Holiday Learning Class

It’s school long holiday. All kids sure very happy enjoying their holidays now. Mummy doesn’t like her kid just sitting at home watching cartoons every day. I’d like him to learn something during this few weeks. I enrolled him to attend some short courses like iPad class, hope that he doesn’t just think about games when holding iPad.

Besides that, I’ll let him join some fun learning with a group of children. There, he will learn cooking, bake cookies, craft and etc….Wonder the principal need any information about for customized aprons. I don’t hope my kid come back with a dirty shirt which can’t wash away the stain.

And, he will follow my mother in law to go church for some activities like bibble reading, story telling, singing and dancing.  Who knows may be my kid is the one who teach old aunties and uncles to dance “Oppa Gangnam Style”? LOL!!!

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