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Extra furniture for living room

Monday 23 April 2012 @ 11:52 am

Hubby is not allow his son to play game in iPad during weekdays, but can watch cartoons. See any different??? Of course he needs to finish all his homework and everything before can switch on the tv. I will be mad whenever I see him lying on sofa while watching cartoons. It’s definitely no more place for mummy and daddy.

I thought to look for bean bag chairs to place in our living room. There is actually not much seats when guests are visiting us. :P Some are force to sit on kid’s stools. Hehehe…Ok, those who came to my house before will know it. No choice course our living room is not too spacious.


Wednesday 4 April 2012 @ 10:07 am

My hubby is running few businesses. He is super busy in management, finance, and also network system. I know his company may need to update new version of some softwares, I just recommend him to get software promotion from my friend’s computer shop.

Anyway, it depends on him to decide since I am not involve in his business, also it is not a good choice to work under his company as he has other business partners too. I am planning to have other small business with friend recently. It just in a beginning stage, the best thing is that we are interested on it and eyeing long time ago. Hopefully we can success and get into this business.

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