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Holiday in Penang

Sunday 5 June 2011 @ 12:40 pm

It’s school holiday now. We were back from a vacation last weekend. It was a short trip, a night stayed in Golden Sands resort. Marcus likes beaches much and so we decided to bring him to enjoy sun bath.  

In the lobby waiting to check in…..

After changed and without rest, we went for swimming. Enjoyed our lunch cum high tea at the pool side. I saw there’s a group of people having their seminar, wonder it’s about as the board stated ‘For VIP Insurance Group’.

In the evening, we went to beach, just let Marcus played with sand while we enjoyed seeing sunset. Marcus did not want to dip into the sea as he scares of jelly fish. Blamed me that I told him that be careful of the jelly fish in the sea…..At night, we walked out from the hotel to enjoy hawker food. Then, back to hotel for movies and rest.

The next morning, we skipped our free breakfast buffet in the hotel as we woke up late. Again, Marcus wanted to go swimming, so we had our late breakfast at pool side. It’s about check out time but we still have fun in the swiiming pool.

After checked out, hubby drove us for delicious hawker food again. It’s dinner time when we reached Ipoh.

Weekend in Genting Highlands

Thursday 11 November 2010 @ 10:21 am

Mummy was busy lately, no extra time to update blogs. Mummy is busy with work, at the same time busy for our new house renovation. Mummy needs to create a new blog related with my work, dilly dally for days. Mummy just managed to check on some of the web hosting reviews. I should ask my webmaster to help me instead.

Ok, back to the actual point for this post. Daddy brought us up hills last weekend. Marcus was so happy and excited. I really can’t remember how many times we had been here for holiday.

After lunch, we straight away to buy indoor ticket for Marcus. He likes the kids rides much. Daddy and mummy just standing there watching him while the little boy enjoyed the kids rides again and again.

Back to hotel for a rest, we had dinner at Ah Yat abolone restaurant. See the cheeky boy with ‘ghost face’, doing it to scare his mummy. After some kids rides again, we’re so exhausted and back to our hotel room for rest. Then, hubby went to visit casino, and won one thousand ringgit. :)

After check out, hubby drove us to Ikea to have some shopping.  Bought many stuffs for our new house till we almost no place to sit. :P

Invest for our kid future

Wednesday 11 August 2010 @ 9:40 am

Being as parents for few years since Marcus was born, I spend a lot on him. It is worth to invest everything on our children, who does not agree with me? I have a friend told me that she does not want to have child at this moment. She is same age as me. What her reason not to have child now?  Well, no problem for both of wife and husband, just that they say cannot afford for a child. Both of them are working in high position. :P

May be I am so ‘kepoh’, but I just give my advise only for her good. If you really want to have a child, you sure will think of everything to give the best for the baby. You will work even harder to earn more money, mainly for your baby. This is I can assure as hubby and I work hard on what we’re doing now.  

For me, I’ve invested in health savings account for my kid besides education investment. It depends on your budget. It just like saving better than spend on shopping every week. :)

Our Langkawi trip

Friday 25 June 2010 @ 11:04 pm

Hubby actually planned to bring us go Singapore during the last school holidays, but ended we went to Langkawi as Marcus likes beaches more than shopping. :P Gosh, no shopping for mummy.

Our best friends with their kids joined us too. I hope to stay at Four Seasons or Tanjung Rhu resort, but there’re too expensive and our friends do not like to spend on those expensive resort just for sleep. :P So, I just chose to stay at Berjaya resort where everyone of us yet to experience to stay in the chalets.  

This is the forest chalets where we stayed for two nights

Kids are so happy and playing around after the dinner if they are not fighting for the mini playstation 3.  After dinner, we just walked around the resort and back to hotel for rest as we needed to wake up early to join for Mangrove tour half day trip.

It’s getting dark when we reached Tanjung Rhu jetty, but we still got down to the speed boat.  Kids really enjoyed with the hour long speed boat ride.

Kids started to make noise to go swimming on the way back to resort. They’re not tired and exhausted at all. Jumped into the pool once we changed.  

On the second nights, we dined at Pahn Thai restaurant. I like the environment.

Took some photos at the beach before we checked out.  We had our lunch at Japanese restaurant in Oriental Village.

Then, we headed to visit to crocodile farm.

Next, Underwater World before we took the last ferry back to Kuala Perlis. Arrived home safely at midnight. Frankly, I thought to have a rest and relax trip at the resort, but hubby’s friend prefer outdoor activities, so ended everyone felt exhausted in the end on the way back to Ipoh. :)

A short vacation in Cameron Highlands

Saturday 5 June 2010 @ 6:56 pm

We went up to hills again on last Wednesday evening. This time not a day trip but a night stayed. This trip was to meet hubby’s aunty and her family who rent a bungalow for two nights stay. Marcus skipped class for one day, but it’s worth as he can meet his kor kor from KL finally.

Once we reached there, we’re treated a simple western dinner. Hubby’s aunty hired a cooking chef  to cook for all of us. Not just dinner, but also breakfast and lunch too. The food are delicious. Frankly, we had nothing to do there, mostly eat, chat, rest and sleep. Gosh, I need to buy fat burner supplement for hubby if continuously for a week like that. :P

This is where we stayed, Bintang Falim. Don’t confuse, there’s the back yard of the bungalow……so nice and spacious huh?

Living room and ping pong area.

Playing ping pong day and night with his kor kor (hubby’s little cousin)

We did not go out but just stayed at the bungalow once we reached there. We took our 3 meals on time and slept early. What a healthy and relaxing life! Don’t you agree with me too?

The next morning after breakfast at 9.30am, we all had a walk round the bungalow. Dilly dally until lunch. We went home early as hubby needed to attend a meeting. Hoping to have such vacation soon……

More photos at my Facebook…..

School sports & family day

Saturday 22 May 2010 @ 6:30 pm

It was my little boy’s school sports day last Sunday. He was so excited, so did hubby and I too. My parents also came to give support to their grandson. It’s the second time that he took part in the sports. We reached there on time, and got the first row seats which reserved by hubby’s brother as his daughter, same school with Marcus.  

There are food and drinks for students. A mini kids’ toys stall setup too. I bought some puzzles and a bubble stick as gift for Marcus.

Waiting some other students and get ready to start…..

The event is started with a welcome speech by school principle. Then followed with National Anthem and school song by all students and teachers. Next, all the students started with march parade. The youngest group is 2 years old kids and they still wearing diapers, also joined in.

Chicken dance and exercise drill

Galloping, zig-zag and throw ball race for 4 years old students.

Marcus and his cousin

With daddy after the game

prize giving and photo session with parents

Looking at his gifts from mummy….

A weekend to the hills

Thursday 13 May 2010 @ 6:43 pm

Marcus asked his daddy to bring him go pluck strawberries after seeing a cartoon movie.  Hubby brought us up to the hills, Cameron Highlands last Sunday, in conjuction celebrated Mother’s Day too with me. Haha…one stone shot two birds, clever hubby.

Nowadays, he likes to pose for me….

Like father like son ???

When I look through the photo in flickr, I know that hubby really needs to look for best acne treatments. May be due to the bad weather, lack of sleep and water, I can see his pimples growing on his face these days again. Anyway, I don’t think he will go for it, he always think that it is for women. :P  

Before we arrive, he asked me when we reach and he wants to go pluck strawberries, then when we arrived, he just concentrate on those junk food.  

Ok, don’t talk about him. We reached Cameron Highlands about noon and had our lunch, steamboat before we off to Kia farm to pluck strawberries. This is the second time that we’re here.

Next, we went to BOH tea plantation for light tea. It was so crowded due to Mother’s Day. By the time we reached there, most people are going down hills. LOL!!!

We have to go home before night, as hubby has an appointment with his agent after dinner with us. 

 Here, I wish all mummies HAPPY BELATED MOTHER’S DAY!!!!

Marcus’s 4th birthday

Friday 29 January 2010 @ 6:21 pm

We didn’t throw him a birthday party this year, but a mini cake for him to bring to school. Since Marcus asked me if I am there with him for the cake cutting session, so I went to school during his recess time.

Just see where the kids looking at? They can’t wait for the cake or want the mini toy cars ?

They liked the cake I bought, but Marcus just ate a small piece only.

At night, we went out for dinner with my family members only. Yes, with another huge cake for Marcus too.

I asked him what cartoons he likes to have on the cake, so the Mickey & Minnie mouse. I thought he wants Ben10 or Transformers. Argh, from here you can see he is still like a baby. :P

A family photo.

We went home after the dinner as hubby had to meet up with few business plan consultants. At first, I wonder why can’t they meet day time but night time? Now I know, as they want to have beers.

Protected: Rocking day at Hard Rock

Saturday 12 December 2009 @ 6:12 pm

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Warm greetings from family

Saturday 28 November 2009 @ 4:32 pm

Even I did not celebrate my birthday with hubby and kid this year, but I feel warm to receive wishes from them. Marcus gave me a big hug and kiss after he sang birthday song to me. No cake and pressie from hubby but a valuable wish which money cannot buy.

After back from funeral ceremony, my family and hubby’s close relatives get together at our house. I was so surprised and shocked when they sang birthday song in front of me. It was the very first time they sang for me and I am very pleased. 

My mother in law is getting better, no more crying, but tears all over her eyes when she sees photos or thinks about her hubby. Our house is back to normal and clean after the funeral service. An Indo maid will come again to clean up tomorrow. After discussion with my mother in law, we will sell textbooks, old magazines, table and chair, car, motorcycle which belong to my father in law except bed, wallet.

Marcus still looking for his Yeh Yeh sometimes even he knows that he can’t see him anymore. I’m thinking not to let Marcus joins his school holiday programme. Hope to spend more time with my mother in law at this moment. It’s great to know that my sister in law will stay with us for few weeks.

Anyway, time will wash away those sad moment. Life still goes on, and we should be happy every minute that we have now.

Mini birthday party at home

Wednesday 18 November 2009 @ 6:16 pm

It’s back dated post. (two weeks ago)

Since my sister is staying at my parents’ house these days, we decided to have a mini birthday party for her two years old daughter at home instead of going out for dinner. We had a great time especially kids.

My niece, Zhi Qi

I bought her a set of animals puzzle. I like to buy education toys, books as gifts for kids instead of clothes, toys. I can see that kids nowadays are so clever, may be too much formula milks. LOL!!! She can sort it out well after few times. I should buy harder puzzle for her next time.

When comes to cake cutting section, my sister decided to have a wish, just a play. She hopes that she will go enjoy a sun bath and stay a night at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang after give birth. Of course she hopes to stay at puerto plata hotel, but it’s very expensive. :P

Protected: Raya holidays in KL

Friday 25 September 2009 @ 6:13 pm

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A trip to Penang

Wednesday 16 September 2009 @ 5:00 pm

The weekend took us to Penang again, a day trip for shopping and hunting good food.  It’s our first outing family trip after ‘quaratine’ at home for many weeks just because kiasi of H1N1. LOL!!!  Too bad that I totally forgot to take the most important thing, camera. Argh! May be I’m too excited for the trip. :P

Marcus always asks me to buy him music things. He got to know about the name of some musical instructments just because of the book below. I hardly get them here even at toy wholesaler shop.   

We went to Lorong Selamat to have our lunch. We had not been there for quite some time. Miss the hawker food very much all the time. Yes, we left there with full tummy. All food are absolutely delicious.  And then, of course, we went to Gurney Plaza for a bit of shopping. Finally, I found a set of musical instructment at Toys’R'us for Marcus.

Lovely toys, drum, maracas, trumpet, cymbals, tambourine

We left Gurney Plaza near 5pm and we proceed to Queensbay Mall for another great shopping. On the way there, Marcus felt asleep in the car. When we reached the mall, my parents asked better to let him sleep for a while. Hubby and I didn’t bother and carried him out from the car. He woke up and we’re glad that he didn’t play tantrums at all as I promised him to bring him for kiddie rides.  

It’s time for dinner. I planned to go Bukit Tambun but my parents wanted to dine in the mall, so we went to Dragon-I. They wanted their grandson to have a good sleep in the car after dinner. They didn’t want us to wake him up again. LOL!!! Hubby promised to bring me to Bukit Tambun coming days. I wonder if he needs some fat burners to standby.

Protected: A long weekend

Monday 31 August 2009 @ 11:16 pm

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Protected: Our weekend

Tuesday 23 June 2009 @ 6:25 pm

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