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New house

Friday 18 February 2011 @ 11:55 am

We moved into new house for more than a month. Marcus likes this new house very much, so do hubby and I. Nowadays, he always ask me fetch him back home after school. When we go out, he can’t stay long and wants to go back home.

Last Sunday,  we went for lunch with friends. After that, hubby thought to check on some reconditioned laptops for his office, but our little son wanted to go home badly to watch cartoons and play with his mini kitchen. Normally he will go to toys department area, but surprisingly he did not ask us at all.

May be he feels fresh with the new house. I wonder if he will back to normal after few weeks later? LOL!!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Friday 4 February 2011 @ 11:11 pm

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Marcus is very happy celebrate this festive season. He can eat what ever cookies that he likes, but to make sure drink lot of water. Besides that, he enjoys receive “ang pao” from uncles and aunties. The most important thing is that it’s holiday and he does not have to go to school. :P

We did not go anywhere yesterday besides to my mother in law and my parents house only. Well, today is a bit different, we went to have lunch with hubby’s relatives, then back to our house for gathering again. I am glad that my house is nice and clean. Just that there’re some died flies dropped from the car porch’s ceiling lights, I guess. I wonder when can I sweep the floor.

House renovation

Thursday 25 November 2010 @ 11:41 pm

I forget to snap some photos for my new house’s renovation progress again. I am so forgetful lately. Yeah, renovation and painting part will finish by this week. New furnitures can move in by next week after fixing air conditioners and lighting.

I have many stuffs that need to buy for my new house. All these things must be done before I go travel next month. I am glad that we don’t need to buy fridge, water depenser, television, air conditioner. How I hope someone can sponsor us Egyptian cotton sheets. LOL!!!

Anyway, it is time to pay all the bills. Argh, the total amount is very scary…. :P

Renovation in progress

Friday 15 October 2010 @ 11:04 am

Yes, my new house is under renovation and I need to go there to discuss and look for the progress every day. I am glad that my hubby has chosen the right house.  We quite like the house as hubby paid for the deposit even we’re not seen the actual show house but just the house design structure only.

Marcus likes it too and can’t wait to move in. He always tell me that he wants to take this and that to the new house. He wants this and that colour for his bedroom and etc. He seems more excited than me. LOL!!! Hubby lets me to decide all the things as he is busy with his work. But he is the one who gives suggestions and ideas to me. I think he is busy with his new house now than work.

There is no gated and guard for our housing area. This is what I am worried as lots of robbery or thieves cases nowadays. I will feel happy if there is volunteer committees to keep the living environment safe. It is good to place security cameras and I don’t mind to share and pay for security fees too.

Hide and Seek

Friday 1 October 2010 @ 10:02 am

Hubby and I went to visit my best ex-classmate’s lighting shop last few weekend. Even though renovation work is yet to start but we can’t wait to have a survey and budget out. The shop’s manager recommended us all those luxury and elegant lighting. Yes, I know they’re nice but I don’t want to spend so much in lighting. Actually I spotted on Hunter ceiling fans, but they’re being throw out in my list. :P   

While hubby and I busy looking around, Marcus is warmed up and started to play hide and seek with us. My heart almost break seeing him running here and there. We need to pay if he broke something. I am worried if he’ll hurt. I don’t want to be like a crazy mummy shout on him in public place. So, his daddy just stared at him and he’s fast to become a good boy.

Well, the budget list is out with me and it’s in my expectation. After calcualted, I decided to cancel and change some lighting, and finally the total amount is where we can afford and it’s in my budget list too. :)

Shop for home furniture

Friday 30 July 2010 @ 10:58 pm

Even though I haven’t take my new house ’s key for renovation, but hubby and I started to look for our home furniture, just to get some ideas. I prefer to have modern theme, those simple and nice stuffs, so I think log furniture is not suitable.

Hubby says to bring me go visit to other furniture shops this coming weekend if he is free. Marcus is happy with it as he can run, jump here and there while we are busy talking to the sales person. Guess what, he gives us comments for those furniture that he does not like. LOL!!!

I will let him choose his bedroom furniture. I hope that he can sleep by himself, but sure need time to adapt it.

House warming

Tuesday 27 April 2010 @ 5:50 pm

I am thinking if I should have a house warming party for my coming new house. Just like my best pal, she disagreed to have it as worry that kids may dirty her house with food, jumping up and there her new bed or sofa and etc. Gosh, I worry and lazy to clean up the house after party. Just imagine I need to do cleaning all by myself.

I remembered when I had a house warming in my current house, it was so terrible. Many people walked in and out. Argh, I don’t want this happen again in my new house. May be I will have a mini party for a small group of close relatives, then follow by close friends. At least not in a big group visit to my house.

I don’t want to have buffet party. How nice if we have BBQ with electric grill at car porch. At least look nice and clean first. Anyway, I still have months to think about it. But I am sure my kid is hoping to have house warming party, he can play and show off all his toys with other kids, if he is in good mood on that day. :P

Our new home

Wednesday 24 March 2010 @ 6:55 pm

I will move into my new house in a few months. This is what I always looking for. LOL!!! I did not know that our house is painted and almost fully complete until hubby told me last week.

I, of course will have a room for my kid. I hope that he will be independent and sleep by himself without disturbing his parents. :P   My mother in law won’t be move together with us, even we asked her for few times. So, we just agreed what she wants.

We have to buy all new furnitures and other stuffs as those old furnitures will stay back in the old house for my mother in law.  Hubby and I won’t sell off the old house as it’s a property and the rate won’t decrease much like car but increase further in later years.

Addicted to CNY songs

Monday 4 January 2010 @ 6:04 pm

I heard Marcus sang Christmas songs all day long few days ago, but now he’s addicted to Chinese New Year songs. Kids can change their mood very fast, huh? With the CNY approaching in few weeks time, his daddy bought him a new CNY vcd. Marcus likes to watch it so much. He even can sing after watched for few times, but pronounciation is not that good in Mandarin.

See, he switched on the tv once he’s back from school today, the first day of school. Gosh, this is really a bad habit. I let him watch for a while, so that I can go prepare him lunch. Don’t think that I have time to read some adipex reviews or newspaper unless he takes his nap.

This is the dics that hubby bought for him. I did watch it, not really a nice one. I think CNY songs with kids more joyful.

Warm greetings from family

Saturday 28 November 2009 @ 4:32 pm

Even I did not celebrate my birthday with hubby and kid this year, but I feel warm to receive wishes from them. Marcus gave me a big hug and kiss after he sang birthday song to me. No cake and pressie from hubby but a valuable wish which money cannot buy.

After back from funeral ceremony, my family and hubby’s close relatives get together at our house. I was so surprised and shocked when they sang birthday song in front of me. It was the very first time they sang for me and I am very pleased. 

My mother in law is getting better, no more crying, but tears all over her eyes when she sees photos or thinks about her hubby. Our house is back to normal and clean after the funeral service. An Indo maid will come again to clean up tomorrow. After discussion with my mother in law, we will sell textbooks, old magazines, table and chair, car, motorcycle which belong to my father in law except bed, wallet.

Marcus still looking for his Yeh Yeh sometimes even he knows that he can’t see him anymore. I’m thinking not to let Marcus joins his school holiday programme. Hope to spend more time with my mother in law at this moment. It’s great to know that my sister in law will stay with us for few weeks.

Anyway, time will wash away those sad moment. Life still goes on, and we should be happy every minute that we have now.

A scary joke

Tuesday 29 September 2009 @ 5:30 pm

Last Sunday evening, we had dinner at my parents’ house, of course Marcus was the one who finished his meal first. Then, I let him played around, running here and there while I continued my dinner. Suddenly, he came, hold my mother’s hands and pointed to the dry kitchen, saying that Didi is coming. No, no other kids except Marcus that time.

I told my mother that he’s joked with us only. He used to tell me that there’s a kor kor up the ceiling fan in my bedroom. Feeling scare now? I am not scare at all as Marcus’s smiling while he talked to us. I know him well, he’s joked with us. But three years old kid can really make such a scary joke?

Then, we continued having our dinner. Again, he hold my mother’s hands and told us Nah, didi comes already while pointed to the wet kitchen. My mother and brother started to believe what he said. Gosh, I told them not to believe him, he always likes to joke.

My mother called me just now and let me know that she’s scare to go home yesterday evening. My father and brother still working and came home late. Once she stepped into the house, she switched on all lights. She felt little cold when she passed by the kitchen. OMG, my mother really believed what her grandson said. Anyway, she is a timid woman.  

See, my kid can make a joke where other people think it’s truth. :P

Lovely siblings

Thursday 24 September 2009 @ 11:56 am

I like this photo much even it’s a little blur. I was really heart attack when I saw this scene. It happened at my mother’s house last week. They actually don’t know this kind of play thing, blame to their po po who took out the bar stool for them to play. They kept asking their po po to push them round and round.

I was quite worry of them, I hope I don’t need Pronexin. They’re so crazy of the game and refused to get down. Po po was very tired after pushed them for few rounds. You know, they’re not babies anymore, but toddlers. You might think I will take turn for it. No, I was not.

So, they have no choice but to get down. Guess what, you can see them so loving now, but fighting for a toy after a second. Argh!!! Kids are kids, afterall they’re lovely siblings.

When it comes to holidays…

Wednesday 23 September 2009 @ 6:50 pm

I am quite tension whenever my kid’s school teacher passes me a school holidays notice. You know why? Not that I’m tension to take care of him, but to make the house super messy if we’re at home. I can’t imagine how the house will look like if you have more than a kid, unless you have maid to help you. LOL!!!

Today is still holiday for Marcus. Just see what he did and made me want to take him out of the house. I brought him to have lunch with my mother. I really can’t stay in the house just to help him tidy up the mess even though he is my helper too.    

Simply put back the books and puzzles…..

Chair fell down and he always holding and simply put his bags here and there….

Argh, luckily I manage to stop him…

Toys are everywhere…..

Didn’t close back the top after played….

Are your kids also the same? Luckily I don’t place outdoor furniture in car porch, or else one more place for me to clean up. That’s why I like my kid to join school holidays programme, at least he has few hours less to mess up the house every day. LOL!!!

No day and night out

Friday 14 August 2009 @ 6:20 pm

Hubby is very busy with his coming new business. Nowadays he comes back for dinner then go out again to entertain customers or meeting with his partners. Or sometimes he just comes back late before we go to bed. I am not complain him thought he wants to work hard and let us to have a better living lifestyle. He told me that he wants to retire before fifty years old. LOL!!! Let’s see if he can do it or not. :P

Even daddy’s not at home with us and we can’t go out, we don’t feel bored. My little boy can play by himself or look something else to play with me. I enjoy the time when we’re playing and reading books in my room before we go to bed together every day.  Last night, he took my camera and played around. Argh, he snapped photos in front of my wardrobe mirror!

Then, he wants me to snap a photo through the mirror while he’s kissing my cheek. The photo looks so blur, I wonder if hubby can get me a new DSLR camera. LOL!!!

Hubby planned to bring Marcus to Zoo Negara this weekend, but because of rapid increase of death cases of A(H1N1), we decided to cancel our trip. Kiasi of this disease.  Somemore my parents and in laws not allow us to bring their grandson go anywhere these days.

If we go to KL, I am sure hubby needs to take diet pills when we come back as I have few famous restaurants which I want to dine in my mind.

Popping vitamin C as candies

Thursday 30 July 2009 @ 6:38 pm

Marcus always asks for candies from his grandfather these days. Guess what, because my father in law did give him few times and he knows where to find for those candies now. 

Since he likes candies very much, I went to pharmacy the other days to buy a bottle of vitamin C for him to replace those candies. Hopefully he won’t ask for candies from his grandparents anymore.

He was so excited and didn’t want to let go even though the sales person needed it to scan the bar code. Unfortunately, we needed to wait for about 15 minutes to pay the bill as their system was down. The cashier got angry too as this is not the first time. She told me that her boss should look and compare with other POS systems. LOL!!!

Marcus took  5 pastilles once reached home on that day. Gosh, recommended 2 to 3 pastilles per day only. Yesterday when I was changing my clothes in my bedroom, I heard my mother in law shouted at Marcus. I rushed down and got to know that he ate almost 20 pastilles in one short. I was angry and threw the bottle outside. Luckily it’s just vitamin C and not other supplements or else I think he might get nose bleeding. :P

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