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Shop for home furniture

Friday 30 July 2010 @ 10:58 pm

Even though I haven’t take my new house ’s key for renovation, but hubby and I started to look for our home furniture, just to get some ideas. I prefer to have modern theme, those simple and nice stuffs, so I think log furniture is not suitable.

Hubby says to bring me go visit to other furniture shops this coming weekend if he is free. Marcus is happy with it as he can run, jump here and there while we are busy talking to the sales person. Guess what, he gives us comments for those furniture that he does not like. LOL!!!

I will let him choose his bedroom furniture. I hope that he can sleep by himself, but sure need time to adapt it.

First month in JMC

Thursday 29 July 2010 @ 9:49 am

Time flies, and Marcus had attend one month lesson in JMC. I can say he is playing well and understand what the teacher taught him. Well, it just a month and hopefully he is interested.

For small kids, they are using organ first instead of piano.

So serious??? or just pretend??? :)

Playing tambourine….actually he likes to play with all those musical instrument.


Student set….

There will be a piano performance for young kids in Jusco Kinta City from 4 Aug to 8 Aug. For those who attend, some free gifts will be given. How nice if the gifts are custom water bottles, metronome or headphone.

Fighting in school

Friday 16 July 2010 @ 6:54 pm

Marcus is same school with his cousin sister, Noel who is six months youngest than him. Teachers in the school complain to me that Noel likes to fight with her classmates even though she just start school early this year only. The teachers did tell her mother, but I wonder why also want to let me know also? May be we’re relatives I guess so.

I am glad that I did not get any complains from my little boy’s teachers about fighting in school. But complaint about his talkative in the class. :P I als heard from my mother in law that Noel’s preants did scold and punish her. Yes, she behaved well for quite some times, but she threw her classmate’s water tumbler away. Ok, this is what my mother in law told me.

Her mother told me that she does not need any supplements for weight loss, but pills for gaining weights. Her daughter really drive her to the wall.


Friday 16 July 2010 @ 5:51 pm

Marcus was absent to school for three days due to slight fever and cough. Hubby and I brought him to visit his paed yesterday. The paed said that Marcus has lot of phlegm and since he does not want to split out the phlegm, so doctor adviced us to give him nebuliser with oxygen as to sooth his coughing and phlegm.

I was shocked to see that there are actually many kids who having suction at the nebuliser bay. I think the youngest one is just few months old. The process is around five minutes. Kids are busy watching Tom&Jerry cartoons. There was a mummy sitting there reading an acne product review book. I can see her kid is having eczema skin problem just like my friend’s kid.

Glad that my little boy is not scare, just feel tired. Today after I picked him up from school, we went for this suction again. I told him it’s the last visit here.


Sunday 11 July 2010 @ 1:12 am

My boy likes to watch Barney, Thomas, Bob The Builder, and even Dora. Well, he still likes all these cartoon movies, but not a crazy fan anymore. He changed his taste and like Pokemon cartoon movie now. He likes the small little cartoon called Pikachu. Besides that, he prefers to watch with story life cartoon movie like The Jungle Book, Princess and The Frog, Tarzan and etc.  

Every time when we are at shopping mall, he sure bring hubby and I go to bookstore. Argh, he is not just want to buy story books, but Pokemon discs. I am glad that he is still not interested to read Pokemon books or games. :P

I can imagine there will be many discs and books in my house. I may donate to charity house or social security disability center one day when my kid grown up.

Next, what is the cartoon that he will be crazy with?

First piano lesson

Saturday 10 July 2010 @ 11:30 pm

Finally I received a phone call from Yamaha that a new class for JMC start in July. There was a trial class but I can’t attend with Marcus as we were in Langkawi.  So, I just registered him once I’m back. Marcus is willing to go for the piano class as he knows that I will be with him in the class too.

There is nine children in the class with two boys only. I met my blogger friend with her daughter when we attending the first lesson. Glad to meet you there every week from now on, Pei Mun. Before the class started, we talked about the piano teacher who I’m yet to meet her before. After the class ended, I saw a parents passed a lipofuze review book to the teacher, I guess she is very interested to loose weight. :P

Well, Marcus seems is a fast learner, for the first lesson. But when the teacher called the children to dance and sing in front, only my kid did not want to move. Anyway, the teacher and I did not want to force him, hopefully he is not shy next time.

I am not sure if Marcus really likes it, but I like it very much especially the music from cd, the teaching method, environment. Look like I am the one who wants to join the class. :P

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