Weekend in Genting Highlands

Mummy was busy lately, no extra time to update blogs. Mummy is busy with work, at the same time busy for our new house renovation. Mummy needs to create a new blog related with my work, dilly dally for days. Mummy just managed to check on some of the web hosting reviews. I should ask my webmaster to help me instead.

Ok, back to the actual point for this post. Daddy brought us up hills last weekend. Marcus was so happy and excited. I really can’t remember how many times we had been here for holiday.

After lunch, we straight away to buy indoor ticket for Marcus. He likes the kids rides much. Daddy and mummy just standing there watching him while the little boy enjoyed the kids rides again and again.

Back to hotel for a rest, we had dinner at Ah Yat abolone restaurant. See the cheeky boy with ‘ghost face’, doing it to scare his mummy. After some kids rides again, we’re so exhausted and back to our hotel room for rest. Then, hubby went to visit casino, and won one thousand ringgit. :)

After check out, hubby drove us to Ikea to have some shopping.  Bought many stuffs for our new house till we almost no place to sit. :P

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