighting. It’s definitely not suitable for kids and youngsters. Nowadays we can see newspapers about youngsters involved in drug abuse, murder case and etc. It’s good to have drug rehab centres here or government help centre to direct them into new life.

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