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Conversation with grandma

Tuesday 27 April 2010 @ 8:40 pm

I just can’t believe that Marcus can say something that may hurt but sweet to his grandma, my mother in law. yesterday. When I came down from upstairs and thought to read newspapers and some hydroxycut reviews catalogue, my mother in law told me about her conversation with Marcus.

Marcus : Ma ma (grandma), gu gu (my sister in law) not come today, so you sleep yourself.

Ma ma : (speechless)

Marcus : Nah, you sleep yourself, nobody will sleep with you.

Ma ma : (speechless)

Marcus : You can take a pillow as yeh yeh (my father in law who passed away months ago) and sleep.

He knew that Ma ma was sad after heard that, so he went to say something sweet which melt his ma ma’s heart.

Marcus :  I ’sayang’ you, I sleep with you. ok  (opened his hands and hung his ma ma)  

I am not sure how they started the conversation, I felt shocked but laughed out when my MIL told me.

Speechless night conversation

Friday 8 January 2010 @ 11:10 pm

After saying good night to daddy, mummy and Mah Mah, Marcus didn’t forget to say good night to his Yeh Yeh on his bed. I was shocked when heard it, hubby quickily answered him, yes, good boy, Yeh Yeh can hear that.

Suddenly, he asked me that he wanted to see his Yeh Yeh. O..o…

Marcus : I want to see Yeh Yeh.
Me : Yeh Yeh had passed away and he’s at a very far place now.

Marcus : I go and find him.
Me : No, you can’t find him. *sob sob*

Marcus : Why? He is in the cupboard. (He thought the coffin is cupboard)
Me : No, it’s coffin you see, not cupboard. That one is for dead people.

Marcus : Why?
Me : (lazy to answer him la, so sleepy) Yeh yeh is at a very far place now.

Marcus : Where is the place?
Me : Errr, he’s in the sky (heaven) now.

Marcus : How he goes there? 
Me : (mummy really don’t know how to answer him) Yeh Yeh can ‘fly’ there.

Marcus : Why?
Me : (speechless)……..because of his soul.

Marcus : Why soul?
Me : (speechless)……

Marcus : Why he wants to go there?
Me : After someone died then go there.

Marcus : Why?
Me : Arghhhhh…….(speechless)

By the time I wanted to pass the so many ‘WHY’ questions’ to hubby, he fall asleep. Now then I throughly understand why some mummies will get headache when their kids keep asking them ‘WHY’ questions every day.

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