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Love you, love me

Monday 12 October 2009 @ 5:28 pm

Every night as usual, I read books to Marcus before we go to bed together. I asked him some silly questions where I think most parents will do so like me.

Me : Boy, you love po po or ma ma?
Marcus : Mummy.

Me : Huh…..I ask you which one you love the most, po po or ma ma?
Marcus : Daddy.

Me : You love mummy or daddy?
Marcus : Po po.  

Me : *fainted*
Marcus : (after awhile), I love mummy.

Me : Just mummy?
Marcus : Mummy, daddy, po po, ma ma, gong gong, yeh yeh, yee yee, kao fu, mei mei, Noel, suk suk. (listed out all family and relative members)

Me : I love Marcus very much…muakkssss

After got the answer I want, then we go to sleep. LOL!!! I thought to update my blogs after he’s sleep, but my laptop started to give me some problems, may be I should update to Custom flash drive soon. That’s why I didn’t update this blog these few days.

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