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Monday 11 January 2010 @ 6:33 pm

It’s not homework from school that I need to coach Marcus to do it. I will headache if the school give it to him. I am glad that his school no homework to bring home at his age now. LOL!!! This mummy really lazy huh?

You thought I am so free being a SAHM? No, no, no, hubby wants me to work 24 hours per day. We went to Popular bookstore in Jusco yesterday, and I bought some new story books for Marcus. But hubby asked me to find some pre-school exercises books too. Argh, I need to coach him to do it. @#$%^&*

He can hold pencil very well by now….

I can’t believe that he’s so concentrate doing tracing line…..but only for 2 minutes…..hahaha

Those exercises book that I bought mainly for tracing, counting, coloring, crossing. I am sure his school did teach him last year. This time is to repeat the work in different way only. Well, I think most 4 years old kids can’t sit quietly for more than 3 minutes, so one page per pay is more than enough for my kid. :P

Nap time

Monday 28 September 2009 @ 6:11 pm

Marcus doesn’t like to take nap these days. He doesn’t feel sleepy at all throughout the day, so energetic. He used to take two to three hours nap every day, but less than one hour nowadays. Argh, what happened? If there is someone play with him, he even refuses to have a rest too. Thus, midnight screaming happen. :P

I thought he goes to bed earlier if he doesn’t take his nap, but he is not.  I still think kids should sleep and rest for more hours. It’s good for their physical and mind development too. I can’t blog hop more often if Marcus is awake. And I don’t have time to watch this movie - Tacoma car accident lawyer which my friend borrowed me last week. I think I will return to her tomorrow, afterall I can feel it’s a boring movie. LOL!!!

No more pacifier

Tuesday 28 July 2009 @ 5:33 pm

I always hope that Marcus wean off his pacifier when he was one year old. It’s unsuccessful and sometimes he’s having it in day time too. He likes to bring his pacifiers whenever we go out since last month. Lately, he punctured one of his paficiers. Ok, he likes to suck one and hold another one in his hand. :P

Again, he brought his darling pacifiers went to my parents’ house last week. He asked for his darling when I was loooking a Blue Advantage plan flyer before we go to bed.  Argh, I forgot to bring them back home. I was rather panic as it’s 11pm. How is he going to sleep without them? Hubby was outstation and I was lazy to drive. I quickily called my mother and glad that my brother willing to be a postman and send back the pacifiers. LOL!!!

I explained to Marcus that’s because you like to bring them out and left at PoPo’s house in the end. I took this opportunity and brain wash him that we will go and take back when we go to PoPo’s house next time. So, no pacifiers! Of course I kept them in other place in case he really needs during midnight. Surprisingly, he did not play tantrum or fuss for his pacifiers throughout the night and slept very peaceful.

Guess what, he has been pacifier free for four days. I am glad that he still takes his nap even without his pacifiers. And of course he did asked where are the pacifiers. I did not bother him much and said we will take it next time.  I really hope that he can wean off his darling pacifier this time.

Protected: More of My Little Boy

Thursday 23 July 2009 @ 5:50 pm

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Kid fond of computer

Friday 3 July 2009 @ 5:42 pm

Mummy can say is so fond of computers as I studied in that subject. My kid is influenced by me, I think as he always see me sitting in front of my laptop doing something. He likes it too. Whenever I’m doing my work, he would climb onto my lap and ask me open this and that websites, videos and songs. Luckily I’m yet to introduce him games in internet. LOL!!!

Sometimes he pretends that he really knows how to type like mummy. He still can’t type anything yet, but his action just like us typing on the keyword. Guess what? He even teach his daddy how to switch on and off the laptop. He thought he is an expert but actually not. LOL!!! We all give him a clap each time he shows off to us. Then, he just like he is flying up to the sky. 

I’m going to introduce him some education games in internet. I have the instinct that he will be crazy with it. Hubby thought to buy him ipods, just for videos and games. I think he is still young to use it, let me use it first. :P

Diaperless during naptime

Wednesday 22 April 2009 @ 6:19 pm

If I’m not mistaken, Marcus has been diaperless except for naptime and sleep at night more than a year. I see his diaper is either dry or slighty wet when he wakes up every time for the past few weeks. He drinks quite a lot before go to bed most of the time. Too waste just to throw the dry diapers away. Mummy cannot be lazy anymore, so I started train him diaperless during naptime only since last week. 

I ask him to pee before he goes to take his nap. Of course I did remind him that he is not wearing diaper, so he has to get up if he wants to pee. Besides that, I put a rubber mat under him, just in case he pees on my bedsheet. LOL!!!  

Throughout the week, he only wet his pant once. It’s a good start, right? He was shocked and stand up as he knew that he pees. I told him it’s fine and I changed for him. He then back to sleep again. Normally he will nap for 2 to 3 hours, so it’s possible that he will wet his pant.

I won’t train him diaperless at night first. It will be a big challenge to me than looking for some sales manager jobs, and other mummies too, right? But if you have a maid, then of course no problem. 

Puzzle time

Thursday 16 April 2009 @ 5:39 pm

I bought these puzzles to Marcus months ago. He can sort them well by himself after I taught him few times. He is bored with them after a week as they are too easy for him. Since then, I didn’t buy him any puzzles until his grandfather bought him two sets of cartoon puzzles recently.  

New jigsaw puzzles from his Gong Gong

This two puzzles, with 20 pieces per set, quite a challege to him. May be some kids at his age know how to sort more than 20 pieces, but hubby and I quite shocked and amazed that he can sort most of them by himself after we taught him few times.  

He is so concentrate with the puzzles

Now, he plays the puzzles before he goes to bed every day, but I have to sit beside him. I cannot go anywhere as he wants show off to me. :-D

Marcus and Ladybird

Wednesday 8 April 2009 @ 5:12 pm

I like buying stuffs for my kid especially clothes and story books. My kid won’t choice clothes to wear, he will wear it whatever I take for him. But as for story books, he will choice it for me to read. He has many series of Ladybird books and others, some of them I took from my previous tuition centre. LOL!!! 

I have to read to him twice every day before he goes to sleep. I can’t remember when I started to read book to him every night. He likes books but toys the most of course. He is a good listerner and his observation is strong.

Most of the time I will be the reader, but now he can read the books to me since early this year. He can’t recognise the words but pictures. He can read in full sentences for most of the pages with correct vocabulary and pronouciation. It’s not just a book, but books. I really surprised. Kids are good in memory. :-)

He can read by himself now. Even after he reads all the books he knows, he still want me to read. Gosh, it takes at least 15 minutes just for reading before I can ask him to go on bed.

Last time before I become a mummy, I enjoy read magazines and books before go to sleep. Since I have my kid, I didn’t have time for it unless my kid is sleeping. By the time he sleeps, I’m also feel tired and sleepy. Hubby took some rv books from his friend and asked me to have a look if free. Till now, I think it’s one week already, but I still haven’t see a single page. LOL!!!

Complaints from teachers

Thursday 19 February 2009 @ 5:35 pm

Gosh, It’s just few months that Marcus attended school, but I received complaints from his teachers today. Actually his class teacher told me that he is very slow in term of coloring and tracing line, well the slowest in the class days ago. LOL!!! I did explain to him and hopefully he will improve later. Though he is still young, why so rush if not I will make myself in stress

Today, when I fetch him to school, I have a talk with the school principal and his class teacher. What I got from them are :

- He has lot of works yet finish in the class. He wants to get attention from teachers, that is why he always tell teacher that he does not know how to do.

- He is not concentrate while doing work like coloring and tracing line. He wants teacher to hold his hands or else his soul will fly to other places.

- He has lot of demands, like to ask for sweets and snacks from teachers even his friends too.

Well, I still can accept these complaints from school. Even the principal told me other students (same class but came in Jan) also faster than him and know how to trace line. I’m glad that the principal told me that his communication and singing improved a lot. He likes activities instead of sitting in the class doing homework.

At home, he likes coloring these days. May be he heard too much complaints from his teacher to me. LOL!!! He even asks my MIL to sit beside him and coloring together. Guess what he talks to my MIL before start coloring?  

Marcus : Come, come, I ask you to sit down here and coloring, ok? You color this and I help you to color that. You don’t play and faster color your work. You don’t finish, I scold you later.  

OMG, he follows what his teacher says in the class. LOL!!! Should I worry, angry, laugh or excited with him ??? He doesn not want my MIL goes anywhere even toilet while he is “teaching” her coloring. Frankily, with an active and talkative kid at home, we really don’t need any weight loss products.

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