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Jusco day again

Friday 15 July 2011 @ 5:33 pm

It was a Jusco day yesterday. I thought it is once in a year, but it was the third time this year. :P  I missed it again as I had an appointment with customer. My friend told me that she saw some modern triton wedding bands in a jewelry shop. She can’t wait to get married as soon as possible, and asked her boyfriend to buy her the wedding band. LOL!!!

Actually I have my shopping list in my handbag, and waiting my hubby go with me this coming weekend. It had been a long time that I did not go shopping with my shopaholic friend. I really miss the days we went shopping. Anyway, we agreed to go shopping next week. The mission is we want to buy BRA together…..LOL!!

Story books nights

Friday 8 July 2011 @ 10:49 am

It’s about six months that I moved into my new house. We all enjoy a lot in our dream home. Gosh, after visited to some bungalow show houses, I always day dream when can I move again!!! :P

Since moved in and started my job, I seldom read story books to Marcus before he goes to bed. Before that, He used to choose story books and I read to him, but he did not do so for months.

Lately, he asked me to read story books to him before he goes to bed. I am glad that he still interested on reading. Even though sometimes he’s so sleepy and tired, but he insists for bedtime story.

Yesterday night, while I’m reading book to Marcus, he wanted his daddy to read book also. So hubby took out a Polaris Accessories magazine and pretended to read, just to make his prince for a smile :P

A day in Jusco

Friday 8 July 2011 @ 10:01 am

I brought my kid to Jusco with friend for lunch the other day. Sometimes we have no idea where to go for our lunch. But kids are so happy when their mummies suggest to go lunch in shopping mall. LOL!!!

While we walked to the car park, there’s a girl who’s selling ps3 slimline asking me if I am a Herbalife member. Yes, as she saw me wearing a Herbalife button. I quickily walked towards her, passed me my name card and flyer. I explained to her about this nutrition drink, and of course she also introduce me her product to me. :)

My kid was so well behave sitting down waiting for me, because he is playing my iPhone. Else how can he wait me for 2 hours there. LOL!!! Just like that, we become friend. The most happy thing is she thought I am just around 23 years old with a 5 years old kid. OMG!!!

Enjoy in a bath tub

Sunday 3 July 2011 @ 11:44 pm

My kid likes to bathe recently as he enjoys dipping into water while playing with his toys. He always requests me to add more water for him. Mummy likes to enjoy bubbles bath too but it takes time, so mummy always finish her bathe in a hurry. 

Today, both “kids” enjoyed in the bath tub for more than an hour together. :P They thought that they’re really in a swimming pool. I am thinking to get a spa cover as a protector. Wonder is it really needed to do so?

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