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Toy gift

Thursday 31 March 2011 @ 5:30 pm

Nowadays kids also into advance technology. They know many things which we do not know when we were still young like them. My kid likes to use my iPhone for games, he even asked me to download “angry birds” game for him. I wonder how come he knows it. It’s from my friend’s kids who are crazy with this game.

Hubby brought home two sets of mini bluetooth stereo headphones. It looks like toy but it’s real for kids. I still no idea how to use it or play with it. I need to keep it first before my kid spoil it. I still not use this before, but kids nowadays more advance than us. I heard that some children even bring iPhone goes to school. *fainted*

Christmas gifts

Friday 19 November 2010 @ 11:47 pm

Yeah, Christmas is coming soon and I will move into my new house around that week. We won’t celebrate it as we’re not Christian but we’ll exchange gifts to each other. I wonder if anyone invites us for Christmas party.

I am thinking buy gifts online for my hubby and kid as I can see many special and funny christmas gifts. Check out the cool stocking stuffers for men if you also want to give your hubby a surprise gift. Argh, how about my kid? Must be toys, those education toys mostly.

6th wedding anniversary

Wednesday 3 March 2010 @ 10:51 am

Yes, I will go for a movie, ‘72 Tenants of Prosperity’ with hubby this afternoon. Today is our 6th wedding anniversary. Time flies fast, my kid is 4 years old. Since the movie started shown in cinema before Chinese New Year, it’s full for every show till now. I really can’t believe it, is this movie really good? What I know it’s a comedy show with many HK celebrities involved.

Hubby bought the tickets few days ago, but full house for night shows. No choice, we chose the time where hubby is still working. LOL!!! No worries, he will arrange his time to meet a cad drawings personal other time.  Hopefully we can have a dinner with kid if he’s free.

No gift for me from hubby as he bought me a diamond bangle as Valentine’s and anniversary gift. Wah, one stone shot two birds. LOL!!! Thanks, Dear.

Little gift as ang pao

Monday 1 March 2010 @ 6:18 pm

Most of my relatives and close friends know that my father in law had passed away last year. Since it’s not over one hundred days, so Teng’s family can’t give out ang paos during Chinese New Year, but to receive only. It’s definitely not fun for me. May be you think that is good, can save money, but I feel not nice where you didn’t give back ang paos to people that had given to your kid.

I thought to order some custom mugs as gift for those who give ang pao for my kid. But the time is limited. Anyway, I bought some chocolates and put it in a nice red packing as gift. I am sure kids like it much instead of ang paos. See, all happy. LOL!!!

Bye bye Ba-Be

Saturday 5 September 2009 @ 10:33 pm

My sister bought a new Mr. Bear for Marcus recently from Penang. Marcus likes it very much and sleep together with it every day and night. Too bad this Mr. Bear spoilt by his owner days ago. You can see the white small beans spread out on the table.

He knows that his Ba-Be spoilt. Oh, my sister named it as Ba-Be as her daughter also likes it much, without it, she can’t sleep. I just keep it aside and worry if Marcus will look for it for days. I should throw it in the dustbin as my father also cannot “save” it. LOL!!!

I will buy another one for him if we go to Penang again one day. My sister told me the place but hubby seemed not so sure. Well, a new gps will help us for sure.

Bento fun #24 : Valentine’s gift

Sunday 15 February 2009 @ 4:51 pm

I had a special surprise for hubby and kid on valentine’s day this year. No, not that I have bought hubby a valentine’s gift, but a lovely valentine’s bento.

When I received a Valentine’s card from Marcus on Friday, I thought of making a bento for him, but accidentally I got an idea to make a valentine’s bentos for them. I even suggested it to my friend as well. LOL!!!

Here is hubby’s bento :

Heart shaped homemade wholemeal bread with ham and cheese, and some heart shapes of colorful decoration sugar on top. Since it’s a valentine’s bento, so I try to make it all in red. Others are strawberries, cherry tomatoes, heart shape chocolates too.

I’m not quite satisfy with the bento I made actually, because hubby is waiting it to go work. I’m in a rush to prepare it. Hubby tells me it’s so nice and cute when he opens it in the car. He walloped it all before reach his office.  

For my kis’s bento, I have more time for the decoration. Too bad that he is not feeling well yesterday. He can’t finish all but only ham, strawberries and heart shape chocolates.

It’s almost the same with his daddy’s bento. I mean the food, but I added some seedless grapes instead of cherry tomatoes. He doesn’t like to eat nowadays. Two heart shape wholemeal bread with a teddy bear girl and a teddy bear boy ham on top, along with their seedless grapes friends. :-P

Well, I didn’t make it for myself, but I received my valentine’s gift from hubby. I was not happy with the gift as I told him not to buy anything for me. Somemore the gift is not worth at all. Actually he got me a new Celcom broadband last week. 

At night, we went to David’s Diner restaurant for our dinner. All are couples except us with a kid along. LOL!!! The environment quite nice with songs but Marcus sings loud while having our valentine’s set dinner dessert, ice cream. So you can imagine our romantic dinner with everyone looking at us. LOL!!!

After the dinner, we went to my parents house. Yeah, we had another part, we went for a midnight movie. That’s all for our Valentine’s Day.

Early birthday celebration in school

Friday 23 January 2009 @ 5:59 pm

Marcus’s actual 3rd birthday will fall on the second day of Chinese New Year, which is 27th. Since it is a holiday, I decided to let him celebrate in his school today, which is also his birthday too according to the Chinese calendar.

I bought some snacks and party stuffs to be distributed among kids in his school. Of course a birthday cake too.

I had ordered his favourite cartoon cake which will celebrate on his actual birthday next week. Can anyone guess what is his birthday cake looks like ?


He was so happy and excited. He likes to blow candles and cut cake. But why he didn’t smile at all ? He always likes to show people his cool face.

Smile lah, boy boy….why so cool ??? :-P

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Lit Ean

With his friends and party bags for each of them

With his class teacher

So simple with the puzzle, “sap sap sui” :-P

My boy showed me his birthday present when I picked him up. He can’t wait to open it. It was a yo-yo and a winnie pooh stickers from the school. He was so happy because of the present from school and the party bag from his mummy.

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