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Wednesday 10 June 2009 @ 5:48 pm

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First trip to Sungai Petani

Tuesday 2 June 2009 @ 6:12 pm

It was our first trip to Sungai Petani last Sunday. We went there in a car with my childhood friend and her family. Never ever thought that this place is so small that I will bore to die if I were to stay here. It was about 2 hours drive from Ipoh. We stopped at my friend’s grandmother house for a rest before visit to my another childhood friend.

This swing caught the kids’ attention. Even though it’s so hot outside, they don’t bother but keep swinging for fun. The main purpose we went there was to visit our friend’s newly open shop.  


Marcus keeps running around with SL, my friend’s kid once we reached the shop. Gosh, they even “help” to rearrange those small plastic containers there. We’re extremely hot in the shop, so you can imagine how’s the kids look like that time with their red cheeks. LOL!!!

Next, we headed to Queensbay Mall for our late lunch.  

This is Marcus most favourite ride…..

Hardly snap a nice photo with the kids, I think this is the best…. :P

Why daddy looks so unhappy? He is very hungry…. 

After enjoyed our good food at Dragon-I, we shopped around. Marcus can’t wait anymore as he wants to go for kiddie rides. This time we’re not go in Toy’R'us. I know my kid sure will grab his favourite toy cars. He really has a lot at home. If he is not with me, I definitely will get him a kitchen toy set and some mini toy copper kitchen sinks. He likes to play masak-masak.  He likes to “make” fruit juices for me just like what I did for me almost every day.

I was so surprised that he’s not tired at all throughout the day. But he slept at last in the car after we took our dinner at Bukit Tambun. :)

Toy cars collection

Wednesday 15 April 2009 @ 6:09 pm

After dropping by at Ryan mummy’s blog about toy cars collection, I decided to post about it as Marcus is very fancy with CARS too. He can play with them alone for hours by arranging his toy cars here and there. Lately, he wants us to make a tunnel, using a cartoon box for him so that the cars can move in and out from the tunnel. He is enjoying playing with it when all of us feel nothing special. LOL!!! Kids are kids, they are so cute and creative too.  

Here are the toy cars that he plays every day. Actually there are some other cars at my parents house. There are somemore toy cars which I didn’t snap and group it as they are missing some parts like wheels and doors which were destroyed by my little king. Anyway, I am sure there are more new toy cars coming in from his grandparents. LOL!!!

See, mummy, cars line up to pay money at the toll.

He will put back all the cars in the drawer or table after played, but depend on his mood. As you can see in the picture, there are not just cars, but tow track, motorcycle, tractor and trains too. :-)

My stuff, his new toy

Thursday 12 March 2009 @ 6:39 pm

Daddy and mummy bought a new luggage bag last week. Guess what, it is a new toy for my little boy. He likes to pull, stroll here and there, busy with it and tell me that it is same like his friends. Yes, some of his friends are bringing school bag strollers to school and he treats it as his school bag like his friends too. *slap head*

At first I thought he does not know what is the use of the luggage bag. But he took it and told me that he wanted to go Hong Kong, and asked me to put all his clothes inside the bag. LOL!!! Oh, we will go Hong Kong for vacation soon.


Mummy, I want to go Hong Kong…..

Marcus knows that if we need to go Hong Kong, we have to go by aeroplane. That is why he tells me that he wants to go Hong Kong every now and then, so that he can fly in the aeroplane again.

Matta Fair will start tomorrow, I’m sure they are many cheap flight tickets and tour packages on sale. If you are busy to go to PWTC, you can call up toll free.  

Saturday fun

Monday 23 February 2009 @ 5:51 pm

It’s another Saturday and I thought to bring Marcus to my parents house, but I was not. We stayed at home while waiting hubby comes back from work.

I don’t need to shout when I bathe for him nowdays. He likes to brush his teeth after I brain storming him about his tooth decay. LOL!!!


 Finally, he brushes his teeth twice a day

Household products from Neways – toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, laundry detergent

I have changed my family personal care, household products to Neways. Hubby, Marcus and I are using these products for months. Do you really care about the ingredients in the products you are using now? I do really care about it as most products are made from harmful ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) which we can see in most shampoo, shower gel and toothpaste.

As the number of cancer cases increased day by day, we should take more precaution. Prevent better than cure, right? I don’t hope to look for a Mesothelioma lawyer later.

Ahhh, I know may be you are boring about it. Let’s change topic. LOL!!! Marcus wants my camera after bathe. He wants to look like mummy. Ok, let him try to snap some photos for me. And this is the best photo he snapped.

This photo taken by Marcus, not bad huh?

Then, he wants me to snap a photo for him.

 I just spend my time with Marcus without doing my things when he does not go to school.

Cycling at the park

Wednesday 11 February 2009 @ 6:18 pm

Marcus loves cycling. He got a new bicycle as birthday present from his grandparents weeks ago. We decided to bring him cycling at the park near our house yesterday. It was the first time that he cycled out from the house, most of the time, he will just cycle in car porch or living room only. We managed to wake him up from his afternoon nap though he is still blur on the way to the park.

A lot of people will come here for jogging, but not yesterday as it’s going to rain when we reached. The weather didn’t spoil our mood, we can have some fresh air and walked for fun while Marcus is happily cycling on his own.

Here is the best place for him to cycle than at home. See, he is so happy and enjoy. Hubby said he will bring his bicycle and cycling with Marcus next time. Let see when is the “next time”…. :-P

Hubby met his friend who come for jogging. He told hubby that Marcus is very look alike with him even when looking from their back. Huh, really ? Many people said that they are very look alike, of course though they are father and son. Afterall, no paternity test needed to prove them. LOL!!!

Lion dance performance in school

Friday 6 February 2009 @ 12:44 pm

Marcus and I woke up early today as we need to reach school before 9am. There is a lion dance performance for all children and parents. When we reach school, I thought to go in with him, but he refused. I hid myself just like other parents. Before the performance start, they had a group singing and dancing. I noticed that he is not concentrate but looking at other children who are crying at the back. *slap forehead*

Until he hear the sound of drum, his soul is back. LOL!!! He is so excited and showing action just like he is performing the lion dance. All parents are invited to go in and I stood behind the children. Finally Marcus saw me, he didn’t cry or smile when see me but continue enjoy the lion dance.

Everyone is getting ready to see the lion dance, can you see where is Marcus ???

He is sitting in the first row with his schoolmates. He can see and touch the “lions” too. I surprised that he was not scared with them, I thought he will cry. I guess I think too much non sense. :-P After the performance, the principal arranged group photos with the “lions”.

I saw newspapers that lots of people invite lion dance to be performed at their home, office or factory even though economy is bad nowadays. Since Marcus likes lion dance so much, I wonder if there is lion dance franchise, so that hubby can invest as a investor. LOL!!!

Light performance

Thursday 5 February 2009 @ 5:16 pm

Hubby was busy on the eve of the eve of Chinese New Year, as he had to attend his company annual lunch and my parents’ friend’s company annual dinner. Hubby received a box of KFC and some promotional items from his company. He is bored with that thought it’s the same every year. I told him not to complain much, afterall he has something back home, right?

At night, we had a company annual dinner with my family. This time Marcus wasn’t sit quietly like before. After the second dish, he wanted to get down and play. Since we were sitting near the stage, he run, jumped and played around. My father even gave him a mircophone to show off, but he just say something that we didn’t understand at all. :-P

Show time with his Kong Kong

I’m glad that Marcus no more scare when facing the crowd, but also depend on his mood too. We rushed home as we had another gathering with friends after Marcus went to bed.

New toy

Monday 19 January 2009 @ 5:29 pm

I have been looking for a wooden block set for my kid long time ago. I can’t find the right one at shopping malls, even in Toys”R”us. Hubby and I have stopped buying him toys nowadays, he has lots of lots it until we can open a toy shop. LOL!!!

Until last weekend, when we went to buy new clothes at one of the men’s boutique, I found it. It’s a educational toy shop which next to the boutique. The sales girl who I also know took out the wooden block set and taught him how to play while hubby and I busy looking for new clothes. :-P

Marcus so curious and excited with this toy and sat there played with the sales girl. He refused to go, so we decided to buy one for him. Anyway, I also wanted to buy it too.

Colorful wooden block set (100 pieces)

I guess I bought the right toy for him. He likes it so much, may be it’s still new for him, but it’s good for child’s imagination and cretivity to build up their own stuffs. He still doesn’t know well how to build up a castle, but this :

After two days progress, he knows how to build a small castle after seeing his daddy made it. He gets frustrated too if not meet his taste.

Anyway, we did our CNY shopping last night. I saw many discount furniture shops on the way back home. Some people may change their home furniture before CNY, but I don’t think we need it. I rather save the money for our next family trip.

Happy Dong Zhi Festival

Sunday 21 December 2008 @ 5:55 pm

Today is Dongzhi Festival or Winter Solstice Festival. It normally falls on 22 December, but this year is special, which falls one day earlier. I asked my mother to get some for Marcus to roll them into ‘tang yuan’. He was so excited at first to help us but after few minutes, he wanted to come down and looked for something to eat. :-P


But, he is so concentrate when rolling the ‘tang yuan’. He can’t make it round but a long ‘tang yuan’. I asked him what is it and he told me it’s a snake. LOL!!!

Colourful yummy ‘tang yuan’

Hubby and Marcus like to eat but I’m not. Do you like to eat ‘tang yuan’?  After celebrated Dong Zhi with yummy ‘tang yuan’, we will celebrate Chinese New Year in around one month time. LOL!!!

A night at Jusco

Saturday 20 December 2008 @ 9:48 am

My parents came to visit their grandson on Tuesday night. They brought him to Jusco just for poney rides. When he hear it, he pulled his po po and gong gong out from the house, he can’t wait anymore. LOL!!! He still remembered that his po po, gong gong and kao fu brought him for the rides. He felt extremely happy when he saw those ponies.

His favourite post when taking photo…..

He is so “geh po” looking at other kids

I don’t know why when he finished for the rides, he wanted us to carry him all the way. We take turn as we’re really tired to carry a 12kg kid for more than a minute. My mother and mother in law don’t have to take any weight loss pills if they carry Marcus like that every day. :-P

Oh, superboy eating ice cream…..

But when he asked for ice cream, he automatically wanted to get down. See, he is walking, seeing other things while enjoying the ice cream. His grandparents really spoil him since he was born.

Bento Fun #19 : Weekend fun

Monday 15 December 2008 @ 6:15 pm

I bought a flower sausage or wiener cutter at 100 Yen shop the other day. I didn’t use it until last Saturday. It’s a very simple bento I made for Marcus as breakfast. The main purpose I fixed this bento as to make use of the sausage cutter, but I failed! So I just simply cut it. :-P

Finally I know what is the reason why I can’t cut it nicely with the sausage cutter. My friend told me that I need to defroze the sausages, cut before boil in the water and the shape will prominent after minutes. Make sure you don’t fry the sausages like what I did.

Fried egg bread, sausage, cheese and ham in bear shaped

After breakfast, we rushed to my parents’ house as hubby needed to take the car for service. I took out the car seat which Marcus didn’t use it for weeks. Surprisingly he sat without making noise. He will behave well if nobody sitting beside him, but if I’m sitting with him, then he will come out from the car seat himself even though I shout and scream like a mad woman. LOL!!!

Enjoying the Vitagen…..

Marcus met his cousin sister, Zhi Qi again. He really like a kor kor even if he doesn’t like to play with those kids who are younger than him. He hold his cousin gently while playing the bumper toy car. I’m not too sure if it is called bumper toy car. Anyway, they enjoyed to play with it.    


Mei mei, sit probably, I push you, ok ??

Then, my mother took out a laundry basket and let them to sit in it. Kids are kids and they really happy just to sit inside only.

Suddenly, my mother asked my sister to take up the basket and swing it. Huh, so dangerous but the kids are so excited especially Marcus keeps asking his po po swing him again and again.

We celebrated Marcus’s grandfather 69th birthday at one of the restaurant last night. Again, he played with his cousin sister, Noel who is same age with him, running up and down.

Aiyo, so sweet and adorable…..


blowing candles and cake cutting……

After having so much fun shouting and screaming, guess what, Marcus cried in the middle of the night.

Bento Fun #18 : Masak-masak

Friday 12 December 2008 @ 6:17 pm

Received another batch of my new bento gadgets this morning. LOL!!! Of course I can’t wait to fix a lunch bento for Marcus. He shouted and screamed when he saw his favourite toy car. He thought the car can be played like his other toy cars. :-P

Fried rice with cube carrots, pineapples, beans, corns. I used the alphabet cutter to make a word “LOVE” and placed it on top. Some cherry tomatoes and lettuce, a ham cute shaped rabbit with cheese on top.  

He doesn’t want to let go the “car”…..

He finished the fried rice and the ham but not the cherry tomatoes. I keep pushing him to eat cherry tomatoes, but he is more like to play with it. I gave him some grapes after his lunch too.  

Hubby knows that I bought bento gadgets again. He told me I can almost buy myself a pair of shoes from the designer Oscar de la Renta if I’m not crazy into bentoing. LOL!!!

Last week, I bought a cooking set for him as he told me that he wants to do “masak-masak”. I know he did played it in school. My MIL, BIL and SIL felt surprised and shocked why I bought this girly toy for him. Come on, boys also can play cooking set right ? I can even teach him the name of the cooking stuffs, he learnt!

I’m making a bento for my mummy….

His bento for me…. :-)

He is so cute when making bento, like putting some pepper, salt and tomatoes sauce into it. Besides that, he even make a cup of coffee, sometimes an orange juice for me. :-D How nice if daddy can get him a big kitchen toy set, so that he has his own “kitchen”.

Our Sunday

Monday 8 December 2008 @ 5:53 pm

We attended my cousin’s wedding and joined for the tea ceremony on Sunday morning. Marcus was appointed to hit the traditional potty, Chinese believed that the couple will give birth to many children later. Besides that, he supposed responsible to open the door for the bride and groom, but my uncle didn’t inform me earlier, so we’re late for the job.

Ready one, two, three…..

With bride & groom and my family

Since Christmas is around the corner, we found a balloon maze at Jusco. Marcus didn’t want to get down, very scare to meet up with strangers these days. But his eyes kept looking at other children playing the balloons. Finally, he decided to come down, kick and play with the balloons.

At night, we went to the wedding dinner where outside still raining heavily. I was rather surprise that Marcus behaved well throughout the dinner. I got to meet up with my other cousins too. We seldom see each other as we’re busy with our family. We manage to meet up when attend relatives’ wedding and on Chinese New Year.


“Yam Seng……..” 

Marcus started to get himself involve in the “crowd” during the toasting section.  I think we will receive many wedding invitation next year as most of my cousins have find their loved ones. LOL!!! 

Two toddlers at home

Friday 31 October 2008 @ 4:16 pm

Marcus’s cousin sister, Noel is staying at our house for few days. My MIL helps to take care of her while her parents went back to Malacca to settle something. Her brother, Keith is staying with po po.

I realised Marcus has grown up a lot these days in term of speak and behaviour. Something that I can’t expect. He shares his toys and food with Noel if he is in the right mood, but he hits her when he gets angry. :-P He treats Noel as his sister and hugs her whenever he likes.  They even want to bath together. *slap head*

So sweet of them…..

Oppsss, bath together huh….

He will tell her like “this is kor kor one, cannot play, okie? ” , “Noel, come and eat”, “Noel, don’t sit there, sit here”, “Noel, go to sleep, kor kor also goes to sleep” and etc…..Even though they are same age, Marcus is older than her 6 months only, but he seems know a lot of things than her. May be because he goes to school and she is not ?  

Eat together….

My boy even helped to comb her hair after bath

My MIL, Noel and Marcus

My MIL and I have to entertain them every now and then unless they go to sleep. They don’t want the maid at all. Sometimes we feel “kepala pusing” with two toddlers at home. I mean really “pusing”. But if they don’t throw tantrum, they are sweet and cute !!!

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