Back from Jakarta

Hubby was away to his business trip to Jakarta last week. It was a lonely weekend for Marcus and me. Without hubby and my parents around, I brought Marcus to visit friends and shop around. Time flies fast, hubby was back home safely on Monday.

Hubby wanted me to settle some issues about auto insurance claim when he’s in oversea. I willing to do it as there’s a gift for me when he’s back. LOL!!! Anyway, he got himself more than us, mainly singlets as the weather there’s super hot. I joked with him if he’s happy for sunbath there few days continuously. :P

Hubby has to stay at home after work at night these days as his son does not allow him to go out since he’s back from Jakarta. His son keeps on asking him when to bring us go Genting Highlands again. I wonder why Marcus likes to go Genting Highlands. At first I thought he likes to go indoor and outdoor theme park, but I was wrong. He wants to go there and buy Ben10 watch. *slap head*

2 Responses to 'Back from Jakarta'

  1. slavemom - October 13th, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    hahaha I thot he likes the cooling weather there. So if u buy the Ben 10 watch from Ipoh, does he still wanna go Genting? :)

  2. Lovely Mummy - October 15th, 2010 at 10:41 am

    slavemom, he got 2 ben10 watches which his daddy bought from him in Ipoh….I wonder if he thinks that watches in genting are more ‘powerful’ than buying in Ipoh… :)

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