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Weekend at Home

Monday 13 June 2011 @ 5:24 pm

I did not go anywhere last weekend, but spend time with hubby and kid. Hubby bought a set of HK movie series and we watched the whole day and night. Marcus did not even want to watch cartoon as his cousin came to play with him. Else the TV is just for him.

The movie series starts with few advertisement like health food, lipozene reviews. Hubby is addict to the series, and can’t wait to fast forward these advertisement, but cannot. Even until dinner time, he asked my permission to let him eat in the living room. Of course I am not allowed, it’s not a good habit, somemore Marcus may follow him too.

I think hubby may finish the series by tonight if he’s not out. I can’t just sit like him watching while online doing his work. I have to do house chores and cooking.

Holiday in Penang

Sunday 5 June 2011 @ 12:40 pm

It’s school holiday now. We were back from a vacation last weekend. It was a short trip, a night stayed in Golden Sands resort. Marcus likes beaches much and so we decided to bring him to enjoy sun bath.  

In the lobby waiting to check in…..

After changed and without rest, we went for swimming. Enjoyed our lunch cum high tea at the pool side. I saw there’s a group of people having their seminar, wonder it’s about as the board stated ‘For VIP Insurance Group’.

In the evening, we went to beach, just let Marcus played with sand while we enjoyed seeing sunset. Marcus did not want to dip into the sea as he scares of jelly fish. Blamed me that I told him that be careful of the jelly fish in the sea…..At night, we walked out from the hotel to enjoy hawker food. Then, back to hotel for movies and rest.

The next morning, we skipped our free breakfast buffet in the hotel as we woke up late. Again, Marcus wanted to go swimming, so we had our late breakfast at pool side. It’s about check out time but we still have fun in the swiiming pool.

After checked out, hubby drove us for delicious hawker food again. It’s dinner time when we reached Ipoh.

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