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Story books nights

Friday 8 July 2011 @ 10:49 am

It’s about six months that I moved into my new house. We all enjoy a lot in our dream home. Gosh, after visited to some bungalow show houses, I always day dream when can I move again!!! :P

Since moved in and started my job, I seldom read story books to Marcus before he goes to bed. Before that, He used to choose story books and I read to him, but he did not do so for months.

Lately, he asked me to read story books to him before he goes to bed. I am glad that he still interested on reading. Even though sometimes he’s so sleepy and tired, but he insists for bedtime story.

Yesterday night, while I’m reading book to Marcus, he wanted his daddy to read book also. So hubby took out a Polaris Accessories magazine and pretended to read, just to make his prince for a smile :P


Wednesday 27 October 2010 @ 6:09 pm

Received few flyers about multivitamin supplements from Marcus’s school today. He showed me which one he wants once get into the car. He is crazy with candies and treat multivitamin as them too. All kids like candies, who does not? Because of his tooth decay come earlier than other kids, I cut down his sugar level, especially candies, chocolates, cakes. :P

Since these multivitamin supplements contains high sugar level, I dare won’t buy for him. I try to find other multivitamin to replace it. Hopefully he will forget what he asked me this afternoon.

I am bless that he’s no complains about his toothache these days since I started to brush his teeth three times per day, take less sugar, no candies from me. I hope he won’t need to go for tooth extract.

First month in JMC

Thursday 29 July 2010 @ 9:49 am

Time flies, and Marcus had attend one month lesson in JMC. I can say he is playing well and understand what the teacher taught him. Well, it just a month and hopefully he is interested.

For small kids, they are using organ first instead of piano.

So serious??? or just pretend??? :)

Playing tambourine….actually he likes to play with all those musical instrument.


Student set….

There will be a piano performance for young kids in Jusco Kinta City from 4 Aug to 8 Aug. For those who attend, some free gifts will be given. How nice if the gifts are custom water bottles, metronome or headphone.


Friday 16 July 2010 @ 5:51 pm

Marcus was absent to school for three days due to slight fever and cough. Hubby and I brought him to visit his paed yesterday. The paed said that Marcus has lot of phlegm and since he does not want to split out the phlegm, so doctor adviced us to give him nebuliser with oxygen as to sooth his coughing and phlegm.

I was shocked to see that there are actually many kids who having suction at the nebuliser bay. I think the youngest one is just few months old. The process is around five minutes. Kids are busy watching Tom&Jerry cartoons. There was a mummy sitting there reading an acne product review book. I can see her kid is having eczema skin problem just like my friend’s kid.

Glad that my little boy is not scare, just feel tired. Today after I picked him up from school, we went for this suction again. I told him it’s the last visit here.

During school holidays

Friday 4 June 2010 @ 3:53 pm

Time flies, and it is mid year term school holidays starts next week. This time, I just let Marcus to enjoy his two weeks school holidays. Mummy will be busy than before. Since my sister will bring her kids and stay at my parents house for a week, so it’s a good time for Marcus to play with his cousins the whole week. :P

On the second week, daddy plans to bring him go for a short vacation if manage to book a hotel room.  I need to read the user guide book on how to use my new camera in details, hopefully can snap more nice photos during the trip.

Besides that, I need to send my laptop for upgrading some softwares for few days. There are some virus problem affected in which I can’t access to some blogs like carinsurancelist blog, fashion blog, travel blog and etc.

So, how you plan for your kids school holiday programme? I hope they can enjoy a lot during the holidays and not always close up at school.

Another vainpot

Wednesday 2 June 2010 @ 3:25 pm

Women always being called by vainpot, I admit that I’m one of them too. But nowadays, men become more vain than women. I found out that there is another vainpot at my home, Marcus. He likes to take out my lip spa and apply to his mouth.  Besides that, he says want to wear my dresses, so I just let him try. :P

When he goes out with us in day time, he takes along his kid’s sunglasses. He complains that he needs another pair of it as his mummy has two pairs. LOL!!! I should look for some discount prescription glasses for kids to give away my niece too.  She is also a vainpot.

I just waiting what else he will do as a vainpot…..

Visit to dental surgeon

Sunday 23 May 2010 @ 12:08 am

Hubby and I brought Marcus to visit a paed dental surgeon in Pantai Hospital as recommended by the previous dentist. Hubby and I thought that we went to the wrong floor. It just look like a 5 stars hotel. The clinic is new and very nice.

Even if Marcus is scare but he did not cry at all. I am proud of him. If for me, my legs sure shaking even just for checking !!! :P  


His tooth decay is getting serious and doctor suggested better to take out than having pain every day. Gosh, four teeth need to be taken out. Anyway, it is up to us to decide. We will back again for doctor to apply some cream on Marcus’s teeth so that he won’t get pain anymore.

I asked if it’s safe to take out 4 teeth in one shot. Then, he told me that he had taken out 20 teeth in one shot from a 2 years old kid. OMG!!! He is a specialist on dental for kids mostly, so I have confidence on him than those normal dentist after the consultation. Well, the consultation fees is super expensive.

There is other clinics like plastic surgery, rapid detox treatment, hubby is so busy body go and ask for details. I wonder if he wants to go for plastic surgery???? LOL!!!

School sports & family day

Saturday 22 May 2010 @ 6:30 pm

It was my little boy’s school sports day last Sunday. He was so excited, so did hubby and I too. My parents also came to give support to their grandson. It’s the second time that he took part in the sports. We reached there on time, and got the first row seats which reserved by hubby’s brother as his daughter, same school with Marcus.  

There are food and drinks for students. A mini kids’ toys stall setup too. I bought some puzzles and a bubble stick as gift for Marcus.

Waiting some other students and get ready to start…..

The event is started with a welcome speech by school principle. Then followed with National Anthem and school song by all students and teachers. Next, all the students started with march parade. The youngest group is 2 years old kids and they still wearing diapers, also joined in.

Chicken dance and exercise drill

Galloping, zig-zag and throw ball race for 4 years old students.

Marcus and his cousin

With daddy after the game

prize giving and photo session with parents

Looking at his gifts from mummy….

A visit to dentist

Wednesday 12 May 2010 @ 5:08 pm

Marcus complaint his teeth pain almost a week. He is so scare and worry that a dentist will take out his teeth. We have no choice but to bring him visit to dentist again. I am glad that he co-operate and opened his mouth wide for checking while crying. LOL!!!

I did not take any photos as I busy comfort my kid and talking to the dentist. Hubby sure will kill me if I still free to take photos of his son at that moment. While I talking to the dentist, I saw a nurse took something from a mmf drawer for Marcus, it’s a pack of mini tooth brush and tooth paste.

Marcus is so happy as he thought the pack inside is sweets. LOL!!! No, visit to dentist still give sweets to kids, if so, I am sure won’t go there anymore.

Conversation with grandma

Tuesday 27 April 2010 @ 8:40 pm

I just can’t believe that Marcus can say something that may hurt but sweet to his grandma, my mother in law. yesterday. When I came down from upstairs and thought to read newspapers and some hydroxycut reviews catalogue, my mother in law told me about her conversation with Marcus.

Marcus : Ma ma (grandma), gu gu (my sister in law) not come today, so you sleep yourself.

Ma ma : (speechless)

Marcus : Nah, you sleep yourself, nobody will sleep with you.

Ma ma : (speechless)

Marcus : You can take a pillow as yeh yeh (my father in law who passed away months ago) and sleep.

He knew that Ma ma was sad after heard that, so he went to say something sweet which melt his ma ma’s heart.

Marcus :  I ’sayang’ you, I sleep with you. ok  (opened his hands and hung his ma ma)  

I am not sure how they started the conversation, I felt shocked but laughed out when my MIL told me.

In waiting list

Friday 16 April 2010 @ 6:12 pm

I went to enrol Marcus for JMC at Yamaha two days ago and guess what, his name is in a waiting list. A new JMC class will start in May, but it is full. I need to wait for at least two months for another new class. The fees is not cheap, I need to pay for over RM500 for the first time. 

Hubby seems not agree to let his son join the JMC, he said it is girlys’ course. @#$%^ Anyway, I will still insist to let Marcus join in and have a try. He seems interested playing piano and organ.   

This organ is almost a decade where I used to play when I was a teenager at my parents house. Frankly, I forget most of the things I had learnt. :P waste money huh? My boy looks very expert in playing organ….

My parents are very happy when they see their grandson playing with it as nobody touch it for a decade. This is a new play stuff for my kid at my parent house recently. The house is mess when there are kids around, but my mother is very happy and willing to clean, she said it is one of the best fat buners for her. LOL!!!

Suffering from HFM disease

Friday 2 April 2010 @ 5:36 pm

I saw some red spots appeared on Marcus’s mouth, foot and hand once he woke up on Wednesday. I suspected that he is having Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD). Since hubby was away, I brought Marcus to visit his paed with my mother. Yes, he was being examined as HFMD.

At first I thought he just having normal fever until the appearance of rashes and blister on his palm and foot.  His paed said he got it from school and advised us let him stay at home at least one week. Public areas should be avoided for kids as germs are everywhere nowadays.

Symptoms of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease:
* Fever :  He has mild fever on Tuesday morning.
* Sore throat : He complained his throat painful on Tuesday night. So, I brought him to visit hubby’s company panel doctor.
*  Ulcers in the throat : I brought him to visit his paed the next day after saw some rashes appear on his palm, foot.
* Rashes with blister :  Some rashes appeared with blister, he felt the pain and itchness causing him and me can’t sleep
well at night. He cried and throw tantrum.
Loss of appetitie : He can’t eat much because of the ulcers on his throat, except milk and water. I am glad that he is getting better today, at least he wanted to eat noodles and bread.

These are the meds prescribed by his Paed on Wenesday. Left: Calamine Lotion, help to dry out the rashes and blister. Right: Cataflam to drop in for sore throat.

Can see some rashes with blister his feet. Poor boy!

Rashes started appear on his palms

After applied the lotion…..the rashes not so obvious, but can see clearly the next day. Argh, very painful!!! :(

Hubby and I brought him to visit his paed again this morning. His paed said his case is not serious, at least no more fever.  Gave him some gel to apply on his mouth and medicine to get rid of the itchness.

Down with fever

Tuesday 30 March 2010 @ 5:53 pm

I felt my hand so warm when I touched Marcus’s forehead last midnight. Now, I wonder why suddenly I touched  him. Hubby is away to outstation and I am taking care of him.  I did not bring him see his paed as I still keep his fever medicine. Hopefully he can recover by tomorrow or else must pay a visit to see his paed.

Marcus did not go to school today, may be tomorrow too. I won’t be free for tomorrow, so I don’t have time to meet my agent and friend to discuss about the new term life insurance quotes, I think we have to cancel our appointment to other day.

I feel very tired and must go to bed early, if not I am the next who get sick. :P

Warm greeting

Friday 12 February 2010 @ 6:51 pm

Before I picked up Marcus today, I knew that I’ll receive something from him. Yes, I am right. There’re two cards for Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year in his school bag.

This time I’m so sure that he did most of them like colouring, tracing words, and paste. When compared to last year, his teacher did almost everything. LOL!!!

A lovely teddy bear with loves…….

He told me he coloured all, even tracing the words, “Mummy Daddy”


A red lantern….

I am so glad when I heard him singing some CNY songs like ”Chai Seh Tau” in front of me. You will forget all the sadness, pressure when your kid doing something that you can’t imagine it, and you will definitely laugh from bottom of your heart.   

I haven’t show hubby about the cards. He is real busy and attend his customers, friends’ annual dinners almost every night. Frankily, we haven’t do any CNY shopping, so I don’t hope that he will help me to buy a copper tile for the kitchen. I still not understand how the part time maid can break the kitchen wall tile. *shake head*


Marcus’s 4th birthday

Friday 29 January 2010 @ 6:21 pm

We didn’t throw him a birthday party this year, but a mini cake for him to bring to school. Since Marcus asked me if I am there with him for the cake cutting session, so I went to school during his recess time.

Just see where the kids looking at? They can’t wait for the cake or want the mini toy cars ?

They liked the cake I bought, but Marcus just ate a small piece only.

At night, we went out for dinner with my family members only. Yes, with another huge cake for Marcus too.

I asked him what cartoons he likes to have on the cake, so the Mickey & Minnie mouse. I thought he wants Ben10 or Transformers. Argh, from here you can see he is still like a baby. :P

A family photo.

We went home after the dinner as hubby had to meet up with few business plan consultants. At first, I wonder why can’t they meet day time but night time? Now I know, as they want to have beers.

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