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Annual concert at Ipoh Parade

Sunday 17 October 2010 @ 12:00 pm

Mummy quite busy last week and only managed to load photos and update post about my kid’s school annual concert now. The concert held at Ipoh Parade in conjuction to celebrate Children’s Day too.  

This year, Marcus is given a chance to have a short speech again to represent his class before the dance started. He performed well for four songs in the concert. I am glad and proud of him.     

During the performance, I saw there’re people approached parents to buy tatuaje cigars. They supposed not to sell it where kids are all around. Anyway, who cares as their purpose is to earn money.

He was happy to get a snack pack and gift from his principal before the concert ended.

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Saturday 31 October 2009 @ 2:14 pm

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