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Hoping for a new bike

Thursday 12 July 2012 @ 11:10 pm

I attended my kid’s school parents teachers day last month. He is a good student in school. He learns and do his homework fast and accurate. Always concentrate on what teachers teach. Wow, never think that he is a good learner and always listen to teachers.

He got high marks in his exam. I am very proud of him. Daddy promised to buy him gift. He hopes that he can get a new bike or a puppy. In the end, daddy bought him other gift.

Last week, daddy brought him to have a look on new bikes. Those bikes are for adult and really not suitable for 6 years old kid like him. Actually daddy is the one who is interested. Looking at the kuat bike racks, he thought if he gets a new bike, he might buy the rack too. Argh, please don’t buy as I don’t think he has time for it. Well, once in a month, may be. :p

Computer class in school

Wednesday 11 July 2012 @ 11:40 am

My kid is always excited when it comes to Tuesday as he can go to computer class in school. I did not enrol him for extra computer class in centre, I think it’s not too neccessary for him at this moment.

Yesterday when I picked up him from school, he told me that teacher taught them to make holiday cards online. Wow, never think that kindergarden will teach such fun subject. Anyway, it’s good to let students to explore with it.

I seldome to let him to use my laptop, as I know he wants me to teach him to play games only instead of learning some basic typing words or etc. May enrol him in computer class if he is really interested, after few years later. :P

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