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Kid’s Big Toy

Saturday 23 June 2012 @ 7:54 pm

The biggest toy for my kid in the house is a mini electrical motorcycle. It’s a birthday present from his daddy this year. He likes it much but there is not much space for him to ride in the house. Unless we bring it to the park. There is a rechargeable battery given. It needs to be recharged after ride for about an hour.

My friend and her kids came to visit us the other day. Kids wanted to ride on it but too bad we forgot to charge it. They’re so dissapointed. Well, they came again the next day just for the ride. LOL!!!

Sometimes I just want to ride on it too, but I am exceed the weight. It’s too fun to play with it, actually. :P

Holiday in KL

Tuesday 12 June 2012 @ 11:53 am

School holiday is over and all kids are back to their school yesterday. My kid asks me if he can have extra one more day to rest. Too much enjoy during holiday and make him lazy back to school. Finally, hubby and I brought him to KL Kidzania last week.

He can’t enjoy many of the experience games because it was so crowded. No wonder we need to go there for few times if you want to finish all the games or role plays. :P

Besides that, we went shopping too. There’re many functions held, hubby’s busy to look around to know more about logic controls in POS systems while I shop around with my friend.

We plan to go Kidzania again, but must go on weekdays, so kid needs to skip class. He must be very happy.

What should buy for daddy?

Sunday 3 June 2012 @ 4:46 pm

Father’s day is just two weeks to go. What should I get for my kid’s daddy, aka my hubby? It’s easy to buy gift for my own daddy. Hubby bought me a diamond pendant on Mother’s Day, on behalf on my kid. LOL!!! Frankly, I can’t afford to buy back him the same thing.

It’s not special just treat him dinner. May ask my kid to do a card for him, with my helping hands of course. And get another surprise from personalized fathers day gifts. As for my daddy, still thinking what should I give him to show that I am a good daughter. :-) A hug???

Anyway, I am sure hubby will ask to go for dinner as to celebrate father’s day. Just see what my kid will do on father’s day.

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