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Cooking mum

Tuesday 27 April 2010 @ 9:36 pm

I prefer eat at home, so I am a cooking mum during weekdays if I don’t back to my parents house for dinner. I don’t need to go for colon cleansing as all dishes I prepare are less oil, salt, sugar and etc….but hubby needs it as he always dine out with customers and friends.

Hubby knows it is not healthy to dine out always, but sometimes due to some circumstances, he must go for it. He wants me to be happy, so he try to come back for dinner these days, if not a bowl of soup before go out again. He really appreaciate what I did. LOL!!!

I am not interested in cooking, or can say lazy to cook, but I care for my family’s health, so I am willing to cook for them.

Conversation with grandma

Tuesday 27 April 2010 @ 8:40 pm

I just can’t believe that Marcus can say something that may hurt but sweet to his grandma, my mother in law. yesterday. When I came down from upstairs and thought to read newspapers and some hydroxycut reviews catalogue, my mother in law told me about her conversation with Marcus.

Marcus : Ma ma (grandma), gu gu (my sister in law) not come today, so you sleep yourself.

Ma ma : (speechless)

Marcus : Nah, you sleep yourself, nobody will sleep with you.

Ma ma : (speechless)

Marcus : You can take a pillow as yeh yeh (my father in law who passed away months ago) and sleep.

He knew that Ma ma was sad after heard that, so he went to say something sweet which melt his ma ma’s heart.

Marcus :  I ’sayang’ you, I sleep with you. ok  (opened his hands and hung his ma ma)  

I am not sure how they started the conversation, I felt shocked but laughed out when my MIL told me.

House warming

Tuesday 27 April 2010 @ 5:50 pm

I am thinking if I should have a house warming party for my coming new house. Just like my best pal, she disagreed to have it as worry that kids may dirty her house with food, jumping up and there her new bed or sofa and etc. Gosh, I worry and lazy to clean up the house after party. Just imagine I need to do cleaning all by myself.

I remembered when I had a house warming in my current house, it was so terrible. Many people walked in and out. Argh, I don’t want this happen again in my new house. May be I will have a mini party for a small group of close relatives, then follow by close friends. At least not in a big group visit to my house.

I don’t want to have buffet party. How nice if we have BBQ with electric grill at car porch. At least look nice and clean first. Anyway, I still have months to think about it. But I am sure my kid is hoping to have house warming party, he can play and show off all his toys with other kids, if he is in good mood on that day. :P

A Good Treat For Mummy

Tuesday 27 April 2010 @ 11:39 am

Mummy can’t sleep well when daddy is out to entertain his customers or supplies or even his friends.  I can’t sleep well again last night, with only four hours sleep, I am having a pair of ‘panda eyes’. I don’t hope to take any sleeping pills, hopefully hubby can spend more time at home with us if possible.

When I woke up this morning, I told myself that I should treat myself even better today. My friend asked me to have breakfast at Coffee Bean, so we went there. LOL!!!

Actually we rushed for our assignments which will due by tomorrow. We thought to go for some shopping, but time is limited for us.  We need to pick up our kids from school. Argh, it is definitely not easy to become SAHM nowadays.

“Honeymoon” to Macau

Tuesday 20 April 2010 @ 8:42 pm

It is a backdated post. I am so lazy to upload photos and write a post about my “honeymoon” trip to Macau with hubby two weeks ago. I had uploaded photos in FB actually. Anyway, here is a simple post about the trip for my kid when he knows how to read this blog. :P

It was Easter day and Ching Beng festival when we were in Macau. Since hubby was a bit free that time, so he bought the air tickets and booked hotels after confirmed with me. It was a last minute, so the rate for our flight quite expensive, with about 1k per person. Of course I can go anytime with him. We just left our kid to stay with my parents and off we went to Macau.

Here are the places that we visited :

St Paul Ruins and Senado Square

The Grand Lisboa hotel

Macau Fisherman’s Wharf

This photo taken by hubby, considered the best. He said it is called “creative” :P We did not want to disturb other people to help us for photo taking.

Stayed a night at The Venetian hotel

Inside The Venetian hotel, ground floor is a huge casino.

There are many shoppes, but mostly for window shopping, superb expensive. I did not buy anything for myself even a pair of Cole Haan shoes or clothes. See, I am a good wife. LOL!!! Actually hubby kept asking me to buy some, but I am not so generous to spend on it. I wonder why I am so good. Now a bit regret lor!

Weekly homework

Friday 16 April 2010 @ 7:01 pm

This year, Marcus starts to bring back homework. I am glad that I don’t have to coach him every day. His writing skills getting better since he started school in January. He tells me that he wants to finish his homework even though he does not like to do it sometimes, as he scares that his class teacher will scold him if not finish. I don’t have to shout out to ask him do homework.

I definitely won’t help him to colour, don’t say about writing. Even if he colouring is not nice, I don’t mind, at least he can finish by himself, not me! I am very strict on this. :P I have been told by my mother in law, that our neighbour always helping his son, sometimes his sister to do homework till midnight. I guess may be the kid’s problem who dilly dally on doing homework? I wonder if the kid learn in this way?

Here are some of his homework recently : 

I checked Marcus’s school bag and found that there are three books as homework to do during the weekend. It’s not a lot, one page per book. It’s very simple, colouring and writing alphabet and I hope he can do it. He makes sure I sit besides him even though I read magazines, newspaper, or catalogue like guaranteed life insurance no health questions or etc. He just want me to be there. LOL!!!

In waiting list

Friday 16 April 2010 @ 6:12 pm

I went to enrol Marcus for JMC at Yamaha two days ago and guess what, his name is in a waiting list. A new JMC class will start in May, but it is full. I need to wait for at least two months for another new class. The fees is not cheap, I need to pay for over RM500 for the first time. 

Hubby seems not agree to let his son join the JMC, he said it is girlys’ course. @#$%^ Anyway, I will still insist to let Marcus join in and have a try. He seems interested playing piano and organ.   

This organ is almost a decade where I used to play when I was a teenager at my parents house. Frankly, I forget most of the things I had learnt. :P waste money huh? My boy looks very expert in playing organ….

My parents are very happy when they see their grandson playing with it as nobody touch it for a decade. This is a new play stuff for my kid at my parent house recently. The house is mess when there are kids around, but my mother is very happy and willing to clean, she said it is one of the best fat buners for her. LOL!!!

Weekend is here

Friday 16 April 2010 @ 5:34 pm

Marcus likes weekends as daddy and mummy will bring him out for shopping and eating. Time flies and weekend is here, somemore Monday is holiday for Perak state only. Guess many people will travel outstation. Hubby asked me if I want to go anywhere. I just thinking may be a day trip to Cameron Highlands or Penang will do.

Nothing much to buy except groceries as we won’t be move into our new house so soon, even if I hope so. There will be lots of stuffs to buy. It’s going to be very busy for me too, but I agree and willing to do it. LOL!!! One of my ex-classmate offers me a very good discount rate of house lights, garden lights, all lighting in the house. Alright, I will sure visit you one day as she also helps me to design the house lighting too.

Geee….look like I always talking about my new house here. I really can’t wait to move in. When can I get the house keys???

New play toy?

Thursday 15 April 2010 @ 6:01 pm

Whenever I bring Marcus to meet my friend and her kids, he will asks for something from me. He will look sad and quiet when the kids are playing and not allow to borrow him. LOL!!! I always see them holding it even their mother told me only can let them play during weekends. :P

By now, you know what they are always holding in hands? It’s mini ps3 for kids. They are so expert with all the games where I really don’t even know how to control the buttons. Marcus is so curious about it but he still does not know how to play. He always wants to have one like them.

Frankly, I don’t feel want to buy for my kid at this moment.  I will restrict the time for him to play if I buy it next time.

Thank You…..

Friday 9 April 2010 @ 9:45 pm

Thanks to all my friends about my kid’s condition. He is recovering well and can go to school by next week.  Hubby and I just back from our holiday in Macau. We’re glad that our kid did not make any problems for my parents during the days he stayed with them. Thank you to my parents too who willing to take care of him.

We called back to Malaysia few times a day to check out the condition of Marcus. Nah, the phone bill can be shown soon. We thought to cancel or postpone the trip, but seemed Marcus is fine and look very energetic, so we proceeded our trip to Macau.

I did not buy much things during this trip, mostly we enjoyed the food there. LOL!!! I passed by many branded shops but dare not to go in or else I am sure I can’t stop myself to bring some go home. I have no time to check on the wrinkle fillers which told by my friend, she said it’s a very famous product.

I will update about my Macau trip with photos in my next post. In the meantime, you can enjoy it at my FB first. :)

Suffering from HFM disease

Friday 2 April 2010 @ 5:36 pm

I saw some red spots appeared on Marcus’s mouth, foot and hand once he woke up on Wednesday. I suspected that he is having Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD). Since hubby was away, I brought Marcus to visit his paed with my mother. Yes, he was being examined as HFMD.

At first I thought he just having normal fever until the appearance of rashes and blister on his palm and foot.  His paed said he got it from school and advised us let him stay at home at least one week. Public areas should be avoided for kids as germs are everywhere nowadays.

Symptoms of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease:
* Fever :  He has mild fever on Tuesday morning.
* Sore throat : He complained his throat painful on Tuesday night. So, I brought him to visit hubby’s company panel doctor.
*  Ulcers in the throat : I brought him to visit his paed the next day after saw some rashes appear on his palm, foot.
* Rashes with blister :  Some rashes appeared with blister, he felt the pain and itchness causing him and me can’t sleep
well at night. He cried and throw tantrum.
Loss of appetitie : He can’t eat much because of the ulcers on his throat, except milk and water. I am glad that he is getting better today, at least he wanted to eat noodles and bread.

These are the meds prescribed by his Paed on Wenesday. Left: Calamine Lotion, help to dry out the rashes and blister. Right: Cataflam to drop in for sore throat.

Can see some rashes with blister his feet. Poor boy!

Rashes started appear on his palms

After applied the lotion…..the rashes not so obvious, but can see clearly the next day. Argh, very painful!!! :(

Hubby and I brought him to visit his paed again this morning. His paed said his case is not serious, at least no more fever.  Gave him some gel to apply on his mouth and medicine to get rid of the itchness.

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