School sports & family day

It was my little boy’s school sports day last Sunday. He was so excited, so did hubby and I too. My parents also came to give support to their grandson. It’s the second time that he took part in the sports. We reached there on time, and got the first row seats which reserved by hubby’s brother as his daughter, same school with Marcus.  

There are food and drinks for students. A mini kids’ toys stall setup too. I bought some puzzles and a bubble stick as gift for Marcus.

Waiting some other students and get ready to start…..

The event is started with a welcome speech by school principle. Then followed with National Anthem and school song by all students and teachers. Next, all the students started with march parade. The youngest group is 2 years old kids and they still wearing diapers, also joined in.

Chicken dance and exercise drill

Galloping, zig-zag and throw ball race for 4 years old students.

Marcus and his cousin

With daddy after the game

prize giving and photo session with parents

Looking at his gifts from mummy….

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  1. Mummy Gwen - May 26th, 2010 at 11:53 pm

    Sports day must be really fun. Marcus is doing well in school ya. So far we haven’t attented any sports day.

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