Story books nights

It’s about six months that I moved into my new house. We all enjoy a lot in our dream home. Gosh, after visited to some bungalow show houses, I always day dream when can I move again!!! :P

Since moved in and started my job, I seldom read story books to Marcus before he goes to bed. Before that, He used to choose story books and I read to him, but he did not do so for months.

Lately, he asked me to read story books to him before he goes to bed. I am glad that he still interested on reading. Even though sometimes he’s so sleepy and tired, but he insists for bedtime story.

Yesterday night, while I’m reading book to Marcus, he wanted his daddy to read book also. So hubby took out a Polaris Accessories magazine and pretended to read, just to make his prince for a smile :P

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