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Ben 10 crazy

Thursday 31 March 2011 @ 5:43 pm

My boy is becoming like kung fu master ever since he indulges in ‘Ben 10′. Sometimes he kicks to his cousin while playing. I think he thought he is a Ben 10. I banning him to watch this cartoon movie. He likes everything of Ben 10. Even his under wear also with Ben 10, don’t say about clothes, shoes, school bag, and other.

Passed by a new shop selling Cherokee scrubs the other day. He thought of selling Ben10 toys, clothes and accessories. He pulled me in then realised he was wrong. He felt dissapointed and shy. At least he knows what he did, not crying and insist me to go other shop to buy what he wants. Even if he is crying, I also won’t be so silly to follow what he said.

Now, his cousin sister also influenced by him. Ask her parents to buy her Ben10 shoes, clothes, and other related with Ben10. *fainted*

Toy gift

Thursday 31 March 2011 @ 5:30 pm

Nowadays kids also into advance technology. They know many things which we do not know when we were still young like them. My kid likes to use my iPhone for games, he even asked me to download “angry birds” game for him. I wonder how come he knows it. It’s from my friend’s kids who are crazy with this game.

Hubby brought home two sets of mini bluetooth stereo headphones. It looks like toy but it’s real for kids. I still no idea how to use it or play with it. I need to keep it first before my kid spoil it. I still not use this before, but kids nowadays more advance than us. I heard that some children even bring iPhone goes to school. *fainted*

Burger time

Thursday 31 March 2011 @ 5:21 pm

It’s burger time for both daddy and son these days. Hubby feels full during dinner time, as he takes his lunch in the late afternoon. Argh, it’s definitely not a healthy lifestyle. He only tells me what to do, busy with work and forget to take lunch.

By the time he’s hungry, it almost time for supper. He likes to eat burger. Even though he does not eat every day, but once a week nowadays. Because of him, my kid also fall in love with burger too. How to lose weight if eat burger as dinner cum supper??

May be hubby should think about creatine powder. I do not like to hug and sleep on the big belly tummy. :P

Fun time for mummy and kid

Friday 18 March 2011 @ 12:37 am

It’s school holiday now.  My kid is so happy as he can play with his cousins and watch cartoon movies every day and night. Normally I ask my mother to help me take care of my kid while I go to work. Well, just few hours. :) My kid doesn’t feel lonely at all, as he plays crazily with his cousins. Imagine the screaming sound of three kids in a house.

These two days I was busy and excited as our company’s wellness truck has arrived in Ipoh finally. I enjoyed a lot with the events. I couldn’t join in to promote the products with customers as my kid was with me that time. I brought my kid along to show him the Herbalife truck as he is one of the consumer too. :P

There’re many youngsters working together with us. Some are taking it degree courses while working part time. I feel younger after joining them for games this evening. And I am glad that they told me I look like their younger sister….LOL!!!

My diamond

Sunday 6 March 2011 @ 11:06 am

It’s our 6th wedding anniversary on Thursday. No special celebration but a fine dinner with kid. We did not buy each other pressie. I prefer to see more money in my bank book. LOL!!! I know most women would like to have golds or diamonds, as they have their value too.

Well, I heard from my friend who is living in Bangkok for few years, that there are diamonds international fair twice a year. How I hope I can be there, not to say buy them, but to have a look since it’s so grand. My friend even told me that we can’t afford to buy like others as they, those millionaire or billionaire people will buy in dozen. :P

So, you will go out in a minute as the sales person there won’t explain or approach you if you’re not carrying branded handbags, wearing branded clothing, shoes and etc. LOL!!!

Life insurance

Sunday 6 March 2011 @ 10:36 am

My nephew was admitted to hospital two days ago as he’s having fever for almost a week and yet recover. We’re so worried about him and decided to admit him. We’re relief that he’s fine after blood test and x-ray. My sister asked me to check with her about term life insurance rates for few insurance companies. She needs to get a new policy for her son. Gosh, I just know that my nephew does not have any medical cards until he admitted to hospital.

My nephew will discharge today. He looked active yesterday and started to play toys. As parents, we will be crazy when our kids having sick or injure. I can see my sister looks so worry and sad, so does not? I wish my nephew has a speedy recovery!!!

Nutrition club

Sunday 6 March 2011 @ 10:25 am

I am running a nutrition club for more than two months. Life is busy since then, but feel great. It’s not a franchise company, so we need not have to pay any royalthy fees or other. I give my family to have this cell nutrition drink daily. I can see my kid seldom have flu, cough, fever where he uses to get it commonly during school time.

Even when he is with his cousin who’s having sick, but he did not get it. This month, I am having a roadshow at a shopping mall with my other workmates. We’re so enjoy doing it even sometimes we face some troublesome customers. :P

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