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A short vacation in Cameron Highlands

Saturday 5 June 2010 @ 6:56 pm

We went up to hills again on last Wednesday evening. This time not a day trip but a night stayed. This trip was to meet hubby’s aunty and her family who rent a bungalow for two nights stay. Marcus skipped class for one day, but it’s worth as he can meet his kor kor from KL finally.

Once we reached there, we’re treated a simple western dinner. Hubby’s aunty hired a cooking chef  to cook for all of us. Not just dinner, but also breakfast and lunch too. The food are delicious. Frankly, we had nothing to do there, mostly eat, chat, rest and sleep. Gosh, I need to buy fat burner supplement for hubby if continuously for a week like that. :P

This is where we stayed, Bintang Falim. Don’t confuse, there’s the back yard of the bungalow……so nice and spacious huh?

Living room and ping pong area.

Playing ping pong day and night with his kor kor (hubby’s little cousin)

We did not go out but just stayed at the bungalow once we reached there. We took our 3 meals on time and slept early. What a healthy and relaxing life! Don’t you agree with me too?

The next morning after breakfast at 9.30am, we all had a walk round the bungalow. Dilly dally until lunch. We went home early as hubby needed to attend a meeting. Hoping to have such vacation soon……

More photos at my Facebook…..

Dinner gathering

Wednesday 6 January 2010 @ 4:42 pm

My best buddy invited me if I want to play “masak-masak’ with her as her hubby came back for dinner yesterday. Her hubby seldom back home for dinner and she, as a good wife, wanted to show off her cooking skill. I can’t promised her at first as my family and I are ”not allow’ to go people house within this three months because my FIL had just passed away few weeks ago. Some people ‘pantang’ of it, but since they’re so open minded, and so we went to their house.

Nah, busy cooking but still have time to take photos, better than the first time, no more ‘kelam-kabut’…..

Deng, deng, deng, deng…..our simple and healthy home cook dinner

But too bad that my friend’s hubby worried about that we can’t cook the dinner meal in success, so he bought some extra outside dishes, just in case that we’ll ‘fail’ :P 

Marcus was busy watching cartoons while hubby discussed about the new fitness equipment that my friend’s hubby bought the other days.  I, of course cooking in action in the kitchen. After dinner, they just moved their buttocks and of course we, mummies did all the washing.  Kids went up to room to play game boy. Marcus does not know how to play it. Frankly, it’s better not to learn to play it, and I am glad that he didn’t ask me to buy one for him. LOL!!!

Protected: First karaoke outing

Wednesday 7 October 2009 @ 2:48 pm

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Protected: A long weekend

Monday 31 August 2009 @ 11:16 pm

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Protected: Our weekend

Tuesday 23 June 2009 @ 6:25 pm

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CNY celebration

Tuesday 3 February 2009 @ 10:34 pm

I thought I will update my blog during CNY, but I really busy during that time until I don’t have time to meet up with some of my relatives too. :-P Well, I’m still in the CNY mood, how about you all? I hope you have a great celebration this year.  

Gosh, I forgot to snap photos on the first day of CNY, quite busy stucked in the kitchen and prepared myself before visit to my parents house. Nothing special on that day thought I can only meet up with my relatives and friends the next day onwards.

It was Marcus 3rd birthday on the second day of CNY, which is 27th. I supposed not to throw him a birthday party, but since we met up for dinner gathering with all hubby’s relatives and my family, so I decided to give my kid a surprise, a Thomas tank engine birthday cake. More pics HERE…

Thomas tank engine birthday cake for Lit Ean (Marcus)

He likes the cake so much and we had a great celebration that night. Hubby and I bought him a Thomas train toy and a new bicycle from his Kong Kong and Po Po.

Too many cameras in front of us, Marcus is looking at his Suk Suk’s camera…..

Hubby’s cousins, brother, sister, brother in law and sister in law…

Marcus likes his new bicycle much as you can see in the photos. Just less than an hour, he knows how to ride on it.  You might be surprised why his Kong Kong got him the bicycle in pink color, is it because he is giving me a hint to get a baby girl? Of course he is not. Actually there are pink and black bicycles, since he doesn’t like black, that is why he got Marcus the pink one.

With his cousin, Noel

With hubby’s cousin


With my cousins, Zi Zi and Chu Chu

The next day, another cake for Marcus from his Po Po. Actually my mother bought it as to give to my relative, but since Marcus likes to blow candles and cake cutting, just let him have fun.

Another birthday celebration at home

I had a great time to meet up with my ex-school mates. Again, I forgot to snap photos. Too enjoy with the chit chatting section. Some of my relatives and friends carried their Delsey luggage back home on the 4th day of CNY. I wonder when can I meet them up again?

Oh, hubby and I slept late during CNY. We went to friends’ house for gathering and of course gambling too, just for men, ok. Now, both of us having pairs of panda eyes. LOL!!!

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