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Visit to furniture shop

Wednesday 30 June 2010 @ 6:03 pm

Last Sunday, before we went for ‘The Karate Kid’ movie, hubby brought us visit to a newly open furniture shop -Rozel. Yes, we don’t have to go KL to buy and pay for the transportation fees anymore. At first, I thought to have a look on it as we still waiting for our new house keys. Guess what, hubby and I spotted a classy dining table and sofas, so we both agreed to pay for the deposit first.

They are having grand sales for their opening, and hubby is good on calculation, so he said it is worth that we have them now. :P The sales person told us that we still can change to other new design later. Anyway, we are happy on what we have choose, so does our little boy too.

I started to pack and thought to sell used books, discs, boxes, accessories and others if possible, else will send for charity home. I don’t want to bring many stuffs when we move to new house.  Counting down for the day comes!!! Hopefully can move in before Chinese New Year……. :)

Our Langkawi trip

Friday 25 June 2010 @ 11:04 pm

Hubby actually planned to bring us go Singapore during the last school holidays, but ended we went to Langkawi as Marcus likes beaches more than shopping. :P Gosh, no shopping for mummy.

Our best friends with their kids joined us too. I hope to stay at Four Seasons or Tanjung Rhu resort, but there’re too expensive and our friends do not like to spend on those expensive resort just for sleep. :P So, I just chose to stay at Berjaya resort where everyone of us yet to experience to stay in the chalets.  

This is the forest chalets where we stayed for two nights

Kids are so happy and playing around after the dinner if they are not fighting for the mini playstation 3.  After dinner, we just walked around the resort and back to hotel for rest as we needed to wake up early to join for Mangrove tour half day trip.

It’s getting dark when we reached Tanjung Rhu jetty, but we still got down to the speed boat.  Kids really enjoyed with the hour long speed boat ride.

Kids started to make noise to go swimming on the way back to resort. They’re not tired and exhausted at all. Jumped into the pool once we changed.  

On the second nights, we dined at Pahn Thai restaurant. I like the environment.

Took some photos at the beach before we checked out.  We had our lunch at Japanese restaurant in Oriental Village.

Then, we headed to visit to crocodile farm.

Next, Underwater World before we took the last ferry back to Kuala Perlis. Arrived home safely at midnight. Frankly, I thought to have a rest and relax trip at the resort, but hubby’s friend prefer outdoor activities, so ended everyone felt exhausted in the end on the way back to Ipoh. :)

Mummies and kids

Saturday 19 June 2010 @ 11:33 pm

It was my best pal’s birthday two days ago. Her hubby was busy with work and left her celebrate with kids. Well, she was not alone as we had dinner in a classy and comfortable western restaurant to celebrate her birthday. We enjoyed a lot with the food and kept on order and order again till vomit. LOL!!!

I guess it will be wasted if you’re having the top fat burners but go to eat like us. We are not worry at all as we need to gain more weights. Anyway, we had a great night outing with our kids. I am sure my friend will get present from her hubby. I wonder what she gets this year.

World Cup fan

Friday 11 June 2010 @ 7:08 pm

Hubby is one of the World Cup fans, and tonight he must be crazy sitting in front of the TV watching the matches till morning if he is not sleepy. But I think he won’t be watch it by himself, mostly he will go out and watch with his friends at pub. How long the WC will end? If he just sleep for few hours per day, I think hgh supplement also can’t help him much.

Marcus and his cousin also WC fans, they like to play football. Since the school holidays start, they play non stop and seem not tired at all, but their mothers. It’s just few days of holidays, but my mother and sister do not need any weight loss pills at all, and they lose at least 1kg each of them. :P

A short vacation in Cameron Highlands

Saturday 5 June 2010 @ 6:56 pm

We went up to hills again on last Wednesday evening. This time not a day trip but a night stayed. This trip was to meet hubby’s aunty and her family who rent a bungalow for two nights stay. Marcus skipped class for one day, but it’s worth as he can meet his kor kor from KL finally.

Once we reached there, we’re treated a simple western dinner. Hubby’s aunty hired a cooking chef  to cook for all of us. Not just dinner, but also breakfast and lunch too. The food are delicious. Frankly, we had nothing to do there, mostly eat, chat, rest and sleep. Gosh, I need to buy fat burner supplement for hubby if continuously for a week like that. :P

This is where we stayed, Bintang Falim. Don’t confuse, there’s the back yard of the bungalow……so nice and spacious huh?

Living room and ping pong area.

Playing ping pong day and night with his kor kor (hubby’s little cousin)

We did not go out but just stayed at the bungalow once we reached there. We took our 3 meals on time and slept early. What a healthy and relaxing life! Don’t you agree with me too?

The next morning after breakfast at 9.30am, we all had a walk round the bungalow. Dilly dally until lunch. We went home early as hubby needed to attend a meeting. Hoping to have such vacation soon……

More photos at my Facebook…..

Dental extractions

Saturday 5 June 2010 @ 6:48 pm

We brought Marcus to visit dentist again last week as to apply some medication cream, I forget the name but it’s definitely not testosterone cream on one of his teeth and get more information about dental extractions. The dental surgeon will give him some “happy gas” to breath, put a drip into him, and then he will off to sleep.

Then, the dental surgeon will inject local anaesthetic to the area he is removing the teeth from. Oh, till hear my hands and legs are shaking, how pity if Marcus needs to go to for this minor dental surgery. Anyway, anaesthesia in kids are generally safe.

Since the last visit to the dental, he does not complain about his toothache. As parents, I have to control his sugar level, and brush his teeth at least three times per day. So, no sweets or candies, chocolates, soft drinks and etc. Those people who give him, I will “kill” them. LOL!!!

Kids gathering

Saturday 5 June 2010 @ 5:41 pm

My friend and I planned to have a small gathering for kids during the school holidays. I told Marcus and he is very excited waiting for the day to come, but too bad they are having bad flu and cough infection recently. I hope they will recover as soon as possible.

I just received her call. They did not go out but just stay at home rest. I think she must be free now to read through apidexin reviews. I need to visit her since we are staying near to each other. 

My friend always having bad cough. She did check through x-ray, the result is normal. Anyway, she is a health freak mummy like me, and I think she will be fine. Hope our kids gathering is on as usual.

During school holidays

Friday 4 June 2010 @ 3:53 pm

Time flies, and it is mid year term school holidays starts next week. This time, I just let Marcus to enjoy his two weeks school holidays. Mummy will be busy than before. Since my sister will bring her kids and stay at my parents house for a week, so it’s a good time for Marcus to play with his cousins the whole week. :P

On the second week, daddy plans to bring him go for a short vacation if manage to book a hotel room.  I need to read the user guide book on how to use my new camera in details, hopefully can snap more nice photos during the trip.

Besides that, I need to send my laptop for upgrading some softwares for few days. There are some virus problem affected in which I can’t access to some blogs like carinsurancelist blog, fashion blog, travel blog and etc.

So, how you plan for your kids school holiday programme? I hope they can enjoy a lot during the holidays and not always close up at school.

Meeting our relatives

Wednesday 2 June 2010 @ 3:54 pm

We are meeting hubby’s relatives in Cameron Highlands in few hours time. They are waiting for us there. Hubby told me that it’s nothing much to visit during night time, and I just think what should we do at night. We will be bored just to listen those human growth hormone facts and bibbles from his aunty throughout the night.

My kid can’t wait to go now, too ecxcited to see his kor kor (hubby’s little cousin), but we are still waiting daddy to be home. It’s a last minute plan for our kid. I want to see how he reacts when he meets his kor kor.

I suggest to go out to enjoy the cool wind blow if it’s not raining. I know there is a night market, may be we should walk around and visit hubby’s friends. What else can do over there at night?

Mummy’s new toy

Wednesday 2 June 2010 @ 3:38 pm

I think my compact camera is almost 5 years old and it is time to get another new. I always introduce a dslr camera in front of hubby, but he is still blur. What he worries is that he needs to carry the camera whenever we go out. I told him I am the one who carry since he is no good in taking photos. Finally, I got it through a camera fair few days ago.

I did not get is so easy, I work for him and this is the payout. Of course, it’s quite expensive just to help him for few days. I prefer to get the new camera instead of a pack of prototype 37c even though they’re about the same price. I don’t think anyone will want my old camera as it’s almost can’t be used. :P

I still exploring it with my new toy. Anyone out there who likes to be my master? I am a beginner and far more ways to learn. But please don’t ask me to pay fees from me, ok ?

Another vainpot

Wednesday 2 June 2010 @ 3:25 pm

Women always being called by vainpot, I admit that I’m one of them too. But nowadays, men become more vain than women. I found out that there is another vainpot at my home, Marcus. He likes to take out my lip spa and apply to his mouth.  Besides that, he says want to wear my dresses, so I just let him try. :P

When he goes out with us in day time, he takes along his kid’s sunglasses. He complains that he needs another pair of it as his mummy has two pairs. LOL!!! I should look for some discount prescription glasses for kids to give away my niece too.  She is also a vainpot.

I just waiting what else he will do as a vainpot…..

Days without daddy

Wednesday 2 June 2010 @ 3:02 pm

Hubby is back home safely from China last Sunday. While he is away with his business partners to attend wine exhibition, industrial equipment exhibition and looking for new furnitures, lighting, wallpapers for their new coming pub, I brought my kid to shop, eat, play with my friend and her kids during the public holidays. We really had a great time.

I seem become a father too while hubby is not at home. Most of the time, hubby is the one who plays with Marcus. I hope hubby can be at home at night like others every night, but he can’t. Once he is free, he stays at home, afterall, he is a lazy person who likes to enjoy watching movies on sofa while having snacks. :P

Marcus always looking for his daddy whenever he is away. But when daddy calls us, he does not want to talk to him. Hubby is heart broken when his sweet heart don’t want answer his call. LOL!!!

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