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Night out

Monday 28 February 2011 @ 12:58 am

Hubby and I attended a friend’s wedding dinner. He met some of his old friends and chatted non stop as we’re sitting together. Then, one of his friends suggested to go for a drink after the dinner. Of course we all agreed. Since Marcus wanted to stay at my parents house with his cousin sister, we can go out for fun till mid night.

We went to hubby’s pub, it’s full house. We went to second floor, which is a karaoke section. We had a great time chatting and singing. Hubby ordered some light food for us. It’s very bad to have supper in the middle of the night!! Somemore some of them are like hubby, with round belly tummy. They said no worry as they’re taking weight loss pills. Sigh!!!

Honeymoon vacation

Monday 28 February 2011 @ 12:48 am

Hubby asked me if I would like to go Australia for our “honeymoon” vacation last week. Of course I rise up my hands and legs to show that I want it. If really, I want to bring along my kid. Ok, he might just say only as he’s very busy with his work. I am sure he really needs a rest and relax vacation to release tension.

Since then, I started to think what to bring and pack, should I buy any acne products, worry about the weather over there and etc. Too excited but yet to plan anything. I hope hubby is not just say only. He told me that we will bring me go overseas for vacation at least once a year, if not local vacation. :)

I want chocolate

Monday 28 February 2011 @ 12:25 am

While reading about an article about weight loss pills that work the other day, Marcus asked me if he can eat a chocolate which is given by his classmate. It’s one of the items from a birthday pack. I wonder why most parents like to buy candies, chocolates and junk food as gift, but not other? I know children like to have all these food, but why some parents still like their children to have such unhealthy food?

I can say that I don’t like my kid to have the chocolate. I let him to have it after he finished his homework. You know, he can do it very fast and neat. I am sure a candy or chocolate is one of the encouragement for my kid. I am not sure about other children if they can get it easily.

I am so straight not to give my kid to have such junk food because of his tooth decay actually.

Stay up late

Sunday 27 February 2011 @ 11:49 pm

I find that myself has severe dark circles under eyes lately. Gosh, it’s because I stay up late at night. After Marcus goes to bed, I then have my own sweet time to do my things, like going online or enjoy watching HK movie series. I can go to sleep early, but I don’t want to miss the golden time.

Like now, I am rushing to complete my tasks which are dued today. I went for seminars these two days. I should complete them earlier. I must plan my time properly. I wonder why we have 24 hours a day but not 48 hours???

I know it’s not healthy to stay up late every night. But I am very enjoy my time during night time where everyone goes to sleep.

Active kid

Sunday 27 February 2011 @ 11:30 pm

Marcus takes his nap every day before we move in to our new house. Well, I can have my own time to do house chores or cook when he is taking nap. But then he does not like to take nap anymore since early this year. I wonder if children may not like to take nap when they reach toddler stage?

He is so energetic even when he’s back from school. Sometimes he needs me to play with him too. He is such an active kid. People may think why I am so slim even after give birth. They may think that I am taking – Best over the counter diet pills. LOL!!

Anyway, I think hubby needs them as his belly looks like 3 months pregnant woman…..

New house

Friday 18 February 2011 @ 11:55 am

We moved into new house for more than a month. Marcus likes this new house very much, so do hubby and I. Nowadays, he always ask me fetch him back home after school. When we go out, he can’t stay long and wants to go back home.

Last Sunday,  we went for lunch with friends. After that, hubby thought to check on some reconditioned laptops for his office, but our little son wanted to go home badly to watch cartoons and play with his mini kitchen. Normally he will go to toys department area, but surprisingly he did not ask us at all.

May be he feels fresh with the new house. I wonder if he will back to normal after few weeks later? LOL!!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Friday 4 February 2011 @ 11:11 pm

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Marcus is very happy celebrate this festive season. He can eat what ever cookies that he likes, but to make sure drink lot of water. Besides that, he enjoys receive “ang pao” from uncles and aunties. The most important thing is that it’s holiday and he does not have to go to school. :P

We did not go anywhere yesterday besides to my mother in law and my parents house only. Well, today is a bit different, we went to have lunch with hubby’s relatives, then back to our house for gathering again. I am glad that my house is nice and clean. Just that there’re some died flies dropped from the car porch’s ceiling lights, I guess. I wonder when can I sweep the floor.

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