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Losing weight

Thursday 25 February 2010 @ 6:00 pm

Hubby is so happy that I recommended him about lose weight cum health product. He is not gain any weighs during the festive season but lose weight even he’s eating much. LOL!!! Yesterday, he screamed out and showed me that he can wear his old trousers finally. He likes the trousers much, but just wear for few times then keep it in the wardrobe for years.

I think he also need the best supplements for building muscle too. Wow, I can’t believe if he can back to his size, 70kg when we started our relationship. He used to be fit and can wear those tight t-shirt. :P I am sure he also hope for a fit body.

So, wish him luck. ok.

Happy Ending

Monday 11 May 2009 @ 5:12 pm

We are all get well finally. Gosh, it had been a hard time for me last week as I also down with fever and needed to take care of Marcus who is just recovered. My mother in law did help me, but she is also the one who just recovered.  

Marcus is too scare of having medicine throughout the week, who doesn’t? But he needs to complete the antibiotics. I’m glad that he still willing to take the medicine after a sweet is given to him.

Since daddy also got virus attacked, they both took medicine together. It’s a good idea to feed each other medicine as I didn’t need to give Marcus any sweets anymore. Surprisingly, he takes medication obediently now.

Open your mouth…..

Daddy, your turn to open your mouth….. 

Daddy lost so much weight these days. This is what his friends told him. But I can’t see much different. LOL!!! He asked me not to search on diet pill reviews anymore as he promised that he will keep fit. I heard many times and let’s see if he really can keep his promise.   

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday 25 April 2009 @ 6:19 pm

Hubby was on his business trip to KL two days ago. He called me that he was at 1U shopping mall with his colleague to avoid traffic jam before headed to Kepong to have dinner with customers. I thought they will find a nice place and enjoy a cup of coffee. Even though there’re many sales person introduced them about new insurance policy, of course not from Florida auto insurance companies, but they just ignored them and go shopping. LOL!!! 

Hubby got Marcus new clothes and pant from Pumpkin Patch. There are many nice shoes available at Pumpkin Patch too, but hubby worried if he buys the wrong size. My hands so itchy and can’t wait to get a pair for Marcus. He said that he can’t find nice clothes at Guess and Gap shop. Don’t know, may be he saw the price then run away? I asked him to bring me go, so that I can see whether the clothes nice or not. LOL!!!  

Bento fun #24 : Valentine’s gift

Sunday 15 February 2009 @ 4:51 pm

I had a special surprise for hubby and kid on valentine’s day this year. No, not that I have bought hubby a valentine’s gift, but a lovely valentine’s bento.

When I received a Valentine’s card from Marcus on Friday, I thought of making a bento for him, but accidentally I got an idea to make a valentine’s bentos for them. I even suggested it to my friend as well. LOL!!!

Here is hubby’s bento :

Heart shaped homemade wholemeal bread with ham and cheese, and some heart shapes of colorful decoration sugar on top. Since it’s a valentine’s bento, so I try to make it all in red. Others are strawberries, cherry tomatoes, heart shape chocolates too.

I’m not quite satisfy with the bento I made actually, because hubby is waiting it to go work. I’m in a rush to prepare it. Hubby tells me it’s so nice and cute when he opens it in the car. He walloped it all before reach his office.  

For my kis’s bento, I have more time for the decoration. Too bad that he is not feeling well yesterday. He can’t finish all but only ham, strawberries and heart shape chocolates.

It’s almost the same with his daddy’s bento. I mean the food, but I added some seedless grapes instead of cherry tomatoes. He doesn’t like to eat nowadays. Two heart shape wholemeal bread with a teddy bear girl and a teddy bear boy ham on top, along with their seedless grapes friends. :-P

Well, I didn’t make it for myself, but I received my valentine’s gift from hubby. I was not happy with the gift as I told him not to buy anything for me. Somemore the gift is not worth at all. Actually he got me a new Celcom broadband last week. 

At night, we went to David’s Diner restaurant for our dinner. All are couples except us with a kid along. LOL!!! The environment quite nice with songs but Marcus sings loud while having our valentine’s set dinner dessert, ice cream. So you can imagine our romantic dinner with everyone looking at us. LOL!!!

After the dinner, we went to my parents house. Yeah, we had another part, we went for a midnight movie. That’s all for our Valentine’s Day.

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