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Daddy’s birthday

Friday 9 September 2011 @ 10:50 am

Tomorrow is daddy’s birthday, mummy still thinking what to buy for him. Frankly, I really can’t afford to buy those branded stuffs for him like Rolex watch. Hoping he will do so for me when mummy’s birthday comes. LOL!!!

As usual, I may get him a branded shirt, and a birthday cake for him. I will even treat him dinner this year as mummy is happy with my part time income last month. :) I really appreaciate what daddy had done to us in the family.

He is a good daddy but not a romantic hubby. He pays all the bills every month without trouble me. It’s good if there is ach payments system here. So he does not need to go bank every now and then.

Ok, time to go shopping before I take my kid from school. Hope to get myself a gift too. :P

Hari Raya Holiday

Monday 5 September 2011 @ 10:32 am

Time flies, one week school holiday is overed. Every students is back to school today. Argh, mummy is lazy to wake up early again after a long holiday. Later mummy still need to go work after finish some tasks at home.

We did not go anywhere during the raya holiday as we know all crowded with cars and people for sure. We brought kid to Genting and KL for holiday before school and raya holiday. See we are so clever!!! :P

Just checked back my blogs, it has been so long that I did not update my blogs. Hubby bought a new P1 broadband, and cancelled off the Maxis cause the line is so slow like turtle especially during night time. It’s very famous about the P1 broadband these days. Network Installer Jobs are available for those young people as I got the flyer when I go to bank last week. Mean they think I am still a young graduated student. LOL!!!

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