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Careless Mummy

Thursday 26 August 2010 @ 10:47 am

Mondays always the boring day for working people, so do I even I am a SAHM. I rushed to send my kid go to school until I forget to bring his school bag. Marcus asked me where his school bag on the way I’m sending him to school. Argh, of course left in the house. I dropped Marcus to school then rushed back home to take it for him.

On the way back home, I was thinking it should not my responsible to check my kid’s school bag, work books and etc every time before we leave the house. I should pass this job to Marcus himself. I told him about it and he seems understand and willing to do it. From that day, he takes his school bag himself.

My hubby laughed at me. He said I won’t forget to take money, member cards, any shoebuy coupons and etc when go shopping. Yes, I do agree with him actually. LOL!!!

Lost patience

Wednesday 18 August 2010 @ 10:49 am

I did tell Marcus that we’re going to move into our new house soon. He seems so excited and keep asking me when to pack our luggage and others. You know, he asks me before he goes to bed almost every night. He knows that he will have his new bedroom and sleep by his own. I wonder if he can sleep alone without me? :P

My mother disagreed with me to let his grandson sleep by his own. She advised me let Marcus adapt to the new environment for few months. Hubby and I think it is the best time to train him in such new environment. I know my kid well, he actually can’t wait to dip into a new bathtub in the master bedroom. LOL!!!

I visited my friend at her lighting shop last week. There’re many choices and types of lighting. She recommended me some new kichler landscape lighting. Too bad I think I won’t even have a mini garden at my car porch. She offers me a designer to plan my house lighting for free. I like this service where other lighting shops don’t have.

Birthday gift for daddy

Monday 16 August 2010 @ 9:58 am

Hubby’s birthday is just less than a month, and I am thinking what should I buy for him. Frankly, I am the one who is not buy birthday gifts for him every year. Bad wife? :P This year, I think I must give him a surprise. I am not afford to get him those branded watch, shirts, belt, and etc. All these he will earn and buy them himself if he wants.

While surfing net last week, I discovered something new to me, there’re rfid blocking wallets. It’s protect us from payment fraud and identity theft. It’s not expensive and worth to buy. Hubby always forget where he put his wallet, sometimes left in his office or car. It’s quite dangerous if steal by someone. With the RFID blocking wallet, when you open it, each card is protected, so thieves cannot consolidate your information.

I guess hubby will like this new stuff. Besides that, I decide to create a birthday card, together with the help from Marcus. Hope he’s cooperate with me when doing the card. :)

Invest for our kid future

Wednesday 11 August 2010 @ 9:40 am

Being as parents for few years since Marcus was born, I spend a lot on him. It is worth to invest everything on our children, who does not agree with me? I have a friend told me that she does not want to have child at this moment. She is same age as me. What her reason not to have child now?  Well, no problem for both of wife and husband, just that they say cannot afford for a child. Both of them are working in high position. :P

May be I am so ‘kepoh’, but I just give my advise only for her good. If you really want to have a child, you sure will think of everything to give the best for the baby. You will work even harder to earn more money, mainly for your baby. This is I can assure as hubby and I work hard on what we’re doing now.  

For me, I’ve invested in health savings account for my kid besides education investment. It depends on your budget. It just like saving better than spend on shopping every week. :)

Great holiday in Singapore

Wednesday 4 August 2010 @ 5:36 pm

Last two weeks, we had another family trip in Singapore.  I know it had been long time for me to update the post. But I have uploaded all photos in Facebook. Just to share the place which we stayed and happy moments of my kid. 

We stayed in Festive Hotel under The Resort World in Sentosa Island. Hubby has reserved a room there. Most of the hotel rooms were fully booked.

We arrived in the hotel early in the morning and requested to give us for advance check in since we have kid. It’s advantage to bring kid to go travel, and we had extra six hours to stay. :P

Newly open casino. I didn’t go in, but hubby and he won SD300….

After rest, we went for our lunch before back to hotel to change. Marcus really can’t wait to play in the pool. We went to Hard Rock hotel swimming pool as our hotel swimming pool is under renovation. I didn’t bring his sand mould toys, so he’s still very enjoy using his hands to build a small mountain. :)  

The next day, we went to The Universal Studios Singapore.

A quick family photo with Madagasscar…..

We didn’t realise that actually we spent more than eight hours inside. I wonder why some people say one hour can come out? May be they didn’t go for the rides and exciting games.  

We had our dinner before say goodbye to The Universal Studios Singapore. Marcus was very exhausted and knocked off after shower. Hubby and I enjoyed watching tv while having our room service supper.

After check out the next day, we moved to Orchard Road. Having a great day shopping. This time shop till my hubby drop, but not me. At night, dinner with hubby friends and that’s the end of our third day. Last day, prepared to go home.

More pics HERE

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