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House renovation

Thursday 25 November 2010 @ 11:41 pm

I forget to snap some photos for my new house’s renovation progress again. I am so forgetful lately. Yeah, renovation and painting part will finish by this week. New furnitures can move in by next week after fixing air conditioners and lighting.

I have many stuffs that need to buy for my new house. All these things must be done before I go travel next month. I am glad that we don’t need to buy fridge, water depenser, television, air conditioner. How I hope someone can sponsor us Egyptian cotton sheets. LOL!!!

Anyway, it is time to pay all the bills. Argh, the total amount is very scary…. :P

Parents-teachers day

Wednesday 24 November 2010 @ 11:46 pm

It was a parents teachers day on the last school day. Marcus will be in a new school when school starts next year. I hope he can adapt well in the new environment with new teachers and friends. His teacher complain to me that he is very talkative in class, sometimes blur or dreaming when teacher is teaching. :P

I am surprise that he got high marks in Mandarin too as I did not teach him but just coach him in homework. He brought home all his text books and arts work. His principal gave him a mini christmas garland as gift in advance as he did not join the school holiday programme this year.

We’re invited by his principal to join a party on Christmas Eve. I will sure bring Marcus go on that day if I am free.

Time to sleep

Saturday 20 November 2010 @ 1:08 am

It’s my last assignment to write about life fitness treadmills for this week. I can enjoy my weekend. Actually I am sleepy by now, but I feel like to continue my HK movie series. I can watch it after my kid goes to bed. Marcus slept early just now as he did not take his nap this afternoon.

Tomorrow I need to go school with Marcus to meet his teacher about his progress and take back all the books. Then, we need to go new school for orientation too. Yes, he will be study in new environment next year. He quite likes his old school, in the other hand, he likes his new school too. Because he has friends at both schools. :)

Good try

Saturday 20 November 2010 @ 12:31 am

As I am involve in nutrition club, I am very support on what I am taking daily. After fetch my kid to school in the morning, my time occupied in work. I like this job as I still can take care my kid after he is back from school. I can work at home if I have time, else enjoy blogging.  

I let my kid try some omega fish oils, the size looks like diet pills. He refused to eat and feel weird about the taste, but he accepted it finally. Do you know why? He sees his friend crazily take it as candies, he also follows the same. LOL!!!

It’s a good try. If he really wants to take, I am sure will get it for him. But I will feel vomit to chew or swallow. :P

Midnight entertainment

Saturday 20 November 2010 @ 12:12 am

My mind is blank now. I am thinking what should I write about hgh spray while listening to radio. I am listening to a chinese programme, where people call to the station talking about their problems and advised by a well known DJ. The programme is on air every Friday night.

There are many cases about family members, mostly husband and wife. I am so surprise that the’re’re many people want to divorce nowadays. The DJ is great. He even asks some women divorce with their husbands once he knows that they are  no change to rebuild their relationship anymore.

Do catch up the show on air every Friday. It’s great to know more. It’s one of the great midnight entertainment too.

Christmas gifts

Friday 19 November 2010 @ 11:47 pm

Yeah, Christmas is coming soon and I will move into my new house around that week. We won’t celebrate it as we’re not Christian but we’ll exchange gifts to each other. I wonder if anyone invites us for Christmas party.

I am thinking buy gifts online for my hubby and kid as I can see many special and funny christmas gifts. Check out the cool stocking stuffers for men if you also want to give your hubby a surprise gift. Argh, how about my kid? Must be toys, those education toys mostly.

Free Gift

Wednesday 17 November 2010 @ 12:10 am

Hubby is running two pubs with his friends. He always bring his customers, friends to his own pub. Hubby brought me along to his pubs few times. Frankly, I do not like such lifestyle, but once in a while definitely can release tension. He told me that there will be a Christmas party function on, and he says that I should go to have fun.

A free gift to guest when order beer or wain. Since most people smoke in pub, I suggest the gift is an electronic cigarette case. Hubby said it’s good idea, but out of their budget. :P So, they may have a free bottle of beer for guest.

Marcus heard our conversation and he wants to go with us. Gosh, no way, no kids are allow to go in. Anyway, he will be more happy to stay at my parents house than follow us.

Heart broken

Tuesday 16 November 2010 @ 11:59 pm

I always read through newspapers that many disability people with disease need us help, in term of donation these days.  I am so sad to know about it.  With no thinking at all, I donate to them. Even though it’s not a big amount, but I feel great that I can help them.

I just wonder if these disability people can get some social security benefits. It will totally help them and their family a lot. I remembered there was one case about a baby girl, few months old having heart problem and need to do operation. My tears dropped. Argh, I am an emotional woman. :P

There are many unfortunately people in the world. We should be glad that we are healthy.

Weekend in Genting Highlands

Thursday 11 November 2010 @ 10:21 am

Mummy was busy lately, no extra time to update blogs. Mummy is busy with work, at the same time busy for our new house renovation. Mummy needs to create a new blog related with my work, dilly dally for days. Mummy just managed to check on some of the web hosting reviews. I should ask my webmaster to help me instead.

Ok, back to the actual point for this post. Daddy brought us up hills last weekend. Marcus was so happy and excited. I really can’t remember how many times we had been here for holiday.

After lunch, we straight away to buy indoor ticket for Marcus. He likes the kids rides much. Daddy and mummy just standing there watching him while the little boy enjoyed the kids rides again and again.

Back to hotel for a rest, we had dinner at Ah Yat abolone restaurant. See the cheeky boy with ‘ghost face’, doing it to scare his mummy. After some kids rides again, we’re so exhausted and back to our hotel room for rest. Then, hubby went to visit casino, and won one thousand ringgit. :)

After check out, hubby drove us to Ikea to have some shopping.  Bought many stuffs for our new house till we almost no place to sit. :P

Renovation updates

Friday 5 November 2010 @ 11:54 pm

My friend told me if she were to move into another new house next time, she would like to hire a house designer to design and decorate everything. Now I know why she was very busy when her house was under renovation. We planned everything ourselves, our hubby just gave some ideas and pay money.

Renovation part is almost complete, and painting will start next week most probably after house cleaning. I need a vacuum carpet cleaner austin next time as hubby prefers to place a carpet in the living room. I will hire a Indo maid to clean the house few times before we move in furnitures. It’s great to get an expert tile cleaner like floor tile cleaning austin if within my budget. :P

It is not easy to owe a house, especially for renovation, unless you did not do any renovation and just move in. Not only that, we need to pay few insurance like fire insurance, water damage insurance, roof insurance and etc. Hubby has to work more harder now. :)

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