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Invest for our kid future

Wednesday 11 August 2010 @ 9:40 am

Being as parents for few years since Marcus was born, I spend a lot on him. It is worth to invest everything on our children, who does not agree with me? I have a friend told me that she does not want to have child at this moment. She is same age as me. What her reason not to have child now?  Well, no problem for both of wife and husband, just that they say cannot afford for a child. Both of them are working in high position. :P

May be I am so ‘kepoh’, but I just give my advise only for her good. If you really want to have a child, you sure will think of everything to give the best for the baby. You will work even harder to earn more money, mainly for your baby. This is I can assure as hubby and I work hard on what we’re doing now.  

For me, I’ve invested in health savings account for my kid besides education investment. It depends on your budget. It just like saving better than spend on shopping every week. :)

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