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Matta Fair Is On

Saturday 13 March 2010 @ 11:56 pm

So, did you get any great travel deals for this Matta Fair? Hubby and I supposed to go holiday in Taiwan with friends, but we cancelled it at last. It is not because of the recent earthquake, but the package itself. I can’t leave my kid at home with my mother for eight days, it is too long for me unless I bring him along.

Frankly, I don’t really like to go Taiwan. I should check out with hubby’s staffs about new itineries for other places later. They are now busy with Matta Fair. Hubby should hire an employee who specialize in marketing job search to bring back more business. 

I am looking forward to go to Macau and stay at Venetian Hotel. I hope it will come true, but have to take longer time as hubby is always busy with his work, somemore I am waiting for my new house to be completed and start for renovation. I can’t wait to move in. LOL!!!

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