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A scary joke

Tuesday 29 September 2009 @ 5:30 pm

Last Sunday evening, we had dinner at my parents’ house, of course Marcus was the one who finished his meal first. Then, I let him played around, running here and there while I continued my dinner. Suddenly, he came, hold my mother’s hands and pointed to the dry kitchen, saying that Didi is coming. No, no other kids except Marcus that time.

I told my mother that he’s joked with us only. He used to tell me that there’s a kor kor up the ceiling fan in my bedroom. Feeling scare now? I am not scare at all as Marcus’s smiling while he talked to us. I know him well, he’s joked with us. But three years old kid can really make such a scary joke?

Then, we continued having our dinner. Again, he hold my mother’s hands and told us Nah, didi comes already while pointed to the wet kitchen. My mother and brother started to believe what he said. Gosh, I told them not to believe him, he always likes to joke.

My mother called me just now and let me know that she’s scare to go home yesterday evening. My father and brother still working and came home late. Once she stepped into the house, she switched on all lights. She felt little cold when she passed by the kitchen. OMG, my mother really believed what her grandson said. Anyway, she is a timid woman.  

See, my kid can make a joke where other people think it’s truth. :P

Work hard

Wednesday 2 September 2009 @ 5:51 pm

My boy turned into the stage that keep asking me WHY questions. He asked me few times why his daddy always go out. I told him that daddy needs to go out to work and earn money for him. He seemed understand but still keep asking me again and again when he can’t see his daddy at home. :P

Daddy came home for lunch just now. When daddy get ready to go out, Marcus asked  again the same question.

Marcus : Daddy, why you always go out? Don’t go out lah….
Daddy : Boy, daddy has lot of things to do, needs to go out to work, work hard and earn money for you.

After an hour, I asked him to sleep.

Me : Come, time to take your nap.
Marcus : (Go and take all his puzzles out…..and a glass tile catalogue from my desk).
Me : Why you play puzzles now?
Marcus : Mummy, you see, I have a lot of things to do also, I need to work hard. Mummy you wait for me, ok? 
Me : Ohhhh….ok! (Don’t know laugh or angry) :P

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