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Stay up late

Sunday 27 February 2011 @ 11:49 pm

I find that myself has severe dark circles under eyes lately. Gosh, it’s because I stay up late at night. After Marcus goes to bed, I then have my own sweet time to do my things, like going online or enjoy watching HK movie series. I can go to sleep early, but I don’t want to miss the golden time.

Like now, I am rushing to complete my tasks which are dued today. I went for seminars these two days. I should complete them earlier. I must plan my time properly. I wonder why we have 24 hours a day but not 48 hours???

I know it’s not healthy to stay up late every night. But I am very enjoy my time during night time where everyone goes to sleep.

Good try

Saturday 20 November 2010 @ 12:31 am

As I am involve in nutrition club, I am very support on what I am taking daily. After fetch my kid to school in the morning, my time occupied in work. I like this job as I still can take care my kid after he is back from school. I can work at home if I have time, else enjoy blogging.  

I let my kid try some omega fish oils, the size looks like diet pills. He refused to eat and feel weird about the taste, but he accepted it finally. Do you know why? He sees his friend crazily take it as candies, he also follows the same. LOL!!!

It’s a good try. If he really wants to take, I am sure will get it for him. But I will feel vomit to chew or swallow. :P


Wednesday 27 October 2010 @ 6:09 pm

Received few flyers about multivitamin supplements from Marcus’s school today. He showed me which one he wants once get into the car. He is crazy with candies and treat multivitamin as them too. All kids like candies, who does not? Because of his tooth decay come earlier than other kids, I cut down his sugar level, especially candies, chocolates, cakes. :P

Since these multivitamin supplements contains high sugar level, I dare won’t buy for him. I try to find other multivitamin to replace it. Hopefully he will forget what he asked me this afternoon.

I am bless that he’s no complains about his toothache these days since I started to brush his teeth three times per day, take less sugar, no candies from me. I hope he won’t need to go for tooth extract.

Losing weight

Thursday 25 February 2010 @ 6:00 pm

Hubby is so happy that I recommended him about lose weight cum health product. He is not gain any weighs during the festive season but lose weight even he’s eating much. LOL!!! Yesterday, he screamed out and showed me that he can wear his old trousers finally. He likes the trousers much, but just wear for few times then keep it in the wardrobe for years.

I think he also need the best supplements for building muscle too. Wow, I can’t believe if he can back to his size, 70kg when we started our relationship. He used to be fit and can wear those tight t-shirt. :P I am sure he also hope for a fit body.

So, wish him luck. ok.

Happy Eating

Tuesday 23 February 2010 @ 10:27 am

Kids are happy when come to Chinese New Year as they can receive ang paos besides enjoy eating snacks, cookies, mandarin oranges, soft drinks and etc. Argh, all unhealthy food, but once in a year, just let them as their parents also the same.  :P I am glad that we didn’t gain much weights.

Marcus and his cousin, Zhi Qi. They’re eating apples.

But I make sure my kid drinks lots of water and take more fruits. Don’t know why, the weather is super hot during the festive season.  Marcus takes shower few times every day, and sometimes I just let him naked at home. LOL!!!

We’re still in holiday mood, eating and eating. Tonight, we will attend a dinner with friends. I am sure hubby gains some weights these days. He promised me that he will back to his balance diet soon. I hope he keeps his promise. May be he should invest  in one of the best treadmills if he really have time for it.

Nose bleeding no more

Friday 22 January 2010 @ 6:16 pm

Marcus used to have nose bleeding once in a while since last year. I did bring him to see ENT specialist and the doctor said he’s having sensitive nose, no big problem. So if he rubs his nose, then he is easily get nose bleeding. Argh, but I still very worry about it.

He has no more nose bleeding for months, but mucus with little bit blood when he gets flu. It’s because his nose easily get hurt when he rubs it. Doctor did give some medicines for him, just a course. Anyway, I don’t want him to take too much medications if possible after the course.

I boil fish soup with black beans for him once a week. My parents and friend heard that it will help to heal nose bleeding. No harm to try as it’s just soup which we can have it too. does nutrisystem work besides the fish soup? I should let him try Herbalife, a nutrition product which hubby and I having it every day.

Popping vitamin C as candies

Thursday 30 July 2009 @ 6:38 pm

Marcus always asks for candies from his grandfather these days. Guess what, because my father in law did give him few times and he knows where to find for those candies now. 

Since he likes candies very much, I went to pharmacy the other days to buy a bottle of vitamin C for him to replace those candies. Hopefully he won’t ask for candies from his grandparents anymore.

He was so excited and didn’t want to let go even though the sales person needed it to scan the bar code. Unfortunately, we needed to wait for about 15 minutes to pay the bill as their system was down. The cashier got angry too as this is not the first time. She told me that her boss should look and compare with other POS systems. LOL!!!

Marcus took  5 pastilles once reached home on that day. Gosh, recommended 2 to 3 pastilles per day only. Yesterday when I was changing my clothes in my bedroom, I heard my mother in law shouted at Marcus. I rushed down and got to know that he ate almost 20 pastilles in one short. I was angry and threw the bottle outside. Luckily it’s just vitamin C and not other supplements or else I think he might get nose bleeding. :P

Happy Ending

Monday 11 May 2009 @ 5:12 pm

We are all get well finally. Gosh, it had been a hard time for me last week as I also down with fever and needed to take care of Marcus who is just recovered. My mother in law did help me, but she is also the one who just recovered.  

Marcus is too scare of having medicine throughout the week, who doesn’t? But he needs to complete the antibiotics. I’m glad that he still willing to take the medicine after a sweet is given to him.

Since daddy also got virus attacked, they both took medicine together. It’s a good idea to feed each other medicine as I didn’t need to give Marcus any sweets anymore. Surprisingly, he takes medication obediently now.

Open your mouth…..

Daddy, your turn to open your mouth….. 

Daddy lost so much weight these days. This is what his friends told him. But I can’t see much different. LOL!!! He asked me not to search on diet pill reviews anymore as he promised that he will keep fit. I heard many times and let’s see if he really can keep his promise.   

Not a good day

Friday 1 May 2009 @ 5:25 pm

The weather is getting bad these past weeks. With a hot sun in the afternoon and rain in the evening, make us easy to fall sick. My mother in law is unwell for three days. Visited two doctors and she just sleep the whole day on bed. And my father in law is having cough yesterday.

Marcus is also unwell with slight fever and cough this early morning. We wanted to bring him see doctor, but most clinics are closed. Huh, even the 24 hours clinics also closed for public holiday. Luckily we have cold syrup and paracetomal stand by in fridge.  Hope he gets well soon as we will travel to KL tomorrow.  

Besides that, I’m having slight running nose. Gosh, peeling skin on my feet too. It’s affected on small area. I think it’s time to go for pedicure before it gets worst. I don’t want to spend more on top acne treatment. We didn’t go anywhere today but stay at home for rest. Hopefully all get well as soon as possible.

Saturday fun

Monday 23 February 2009 @ 5:51 pm

It’s another Saturday and I thought to bring Marcus to my parents house, but I was not. We stayed at home while waiting hubby comes back from work.

I don’t need to shout when I bathe for him nowdays. He likes to brush his teeth after I brain storming him about his tooth decay. LOL!!!


 Finally, he brushes his teeth twice a day

Household products from Neways – toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, laundry detergent

I have changed my family personal care, household products to Neways. Hubby, Marcus and I are using these products for months. Do you really care about the ingredients in the products you are using now? I do really care about it as most products are made from harmful ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) which we can see in most shampoo, shower gel and toothpaste.

As the number of cancer cases increased day by day, we should take more precaution. Prevent better than cure, right? I don’t hope to look for a Mesothelioma lawyer later.

Ahhh, I know may be you are boring about it. Let’s change topic. LOL!!! Marcus wants my camera after bathe. He wants to look like mummy. Ok, let him try to snap some photos for me. And this is the best photo he snapped.

This photo taken by Marcus, not bad huh?

Then, he wants me to snap a photo for him.

 I just spend my time with Marcus without doing my things when he does not go to school.

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