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Bento fun #33 : Funny dog

Friday 21 August 2009 @ 5:41 pm

Today’s the last day of school. Well, we’re not going anywhere during the school holiday. How I hope I can go for a vacation with my hubby and kid. Argh, blame to A(H1N1).

After take Marcus back from school, I started to prepare lunch for him. I bought few organics potatoes and broccoli days before, so I think it’s time to eat them. LOL!!!  

Steamed carrots and broccoli, sausage, a fish ball cut into half, fried meat and mash potatoes…….

This is my first time to make the meat and mash potatoes. Frankily, it’s not easy to do it and need time, but I was happy with the result. I saved few pieces for hubby as dinner and hope he can give me his comment.

I should have to snap photos on how I make the meat and mash potatoes. But my boy’s waiting for the bento, so I have to rush, no time. :P Marcus walloped all the food.  I can see he eats more vege whenever I prepare bentos for him. Funny, I just steamed those vege without adding any ingredients like butter, oil or salt.

Of course my lunch also the same with my boy, but not in bento look. I don’t like my family to eat much fried food, it’s definitely not good to our health. Once in a while sure can. I’m thinking to buy a bottle of colonetix for hubby as he always eat outside especially those fried food.

Bento fun #32 : Mini car

Saturday 15 August 2009 @ 1:12 pm

Marcus likes cars very much. I think he has over hundred of toy cars at home by now. LOL!!! I always want to make a car bento for him and I did it today. I didn’t bring him out for breakfast, so I decided to give him a surprise. But he ate it as tea time as my MIL bought us “chu cheong fun” as breakfast.

I can’t recall where I got this car bento idea but I changed a bit with my own idea. It’s so lovely and I myself want to have it too actually. :P I didn’t have time to add other decoration as my boy standing beside me waiting while I’m preparing the bento.  

It’s so easy to prepare. I used wholegrain bread, cheese, sausage, seaweed and honey stars only. My MIL was shocked as Marcus can eat all after taking his breakfast.  Good digestion I guess.   

Bento fun #31

Friday 31 July 2009 @ 6:10 pm

My boy requested me to prepare a bento for his lunch today. I have not do it for more than a month. LOL!!! My kid does not like to eat rice but pasta. I bought many types of pasta before like alphabets, shells pasta and this time vege spiral pasta from organic shop.

Since it’s a last minute bento making and I didn’t buy any extra food, so it’s a simple and healthy pasta bento for my kid’s lunch. I just prepare small portion for him as he had ‘chu cheong fun’ before that.  

Spiral pasta with some olive oil and chicken sausage on top. I use organic mushroom and tomatoes pasta sauce most of the time when I prepare pasta for my kid. He loves it much. :P

It’s more delicious if we add cheese and cook together with the pasta sauce. I’m not mix it for today’s bento but to have a word of “LOVE” cheese on top of the sauce. My boy had a very full stomach after taking this bento with a cup of apple and orange juice too.

Bento fun #30

Wednesday 17 June 2009 @ 5:50 pm

 Argh, it’s been almost a month that I prepared a bento. It’s time to take out my bento gadgets and work it. As I promised to my boy that I will make him a bento with sausage inside. He likes to eat sausages but I just let him to eat once in a while except vegetarian sausages which I buy from organic shop.  

Sausages, his favourite, carrot, a heart shaped nugget bun with cheese on top, some grapes and a cup of apple & orange juice which I didn’t shown in the photo.

This is the tea bento that I prepared for my boy when he’s back from school yesterday. At first, I boiled the sausage, but it turned out weird. So I fried it for a while.

He can finish all the food and asked for sausage again. I didn’t cook for him anymore as he had two sausages. I don’t think he can take his lunch, but he did after an hour.  He had fried mee hoon as lunch. :P    

I guess he has do lots of exercises and activities in school that make him gain appetite. My boy of course doesn’t need to look for the best fat burner information, but his daddy must. LOL!!!

Bento fun #29

Wednesday 20 May 2009 @ 6:16 pm

Most of the time I will let Marcus to eat home cook food instead of eating out. Since my maid was back to her country few months ago, my mother in law is the chef at home. Well, sometimes I did help her, wash and cut vege but not cook. I am not good in cooking. My mother in law cooks almost every day except Saturdays and Sundays.  

Due to my laziness, I have not been prepare bentos quite some time. LOL!!! But I decided to fix a bento as lunch for Marcus today. Gosh, when can I reach my #100 bento post, still far away.

Top : fried mee hoon with bean sprouts, swiss brown mushrooms, vege with baby corn and butterfly cheese on top.
Bottom : grapes, strawberries and banana.

Marcus ate the fruits first. Anyway, he still can finish all the food at last. Before he takes his lunch, he had a bottle of vitagen, mini cone ice cream and a cup of orange and apple juice.  

This time I’m not doing the cooking but decoration. Oh yes, the strawberries are not from Korea or Cameron Highlands but USA, they taste sweet and juicy.  

Bento Fun #28 : KungFu Panda

Thursday 23 April 2009 @ 5:56 pm

My kid started to like Panda when hubby and I brought him to watch his first movie in cinema last year. Still remember the movie cartoon, KungFu Panda?  Even though he likes it, but I didn’t get him any Panda toys but a small jigsaw puzzle.

He took out the puzzle and sorted it few times yesterday. Because of that, I prepared a bento lunch for him with panda. LOL!!!    

Fried rice with egg and mix vege, broccoli, chicken ham, soy sauce fried chicken and a small cute panda biscuit.  

Marcus finished all the food even the nori too. For what I know, he does not like it but he ate today. It’s a new pack of nori that I bought from Jusco last two weeks. May be it’s more tasty? I don’t know as I don’t like to eat.   

Bento Fun #27

Monday 6 April 2009 @ 5:52 pm

I have been lazy and busy for the past few weeks, so I did not do any bentos for my boy. I went for holiday with my family. Some of my friends asked me where is my next destination. I think we won’t go travel oversea this year. But if I get a free stay at New York City hotel, I definitely will go.

Anyway, I am back again for my bento post. Looking at some of the blogger mummies’ bento post, I am still far away. I wonder when can I reach my #100th bento post. LOL!!!

I know my kid likes to eat sausage and ham, so I went to buy them at Jusco supermarket yesterday, just for today bento. I allow my kid to have these “unhealthy” food once a month, the most twice per month only. Oh, I also made a ham and sausage sandwich bento for hubby and Marcus as breakfast today. I did not snap a photo as the bentos are so simple, but hubby said so cute. I can’t understand why he said so though no cartoon and no decoration. :-P

Today lunch bento : Rice with ham and carrot on top, steamed broccoli, star shaped carrot, sausage, fried longbeans egg omelette, baby corn which is under the sausage.

Marcus’ eyes rolled big when he sees the sausage again. He walloped the sausage and ham before eat others. Actually I have two sausage cutters, flower and crab shaped, but I still can’t success to make a nice shape sausage using the cutters, so I just use a knife to cut a cross on the sausage. I will try it again next time.  

Marcus can’t finish all the food. I know it’s too much for him as he has taken some fruits and biscuits when he comes back from school.

Bento Fun #26

Tuesday 10 March 2009 @ 6:19 pm

I’m so slow in my bento post as I was too busy for the past few days. I didn’t think of making bento for Marcus today but he is asking for it when I fetch him back from school.   

I decided make a simple bento for him before he takes his lunch. I checked through the fridge and just got sausage, ham and fruits. Mummy will go for groceries shopping tonight.   

The simple bento I prepared for my boy once he is back from school – sausage, chicken and pork ham, jackfuit and banana

It took me less than half an hour to prepare. Marcus was so happy and walloped all the food. I’m not going to buy any sausages and hams this month even my hubby likes it much. He is 80+kg now which is double of my weight. Sigh! Should I get him the best weight loss pills ?

Bento fun #25 : His favourite lunch

Thursday 26 February 2009 @ 5:59 pm

I know Marcus is bored to have rice, porridge or noodles as lunch lately. Even if he can finish his meal, but he takes very long time. Sometimes he watches cartoons while having his lunch. It is a very bad habit and I hate it a lot. He is so stubborn and refuse to sit on high chair and eat.

Since I’m free after fetch him to school this morning, I went for groceries shopping and make a lunch bento for him. Before he has his bento, he took a stick of yogurt ice cream, a bottle of yakult, a cup of fresh orange & apple juice and some papayas after back from school. I think it’s too much for him, no wonder he want to poo after that. LOL!!!

It is a simple lunch bento with corn, pork ham, chicken ham, sausage, nori, carrot, sweet Japanese potatoes and strawberries.

He walloped all except the nori I placed on the sausage. I also served him a bowl of vege soup which is not in the photo. He showed me thumb up and sit in the high chair to finish it. He does not like nori/seaweed and spilt out once he taste it. He told me that he wants to vomit to eat this. LOL!!!

Bento fun #24 : Valentine’s gift

Sunday 15 February 2009 @ 4:51 pm

I had a special surprise for hubby and kid on valentine’s day this year. No, not that I have bought hubby a valentine’s gift, but a lovely valentine’s bento.

When I received a Valentine’s card from Marcus on Friday, I thought of making a bento for him, but accidentally I got an idea to make a valentine’s bentos for them. I even suggested it to my friend as well. LOL!!!

Here is hubby’s bento :

Heart shaped homemade wholemeal bread with ham and cheese, and some heart shapes of colorful decoration sugar on top. Since it’s a valentine’s bento, so I try to make it all in red. Others are strawberries, cherry tomatoes, heart shape chocolates too.

I’m not quite satisfy with the bento I made actually, because hubby is waiting it to go work. I’m in a rush to prepare it. Hubby tells me it’s so nice and cute when he opens it in the car. He walloped it all before reach his office.  

For my kis’s bento, I have more time for the decoration. Too bad that he is not feeling well yesterday. He can’t finish all but only ham, strawberries and heart shape chocolates.

It’s almost the same with his daddy’s bento. I mean the food, but I added some seedless grapes instead of cherry tomatoes. He doesn’t like to eat nowadays. Two heart shape wholemeal bread with a teddy bear girl and a teddy bear boy ham on top, along with their seedless grapes friends. :-P

Well, I didn’t make it for myself, but I received my valentine’s gift from hubby. I was not happy with the gift as I told him not to buy anything for me. Somemore the gift is not worth at all. Actually he got me a new Celcom broadband last week. 

At night, we went to David’s Diner restaurant for our dinner. All are couples except us with a kid along. LOL!!! The environment quite nice with songs but Marcus sings loud while having our valentine’s set dinner dessert, ice cream. So you can imagine our romantic dinner with everyone looking at us. LOL!!!

After the dinner, we went to my parents house. Yeah, we had another part, we went for a midnight movie. That’s all for our Valentine’s Day.

Bento fun #23 : I’m back

Tuesday 10 February 2009 @ 6:26 pm

Chinese New Year ended yesterday and I’m back to preparing bentos again after a long break. I have stopped myself from buying bento gadgets again as I’m not the one who prepare bentos every day. Since the current economy is so bad, it is better not to spend on unnecessary things. I really hope that I can control myself. :-P

It takes time unless I fix it with fruits only, without decoration. I have to prepare all by myself, no maid to help me anymore. Luckily my MIL helped me to fry chicken today, not always of course. LOL!!!

My boy’s bento with rice, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, baby corn, lettuce and fried chicken with soya sauce.

When Marcus hears that there’s chicken for his lunch, he run to me. He walloped all except the lettuce though it’s quite bitter. He must be very hungry after school. I also had all these for my lunch too, but without decoration. LOL!!!

Bento Fun #22 : Busy weeks

Friday 16 January 2009 @ 6:52 pm

I have been very busy lately and really no time to update my blogs. What make me so busy since I’m a SAHM? I’m selling CNY hampers at my father’s shop, somemore I have to do house chores since my maid was back to Indo weeks ago. I don’t have to get myself Lipovox. Afterall, I want to gain weight but not to loss weight. LOL!!!

I don’t even have much time to prepare bento for the past two weeks. Besides that, my camera charger is spoilt and waiting for it to be arrived from KL. I can’t snap any photos even if I have time to make it. Now, I got a new camera from hubby as New Year’s gift, so I’m trying my best to catch up with my bento posts as much as I could.

I don’t plan my bento creation, I just do it as I like. I’m not a professional bento maker like other Japanese mummies though I don’t have much time for it. Simple decoration already make my kid happy.  

Fried rice with carrot, corns and eggs, strawberries, seedless grapes, filament stick and edamames.

Yes, I went to 100 yen shop again and I can’t stop myself to buy some bento stuffs even I seldom fix bentos for my kid nowadays. I like the colourful leaves baran.  I should stop to buy those stuffs again. I have many in my kitchen drawer. :-P

My cheeky boy

I’m using the new camera for the above photos. Can or not? It’s just few hundreds but still fine to use, right? I just think it is waste to spend money on those professional cameras.

I’m still yet go for CNY shopping. Frankily, I don’t like to go for the shopping to buy drinks, cookies, snacks and etc. I’m more interested to go buy new clothes, shoes, handbags, cosmetics. LOL!!!

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