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Arabian night party

Monday 25 January 2010 @ 11:10 am

I had a great weekend with my friends in KL. This was the first time I attended such a grand seminar and party at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. Even though it was a tiring trip but I enjoyed myself a lot. I left Marcus to hubby to take care of him. I am glad that he didn’t cry for me for the last two days.  

At night, we needed to dress up in Arabian costumes, but my friend and I didn’t wear it. It was last minute planning, so we hardly find any nice costumes, somemore we don’t want to waste money just to rent or buy it.

Deng, deng, deng, deng, my friend and I wore simple clothes but we still look pretty, right? Hehehe……

I saw many women and men dressed up nicely in Arabian costumes at the party. They really keep their body fit. Thanks to Herbalife. Some of my new friends told me they do always visit to for more knowledge too.

p/s : more pics in Facebook soon……do check it out.

Dinner gathering

Wednesday 6 January 2010 @ 4:42 pm

My best buddy invited me if I want to play “masak-masak’ with her as her hubby came back for dinner yesterday. Her hubby seldom back home for dinner and she, as a good wife, wanted to show off her cooking skill. I can’t promised her at first as my family and I are ”not allow’ to go people house within this three months because my FIL had just passed away few weeks ago. Some people ‘pantang’ of it, but since they’re so open minded, and so we went to their house.

Nah, busy cooking but still have time to take photos, better than the first time, no more ‘kelam-kabut’…..

Deng, deng, deng, deng…..our simple and healthy home cook dinner

But too bad that my friend’s hubby worried about that we can’t cook the dinner meal in success, so he bought some extra outside dishes, just in case that we’ll ‘fail’ :P 

Marcus was busy watching cartoons while hubby discussed about the new fitness equipment that my friend’s hubby bought the other days.  I, of course cooking in action in the kitchen. After dinner, they just moved their buttocks and of course we, mummies did all the washing.  Kids went up to room to play game boy. Marcus does not know how to play it. Frankly, it’s better not to learn to play it, and I am glad that he didn’t ask me to buy one for him. LOL!!!

Protected: Rocking day at Hard Rock

Saturday 12 December 2009 @ 6:12 pm

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