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Visit to dental surgeon

Sunday 23 May 2010 @ 12:08 am

Hubby and I brought Marcus to visit a paed dental surgeon in Pantai Hospital as recommended by the previous dentist. Hubby and I thought that we went to the wrong floor. It just look like a 5 stars hotel. The clinic is new and very nice.

Even if Marcus is scare but he did not cry at all. I am proud of him. If for me, my legs sure shaking even just for checking !!! :P  


His tooth decay is getting serious and doctor suggested better to take out than having pain every day. Gosh, four teeth need to be taken out. Anyway, it is up to us to decide. We will back again for doctor to apply some cream on Marcus’s teeth so that he won’t get pain anymore.

I asked if it’s safe to take out 4 teeth in one shot. Then, he told me that he had taken out 20 teeth in one shot from a 2 years old kid. OMG!!! He is a specialist on dental for kids mostly, so I have confidence on him than those normal dentist after the consultation. Well, the consultation fees is super expensive.

There is other clinics like plastic surgery, rapid detox treatment, hubby is so busy body go and ask for details. I wonder if he wants to go for plastic surgery???? LOL!!!

School sports & family day

Saturday 22 May 2010 @ 6:30 pm

It was my little boy’s school sports day last Sunday. He was so excited, so did hubby and I too. My parents also came to give support to their grandson. It’s the second time that he took part in the sports. We reached there on time, and got the first row seats which reserved by hubby’s brother as his daughter, same school with Marcus.  

There are food and drinks for students. A mini kids’ toys stall setup too. I bought some puzzles and a bubble stick as gift for Marcus.

Waiting some other students and get ready to start…..

The event is started with a welcome speech by school principle. Then followed with National Anthem and school song by all students and teachers. Next, all the students started with march parade. The youngest group is 2 years old kids and they still wearing diapers, also joined in.

Chicken dance and exercise drill

Galloping, zig-zag and throw ball race for 4 years old students.

Marcus and his cousin

With daddy after the game

prize giving and photo session with parents

Looking at his gifts from mummy….

Happy Birthday Mum

Saturday 15 May 2010 @ 9:53 pm

Tomorrow will be my mother’s 58th birthday, here I wish her Happy Birthday and healthy always. No big celebration but a family dinner sure won’t miss out. I think it will be a heavy dinner tomorrow, I can eat as much as I like. I am glad and proud that I don’t need to go for lower ab workout. LOL!!!

I remind Marcus that he needs to wish his Po Po when we meet up tomorrow. I could not believe that he asked me to take his money from his saving coin box to buy a cake for his Po Po. Wow, my mother’s heart sure melt if she knows it.

Actually Marcus saw a Ben10 birthday cake at Secret Recipe when we had dinner just now. No wonder he asked me to buy a cake for his Po Po. I am sure he will ask me to buy the cake when I bring him to choose tomorrow. Anyway, the Ben10 cake needs to order one day in advance. So I think I will get other cake for my mother.

A weekend to the hills

Thursday 13 May 2010 @ 6:43 pm

Marcus asked his daddy to bring him go pluck strawberries after seeing a cartoon movie.  Hubby brought us up to the hills, Cameron Highlands last Sunday, in conjuction celebrated Mother’s Day too with me. Haha…one stone shot two birds, clever hubby.

Nowadays, he likes to pose for me….

Like father like son ???

When I look through the photo in flickr, I know that hubby really needs to look for best acne treatments. May be due to the bad weather, lack of sleep and water, I can see his pimples growing on his face these days again. Anyway, I don’t think he will go for it, he always think that it is for women. :P  

Before we arrive, he asked me when we reach and he wants to go pluck strawberries, then when we arrived, he just concentrate on those junk food.  

Ok, don’t talk about him. We reached Cameron Highlands about noon and had our lunch, steamboat before we off to Kia farm to pluck strawberries. This is the second time that we’re here.

Next, we went to BOH tea plantation for light tea. It was so crowded due to Mother’s Day. By the time we reached there, most people are going down hills. LOL!!!

We have to go home before night, as hubby has an appointment with his agent after dinner with us. 

 Here, I wish all mummies HAPPY BELATED MOTHER’S DAY!!!!

Coming excited event

Wednesday 12 May 2010 @ 6:30 pm

This Sunday will be Marcus’s school sports day. He is so happy and excited waiting for the day comes. Today when I picked him from school, he told me that teachers brought them to a field nearby his school for rehersal. This is the second time that he participates in the sports.

From the day of  H1N1 started, his school will check on every students’ temperature before they stepped into their own classes every day. I wonder if the principal will invest a spirometer for checking her students too? :P Of course it is unnecessary for kids at this moment.

My parents are coming to give support for their grandson. They even more excited. Marcus’s cousin also participate in the sports too as she studies in the same school with him.

A visit to dentist

Wednesday 12 May 2010 @ 5:08 pm

Marcus complaint his teeth pain almost a week. He is so scare and worry that a dentist will take out his teeth. We have no choice but to bring him visit to dentist again. I am glad that he co-operate and opened his mouth wide for checking while crying. LOL!!!

I did not take any photos as I busy comfort my kid and talking to the dentist. Hubby sure will kill me if I still free to take photos of his son at that moment. While I talking to the dentist, I saw a nurse took something from a mmf drawer for Marcus, it’s a pack of mini tooth brush and tooth paste.

Marcus is so happy as he thought the pack inside is sweets. LOL!!! No, visit to dentist still give sweets to kids, if so, I am sure won’t go there anymore.

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