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New toy

Monday 19 January 2009 @ 5:29 pm

I have been looking for a wooden block set for my kid long time ago. I can’t find the right one at shopping malls, even in Toys”R”us. Hubby and I have stopped buying him toys nowadays, he has lots of lots it until we can open a toy shop. LOL!!!

Until last weekend, when we went to buy new clothes at one of the men’s boutique, I found it. It’s a educational toy shop which next to the boutique. The sales girl who I also know took out the wooden block set and taught him how to play while hubby and I busy looking for new clothes. :-P

Marcus so curious and excited with this toy and sat there played with the sales girl. He refused to go, so we decided to buy one for him. Anyway, I also wanted to buy it too.

Colorful wooden block set (100 pieces)

I guess I bought the right toy for him. He likes it so much, may be it’s still new for him, but it’s good for child’s imagination and cretivity to build up their own stuffs. He still doesn’t know well how to build up a castle, but this :

After two days progress, he knows how to build a small castle after seeing his daddy made it. He gets frustrated too if not meet his taste.

Anyway, we did our CNY shopping last night. I saw many discount furniture shops on the way back home. Some people may change their home furniture before CNY, but I don’t think we need it. I rather save the money for our next family trip.

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