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Shopping week

Thursday 28 October 2010 @ 10:17 am

Hubby does not go outstation this weekend. He decided that we should bring Marcus to shop around. Well, I know hubby is the one who wants to shop at men’s clothing department more than me. He likes to shop for new clothes recently and give those of his old clothes to charity.

I know kids do not like to shop, same as Marcus too. He wants to go up the hill for kids’ rides. Well, let’s see if we can book a room as I am sure it must be crowded during weekend. Hubby and I did not tell Marcus anything yet. He will dissapointed if there’s no hotel room available. Well, keep my fingers crossed and hope we can get a room there. :)

Fever season

Thursday 28 October 2010 @ 9:59 am

My niece is having fever yesterday again. She just recovered from cough and fever last month. She is quite weak since goes to school. I think she needs to take multivitamin to boost up her immune system. I wonder if now is fever season for kids, as I know many children fall sick recently? Anyway, drink more water and take more vege and fruits.

My sister was sad as she can’t join us for dinner last night in conjuction to celebrate my father’s birthday which was two weeks ago. Yes, all of us forgot about his birthday. *shamed* Anyway, I know my father is not angry with us. :P I think we’ll have another dinner soon once my niece is recovered from sick.

No nap

Wednesday 27 October 2010 @ 6:25 pm

Marcus does not like to take nap especially when we’re at my parents house. I still like kids to take nap, may be just an hour better than none. I always need to shout out like crazy mummy. I need to accompany him if not he won’t take his nap by his own.

Yesterday, I thought he is soundly sleep on his bed, so I woke up and went blogging to check on some directory submission services for hubby’s office. Who knows, he opened his eyes wide and looked at me. Argh, I knew he won’t get back to sleep anymore. I just let him rotting in front of the tv while I’m doing my things.

Is your kid/kids also the same with mine, does not like to take nap too???


Wednesday 27 October 2010 @ 6:09 pm

Received few flyers about multivitamin supplements from Marcus’s school today. He showed me which one he wants once get into the car. He is crazy with candies and treat multivitamin as them too. All kids like candies, who does not? Because of his tooth decay come earlier than other kids, I cut down his sugar level, especially candies, chocolates, cakes. :P

Since these multivitamin supplements contains high sugar level, I dare won’t buy for him. I try to find other multivitamin to replace it. Hopefully he will forget what he asked me this afternoon.

I am bless that he’s no complains about his toothache these days since I started to brush his teeth three times per day, take less sugar, no candies from me. I hope he won’t need to go for tooth extract.

I don’t want

Saturday 23 October 2010 @ 10:03 am

Have a conversation with my kid the other day while we’re on the bed going to sleep. He keeps asking me that he wants to buy Ben10 and Naruto stickers, lollipop in Genting Highlands. Ok, I don’t know why as here also can get for him. I always boring to hear that.

Daddy was there that time, and he promised to bring him go Genting Highlands again next month as daddy’s very busy this month. But Marcus still ask again after few minutes…

Marcus : Mummy, I want to buy Ben10 and Naruto stickers, lollipop and chocolates when I no tootache, ok?

Mummy : ok, ok….

Marcus : I want to Genting Highlands and buy….

Mummy : ok, ok…let’s daddy arrange his time first.

Marcus : Mummy, I want Pooh bear’s stickers also..

Mummy : Alright! Why ask so many times…

He is going to his dreamland soon…I asked him

Mummy : You want candies or sweets?

Marcus : I don’t want.

Mummy : Then you want ice cream or acne cream ?

Marcus : I don’t want..

Mummy : you want Ben10 or Naruto stickers ?

Marcus : I don’t want.

Mummy : You want go Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands?

Marcus : I don’t want.

After few seconds he answered me, he fall asleep. LOL!!! Kids are kids, he knows that he can get all these in Ipoh, but he still ask to go up hill. You should know his actual purpose now.

Lonely weekend

Saturday 23 October 2010 @ 9:50 am

Hubby is getting busier than before. This month, he needs to travel outstation with friends during weekend. I complaint and so does Marcus. What to do, his work involve seven days per week. Hubby is quite worry about his health too as he always sleep late with lots of pressure. He is a picky food nowadays espeacially when we dine out. He is so ‘kiasi’ after knowing many people he knows having diseases.

To my surprise, his face did not grow pimples even he sleeps late. May be the effect of a new acne treatment he took, recommended by his friend. It’s not just for pimples, but whitening, soothing and etc. Argh, I want to have it once too.

Even hubby is not around with us this weekend, I have many things to do. I will go shopping with my friends and kids later. Tonight, we’ll go and enjoy my niece’s concert. Ok, I have to complete my assignments, my friend is waiting us for breakfast. :)

Annual concert at Ipoh Parade

Sunday 17 October 2010 @ 12:00 pm

Mummy quite busy last week and only managed to load photos and update post about my kid’s school annual concert now. The concert held at Ipoh Parade in conjuction to celebrate Children’s Day too.  

This year, Marcus is given a chance to have a short speech again to represent his class before the dance started. He performed well for four songs in the concert. I am glad and proud of him.     

During the performance, I saw there’re people approached parents to buy tatuaje cigars. They supposed not to sell it where kids are all around. Anyway, who cares as their purpose is to earn money.

He was happy to get a snack pack and gift from his principal before the concert ended.

New toy

Saturday 16 October 2010 @ 1:27 am

Hubby bought a new game boy for Marcus when he was in business trip to Jakarta two weeks ago. I know Marcus likes it much when he sees his friends are playing in front of him. I am glad that he did not ask me to buy for him. Actually hubby wants to play with it, and he allows his son to play during weekend only.

Anyway, Marcus did not know that his daddy got him a new game boy. :P Hubby told me that he wants to learn it before teach his son. I might ask hubby to get xbox games if he really interested. Well, playing games can release tension and pressure.

Hubby likes racing and action games, but I know he does not have much time to play. Just got to know that serious gamers have always known that xbox 360 from mircosoft is all about fun. It makes me feel want to play too.

Renovation in progress

Friday 15 October 2010 @ 11:04 am

Yes, my new house is under renovation and I need to go there to discuss and look for the progress every day. I am glad that my hubby has chosen the right house.  We quite like the house as hubby paid for the deposit even we’re not seen the actual show house but just the house design structure only.

Marcus likes it too and can’t wait to move in. He always tell me that he wants to take this and that to the new house. He wants this and that colour for his bedroom and etc. He seems more excited than me. LOL!!! Hubby lets me to decide all the things as he is busy with his work. But he is the one who gives suggestions and ideas to me. I think he is busy with his new house now than work.

There is no gated and guard for our housing area. This is what I am worried as lots of robbery or thieves cases nowadays. I will feel happy if there is volunteer committees to keep the living environment safe. It is good to place security cameras and I don’t mind to share and pay for security fees too.

Growing through life

Wednesday 6 October 2010 @ 10:39 pm

Yes, this is the name of a HK movie series. I spend time to watch it with hubby if he is at home at night. I felt very tired and did not watch with him last night, but he watched it alone even though he was so sleepy and tired. 

We don’t need to buy any VCDs for the movie, as my sister in law downloaded for us. Save money!!! Now then I know that there are many people who like to watch HK movie series too, may be as one of the entertainment at home.

I have to pass a pen-drive for my friend to download the HK movie series and a rv insurance quote tomorrow. Yeah, we will go for breakfast and chit chat since we did not meet up for quite some time.

Meeting friend

Wednesday 6 October 2010 @ 9:38 am

Normally I go out for breakfast, work, shopping with my best pal, but it has been quite some time that we seldom see each other. I am busy with my new house renovation and decoration. Looking and searching around for build in kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, furnitures and others.

Dilly dally and will only confirm to start the renovation work next week. Hopefully it can be finished on time, and move in after Christmas. Argh, still have less than three months only.  

Well, I will go for lunch with my best pal after we fetch our kids back from school later. I have some tonalin cla reviews that need to share with her. She always tell me want to loose weight. Aiyo, she is so fit actually. Anyway, I know she does not need it as she did loose weight after sick for a week last week.

Back from Jakarta

Wednesday 6 October 2010 @ 9:25 am

Hubby was away to his business trip to Jakarta last week. It was a lonely weekend for Marcus and me. Without hubby and my parents around, I brought Marcus to visit friends and shop around. Time flies fast, hubby was back home safely on Monday.

Hubby wanted me to settle some issues about auto insurance claim when he’s in oversea. I willing to do it as there’s a gift for me when he’s back. LOL!!! Anyway, he got himself more than us, mainly singlets as the weather there’s super hot. I joked with him if he’s happy for sunbath there few days continuously. :P

Hubby has to stay at home after work at night these days as his son does not allow him to go out since he’s back from Jakarta. His son keeps on asking him when to bring us go Genting Highlands again. I wonder why Marcus likes to go Genting Highlands. At first I thought he likes to go indoor and outdoor theme park, but I was wrong. He wants to go there and buy Ben10 watch. *slap head*

Hide and Seek

Friday 1 October 2010 @ 10:02 am

Hubby and I went to visit my best ex-classmate’s lighting shop last few weekend. Even though renovation work is yet to start but we can’t wait to have a survey and budget out. The shop’s manager recommended us all those luxury and elegant lighting. Yes, I know they’re nice but I don’t want to spend so much in lighting. Actually I spotted on Hunter ceiling fans, but they’re being throw out in my list. :P   

While hubby and I busy looking around, Marcus is warmed up and started to play hide and seek with us. My heart almost break seeing him running here and there. We need to pay if he broke something. I am worried if he’ll hurt. I don’t want to be like a crazy mummy shout on him in public place. So, his daddy just stared at him and he’s fast to become a good boy.

Well, the budget list is out with me and it’s in my expectation. After calcualted, I decided to cancel and change some lighting, and finally the total amount is where we can afford and it’s in my budget list too. :)

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