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Friday 16 April 2010 @ 7:01 pm

This year, Marcus starts to bring back homework. I am glad that I don’t have to coach him every day. His writing skills getting better since he started school in January. He tells me that he wants to finish his homework even though he does not like to do it sometimes, as he scares that his class teacher will scold him if not finish. I don’t have to shout out to ask him do homework.

I definitely won’t help him to colour, don’t say about writing. Even if he colouring is not nice, I don’t mind, at least he can finish by himself, not me! I am very strict on this. :P I have been told by my mother in law, that our neighbour always helping his son, sometimes his sister to do homework till midnight. I guess may be the kid’s problem who dilly dally on doing homework? I wonder if the kid learn in this way?

Here are some of his homework recently : 

I checked Marcus’s school bag and found that there are three books as homework to do during the weekend. It’s not a lot, one page per book. It’s very simple, colouring and writing alphabet and I hope he can do it. He makes sure I sit besides him even though I read magazines, newspaper, or catalogue like guaranteed life insurance no health questions or etc. He just want me to be there. LOL!!!

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