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Saturdays night

Saturday 6 August 2011 @ 11:21 pm

Before married, hubby and I went out almost every nights. After married and with our kid, we still go out for dinner, and sometimes go for midnight movies after kid go to bed. But since we moved into new house, and no one take care of Marcus, we back home after dinner and watch movies at home. Argh, no more romantic saturday nights!!!

Hubby is tired and lazy to go out and prefer stay at home. It’s been long time that we do not go for midnight movies. Normally we go in the evening or during dinner time. Wonder all married couples with kids are the same, no more “pak toh” nights :P

It’s the 7th year of our wedding. Glad that I still receive gifts from him every year. Hopefully there is 25th wedding anniversary gifts for me till the end….

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